the anomaly that is me

2 hours 15 miniutes

Well, in about 20 minutes my parents will show up at my front door and we’ll be on our way to the SAAQ for my driving test – which is at 1:15, but with the amount of lines I’ll have to stand in, I want to get there early.

Barring nothing going wrong once I get there (read: I am suspicious of the blank form the driving school gave me for my car rental…it might not be accepted?) I will be out on the road doing my test for 30 minutes and trying not to freak out.

I did have some successful attempts at backing into a parking lot last night while out with my father. (Most girls have their father help them learn to drive when they are 15/16 years old. I waited 20 years just to be different.)


Also that shadow makes me look really all. See my Dad in the passenger seat there? He didn’t make me cry ONCE. (No, really, that’s a surprise. ;))

I am attempting to record my day with my iphone video camera, we’ll see how that goes.

The Day of DOOOOM has arrived, people!

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