i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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Oh, my goddess…

Nothing makes me happier than Sarah Mclachlan music. Well, Sarah herself, maybe. I’ve had a very Sarah M week due to her new album coming out on Tuesday. She’s been my inspiration since I was 14. VH1 is streaming her entire album until November 3rd, in case any one cares. I don’t think anyone actually reads this.. plus I update so rarely. 🙂

I love Halloween and it’s today. Yay! I have a cute little pumpkin graphic, but I don’t know how to post images here so…Happy Halloween!!

I’m dying… at least I feel like it

I have been home for two days with what I can only hope is an intestinal flu. My stomach/abdomen are all swollen and tight and in much pain. I can’t seem to eat anything without pain after and then running to the bathroom. But to spare you all (if anyone actually reads this) from the wonderful details I’ll not go into it.

However I feel very guilty for calling ion sick two days in a row. But there was no way I could work with the pain I was in – especially this morning I was sure I was going to die. Or that some alien was about to leap out of my stomach. Ow. And ugh.

la la la – I make my OWN music!

So yesterday we spent the day redoing the living room. I now have a new desk, new shelves and a new (to us) TV stand. Yay! The karma in this room is much better. It’s a happy room now. Plus my couch is back on the other side of the room and I feel much better about that. Aside from the weird vibes I got all year with it being on the opposite wall there was also the factor if the freezing draft that came in through the window and froze me all winter!

We got this desk courtesy of the Boy’s parents who decided we needed to have something for staying at their place for a week in the summer and watching the dogs.


I had central air conditioning, three lovely dogs to play with (ours came along too) and satellite TV for an entire week. Oh, right and a house. not an apartment with things falling apart and stupid Stomping neighbours above me. I didn’t need anything! That was enough thanks for me! 🙂

However, we got new furniture out of it, so that’s cool too.

To go with the new desk the Boy and I went out and got some shelves and DVD holder thingies. We now have this posh-ish looking place. At least if you don’t look at the walls. I have never painted them in the 5 years I have lived here. They look crappy. And sadly I did not win the 30 million this past Friday. I only won a free lotto ticket. Ah, well. I’ll put off the quaint farm house in Nova Scotia for another week.

Side Note :: this new desk has the keyboard at a different height and I keep hitting the wrong keys. This will get irritating before it gets better I think.

Off to bake for Thanks Giving Dinner!


I have been having stomach problems a lot lately. Of course what else is new. Last year it ended up being my appendix.. this year who knows? My abdomen is all swollen and I am in quite a bit of pain. Plus I am constantly nauseous. I tried looking my symptoms up online, but I suck at internet searches. According to what I found I could have one of many different illnesses. Not to mention things that probably shouldn’t even apply to me.

Maybe I should just chalk this all up to old age. I will be 28 in 3 months. When I turned 27 it didn’t really bother me. For some reason the Big 2 8 is depressing me to no end. It doesn’t help that everywhere I look I see all these young, thin happy go lucky girls everywhere. I can’t help but rack my brain and try and remember if I was like that 8 years ago. I know I was thinner. I owe two years of prescription medications to my weight gain. Sadly it never wanted to come off. I try though. Although not as hard as I should. Exercise? Ha!

I am petty enough that most of my depression over getting older os due to people like Avril Lavigne and all those other young up and coming singers. They are doing exactly what I have wanted to do since I was three. Only they were lucky enough to actually get a record deal and now they can sing their little lives away and I can rot away at home on my couch watching them live my dream.

Not that I am bitter.

When I was 14 I figured that by 28 I would have completed at least five or six world tours. I haven’t even ever left the continent. I should have about 4 or 5 albums to my name. I still have the same raggedy old tape of my first recording when I was learning how to play my guitar. I should be thin and pretty and have people dressing me and doing my makeup. Ha!

I am shallow enough to know that I want to be on the cover of magazines. I want to make funky music videos.

Although I would never totally sell out. That I can guarantee. I want to stay in Canada. everything would be promoted here first. I do not want the huge American Fame that all these artists have. I want the quiet Canadian fame that will allow me to do what I want, but still be able to walk into Pharmaprix and buy stuff. I know that 100%.


One more thing… the Boy is watching wrestling. I cannot understand the attraction. Fat, sweaty men in bad clothes. Also, it’s like a bad movie or TV show where they would have so much time to actually get away from being hit, or hitting someone is they didn’t spend so much bloody time posing or soliloquizing about how wonderful they are. It’s like those bad villains who spend all that time explaining why they did it rather than just killing the “hero” or the hostage and then have their plans foiled at the last minute.

Sheesh. what some people call entertainment.

I’d much rather watch the thought-provoking and intelligent show “Charmed”.