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1990s me is soooo happy right now


Internet! The amount of happy I am about this is rather pathetic, but I don’t care!

Back at the beginning of May, I wrote about seeing this dress at Simon’s:

I lamented over how expensive it was, but how much I would LOVE to own this dress.

Then I forgot about it. For two months. Until my most recent Seven Things on a Sunday post where I was looking back through my blog for something and was reminded.

So I looked the dress up on the website and was happy to see that it was now on sale for $19.99. But alas! They only has XS and S in stock. I took a chance today and Mo and I went to the store over lunch.

Lo! There were four dresses left in stock and they had ONE large! So I tried it on. It fit! And it was $19.99 so… I HAD to get it right?

But wait! When I went to pay for the dress, turns out it had just been marked down even more! So it was only $9.99!!

Fate, I tell you!

There are many who think that 90s fashion should not resurface, but I loved some of it – and the denim overalls and floral skirts were part of that. There are certainly some things I think are better left in the past, but this one? This one makes me happy.

And it’s not a huge good news story, but it’s a little thing that makes me happy. With all the unhappy going on right now, I’ll take what I can get. And I got THIS for ten bucks. Woo and hoo!

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