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I was going to try and post something, but I really don’t have anything to say. Everything is stupid and this is a super rotten year. Not really the happiest camper these days.

I did renew my learner’s permit today though. I can now go another year without trying to drive before I renew it again. Except I think next year I have to take the tests again in order to renew it. Don’t you just love my faith in actually learning to drive and taking the Big Test? Yeah. Doubt it’ll ever happen. But hey, it was only $23 to renew.


  • Julee

    Im still scared to drive even though i got my license 2.5 years ago :neutral:! My parents will drive me most of the time, and friends too. Most of the time i rely on public transport. Good luck to you! I really like your blog. Hehe 😛

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