i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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things i learned from my dog

veggies are yucky, unless they are covered in dip.

except carrots. carrots are just yucky no matter how you have them and deserve to be spit out on the floor in a big ol’ carroty dippy glob.

bananas are exciting unless you actually give me a piece. then that too deserves to be spit out in a glob on the floor. it’s much more exciting when someone else is eating it.

if someone other than my mummy offers me food – like hard boiled eggs – that is yummy beyond belief. also eggs are good because they are smelly and smelly = yummy!


Oh, I forgot… I had another two hour driving lesson yesterday and it didn’t go all that badly. I am getting the hang of turning. Barely.

However it’s going to be about 4.5 months until my next lesson since I can only go for my test after December 15th. SO. This means I have to actually drive Shawn’s really-big-with-no-power-steering-car for practice. ulp. like that’s going to happen.

I want a new beetle. they’re tiny and cute.

Anyone feel like buying me one? 🙂

Bless cold air…

How unfair is it that it was finally nice and cool for sleeping and I couldn’t sleep at all??? I spent the night on the couch trying to get comfortable so that I could sleep. I might have gotten an hour or so in. Guh. At least I don’t have to go anywhere this morning.

13˚C is a lovely temperature.

So this past week I have been meaning to update the blog to tell you all sorts of exciting things like how I went out LAST Saturday night. Yes. Out. At night. Past my bedtime. I know how to whoop it up. I may have even had a couple of alcoholic beverages. Woo.

and yes, i even had a good time.

Monday night Shawn and I went out to see a Just For Laughs show. We saw the Improv All Stars. It was pretty darn funny. However the venue (Metropolis) sort of sold like every seat and well I had this strange woman almost on my lap who (for a while) insisted on joining in our conversations. Listen people, when I go out I am NOT going to make random friends. don’t touch me. don’t talk to me. Stay away.

Stuff happened the rest of the week and gosh if I shouldn’t have written about it then when I remembered. Ha. Oh well. I have been pretty good at the walking. Thursday night I went in the pouring rain. sometimes there is nothing more peaceful than walking in the rain. sigh.

didn’t go last night though, but I think I will go this morning with Annie since it’s nice and cool out and the river will look all pretty in the morning light.

Why can’t I have a Quick Brown Fox?

Rather than a Lazy Dog??

So the three of us went for that walk last night (boy do I hate shad flies!!) and I have never seen a dog sulk so much. She kept stopping and dragging. I swear I saw her POUT.

If there was a Quick Brown Fox out there somewhere it would have been Jumping Over Annie like a gazillion times!! She obviously didn’t want to be walking for an hour. She wasn’t too happy with 20 minutes either. Well, she’ll get over it. It wan’t even hot last night.

I will not have a dog that’s lazier than I am. Nuh uh!

why can’t I drive yet?

If I could drive I would only have to leave in an hour or so for my dentist appointment. But I can’t yet.

Stupid corners.

I must suffer through South Shore transportation to get there. Of course that’s sort of my own fault for staying with my dentist when I moved into town. But really, 28 years and no cavities, why NOT stay with the dentist you’ve had since your first tooth??

Let’s hope my record stands.