i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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i’m the queen of procrastination

i really need to do something with these wedding invitations (see, grace? this time i’m talking about the wedding ones..). you know, address them and stuff…

but i’m too lazy. and there are other issues. *sigh*

plus i need to write up directions and stuff. i hate doing that. i’m very good at ignoring it and pretending it’ll happen…

The Good, The Bad, & The Undead

the good, the bad, and the undead by kim harrison

The Good, The Bad, & The Undead (Rachel Morgan, #2)
by Kim Harrison

this is the second book in the rachel morgan series. more character development and more laughs. to be honest i couldn’t even put this one down. i think out of the three books that are out there this was my most favourite!

it’s so refreshing to find a new series of books and a new author who can hold your attention for more than three pages. and any book that can make me laugh out loud is always high on my list.

The Rachel Morgan/The Hollows series

  1. Dead Witch Walking
  2. The Good, The Bad & the Undead
  3. Every Which Way But Dead
  4. A Fistful of Charms
  5. For a Few Demons More
  6. The Outlaw Demon Wails
  7. White Witch, Black Curse
  8. Black Magic Sanction
  9. Pale Demon

i hate shopping

shopping is stupid and irritating. i need a new spring jacket. one that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars and one that fits. i didn’t think i was asking for much. but apparently i am. and what the hell is up with the colours for this season? UGH. i hate lime green and light pink (any pink for that matter) and yellow and … i want dark. i don’t want pastels. bleech! and the sun went away while we were out at lunch. i want the sun back! stupid expensive, ugly spring coats. stupid shopping. stupid clouds. stupid job.


it’s 12C out.


*happy dance*

also.. i just noticed that the time doesn’t post on my posts. why, i wonder? WHY? i want you all to know when i post things… grr. argh.


out of the 97 invites i mailed out, two have come back. one of them didn’t have a stamp (oops! and i had exactly 97 stamps, so i don’t know how i missed that one… i guess someone got two stamps) and one has an incomplete address. i just put on it what was given to me, that one isn’t my fault. this thing is next wednesday anyhow, so i’m not going to worry about resending them. whatever. this was done as a favour anyhow.


on tuesday shawn met me for lunch. during lunch we walked over to the tattoo parlour that i got shawn gift certificates for. we wanted to make sure that the tattoo artist that shawn likes and has gone to before was still there. it’s been 2 or three years since shawn last got inked there and the guy remembered him right away. (ok, so shawn isn’t really joe average… but still… it was impressive). this guy is totally psyched about shawn’s tattoo idea and is working on a design this week and should phone next week. this is going to be cool. now i really want a tattoo. i think when shawn goes back i’ll print out what i want and see how much it might cost me, we’re a little strapped for funds right now and i can think of a plethora of more important things i need to spend my money on (you know, like food and bills…) but i WANT THAT TATTOO!


my dog has been really bratty this week. i am pretty sure it has to do with the warmer weather. she’s really only happy when it’s below zero and snowing. yesterday she was being so difficult. she’s generally NEVER ill-behaved. it can’t be hormonal as we had all hormonal stuff removed in november. 🙂 but still, she’s getting on our last nerve this week. between whining and not listening we’re ready to sell her to the gypsies (no, not really… i love my annabelly and wouldn’t trade her for the world). and here we are thinking about getting another dog. ha! maybe we’ll wait until we get a house…


tonight is a $1,000,000 drawing of a special lottery where the tickets cost $100 each and the chances are 1 in 25,000 or something. i’m part of a pool at work. if we were to win the jackpot we’d all get $40,000. i’m not complaining at that. some people here are though. i don’t even make 40 grand in a year! we could pay off debts and pay for wedding stuff AND still have a downpayment for a house. and then we could MOVE -AWAY- from quebec. i’m all for that. hell.. even if we won the lowest prize we’d still all walk away with $4000… even that would be helpful for us. and yet people at the office are complaining that that’s not enough money. i guess some are more simple than others….


i have a marketing meeting in about a half hour. chelsea is going to do a presentation. i’m hyped up on coffee (rarely ever drink it you see) i might just giggle all the way through her presentation. hee! i’ve warned her…


i want to know why kyle and clone and a couple of other people no longer comment on my blog. kyle especially… we go way back, dude. why have you forsaken me?? (and congrats on becoming a new uncle!! go, unca bento!!) also? my traffic has gone down since leaving blogspot. but that’s ok.. i just wish more people would find me, i like meeting new friends. if you’re out there and you read this and you’ve just never commented, please say hi!


if i knew what the hell trackbacks actually were and how to use them, i would.


where can i list my blog to get more traffic? and what the heck are those “feed” and “RSS” things at the bottom of my blog for?? anyone know those answers? 🙂

i should probably try and do something productive before going to this meeting…