i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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someone is a huge cuddle-suck

when it’s bed time annie gets very excited. it means she gets to lie in bed with her mummy. generally every night is like this. i ask if it’s bed time and annie will trott happily after me to be bedroom.. or she’ll come sauntering in all casual-like after i’m already in bed. sort of like.. well you’re here and this half of the bed is free, so i might as well be here too.!

how can anyone resist such a cute little furry creature, right?

the nightly ritual is pretty much the same.. annie stays in bed with me until shawn comes to bed. then she gets up and excitedly goes outside for her nightly romp and then runs back inside and goes to sleep on her bed. she’ll only sleep on shawn’s side of the bed, so letting her stay in bed with us all night, well, that just doesn’t work. annie doesn’t like to share, so she leaves. ha!

what? i was sleeping! put that bloody camera away!

but last night was odd. she came to bed with me and then left at some point to go lie in the living room. i had fallen asleep and when i got up to go to the bathroom i noticed she was gone. how sad. but then she followed me back to bed again. i started to fall asleep and i felt her jump off the bed. oh, well. i guess she changed her mind. she had gone to eat.. i didn’t realize she had come back on the bed after that until i got up to pee again… (yes i do that a lot, ok?). so i get back into bed and she jumps off and runs to the living room… ok. whatever.. zzzzzzzzzzzz. next thing i know i am jolted awake by this nose and two paws in my face!

adore me, mummy!!

ACK! what? who?? what’s going on???? annie had jumped back on the bed and obviously wanted to be adored and cuddled. she then cozied right up next to be and flipped onto her back for belly rubs. but… annie.. it’s one in the MORNING… i would like to.. ohh.. you’re so cute.. my arm is your pillow… of course i will rub your belly.. who cares about sleep.. right? so i fell back asleep with my arm around my dog. she got up to move away a little later, but stayed close to me until shawn came to bed. she was oddly affectionate last night, it was really weird. she’s generally big on the cuddling, but she’s not the kind of dog who likes to be on top of you. she likes her own space. however last night her space included mine. ha! my allergies were a problem this morning, but then again, i fell asleep so contentedly last night i’m not complaining! look at that face, how can you not love it??

i’m a really lucky girl

not in a “wow i just won the lottery!!!” way…oh no.. definitely not.. (we didn’t even get ONE bloody number out of 21 last night for the 20.5 million.. bah!)

but i am a lucky girl for the following reasons:

  • i have one heck of a great boyfriend who spoils me rotten and just treats me like a princess
  • i have a great group of friends who are always there to help me out – be it wedding preparations, cupcake making volunteers, there to cheer me up.. or anything…

i am just really lucky. and thankful. and happy to have these people in my life.

i know i have been cranky and bitchy this past week… i am not angry though. i am not mad. i was honestly just sleep deprived and that mutes my natural happy and cute nature. hee! now that i have caught up on my sleep and can see the world through my purple coloured glasses again.. i am soooo happy to have great friends and family and love. it’s been a long time coming. really. i have had lousy luck with friends in the past. it’s taken e a long time to chose wisely… and although i am slow to trust most people there are the few that i seem to click with right away and let in.

i’ve had these walls built around me for so many years not many people have been willing to scale them.. so i let them down a little and gave up caring about what others thought. and you know what? people started to like me for ME and not some fake wanna be persona – which i was never into. i hate fake people.

so thank you everyone for being so gosh darn terrific!

thank you chelsea
thank you sandra
thank you monkey (i swear i was going to use the post about me and you from before you left.. but that seems to have died with my old blog!!)
thank you mom
thank you cindy, mel, grace, ian & carissa for being such great blogger friends and making me laugh and caring about me (or at least doing a pretty good job pretending too.. hee!)
thank you marcel for having fun with the “let’s get reverendized” idea – not that you ever read my blog but just in case you do you’re there
thank you other bloggers on my blogroll for just being fun and entertaining and i am glad i met you
thank you young anthony for getting me into blogging (heh)
thank you linda for always being so generous with your Finnish Lapphunds and with all your help with mine.

gee… just THANK YOU to a lot of people. i want you all to know that i appreciate you. i am so grateful to have you in my life. i hope to be as great a friend as you have been to me.

tick tock tick tock says the clock

as of monday it will be exactly 2 months until my wedding.

i feel like i should panic or something. but i don’t feel panicked. everything is in place. i only have a couple of little things to do. my main thing is hoping that everyone sends their RSVPs so we know how many people to make dinner for. i have to tell the hotel on june 1… so if those cards aren’t in i am not guaranteeing anyone a seat or a meal. muahahahaha! i do not cater to people who can’t be bothered to send me back an RSVP when i have already STAMPED and addressed the envelope. it’s not like they have to do anything other than check the yes or no and chicken or steak and then put it in the mail. they don’t even have to spend money.


so it’s a cold and rainy saturday morning here. i plan on filling my DAY** with exciting chores – like washing the towels, the sheets and the dog blankets/ possibly grooming the dog. possibly..um.. dusting or something. you know what will be the most likely to happen? i will nap all afternoon. HA! hey, i have three nights of sleep to catch up on…


crap. you know what i hate? i hate thinking i have mail and then realizing it’s only from myself. i don’t think my own comments should be emailed to me. it gets me all excited that i have email. i think i have the memory of a goldfish… i know i have the attention span of a


tomorrow we should be helping my wonderful friend chelsea move. we’re playing the roll of armored car and carrying all the stuff they want to make sure they do not lose. currently i already have the dress she’ll be wearing at my wedding in my spare room. didn’t want to lose that. it’s a hot dress. heh. and fit into the little pocket of the backpack. *rrrwarr* emoticon chelsea is hott. heh. *waves*


that’s all for now, kiddies!! emoticon
[** i had written filling myself… and that’s just not right!!]

who the hell wants to work on a friday??

so i’ve been super busy because i was the only one in this department for the first three hours of the day. i haven’t even been able to sit at my desk and turn on my computer until now (12:20!!) this is a crappy way to spend a friday. 🙂

don’t know how much blogging i’ll get in today as it would appear i will be even busier this afternoon. i don’t mind being busy, but i prefer it to not happen on the last day of the week. ha!

update about my lack of sleep… i managed to sleep last night. well, normal sleep for me which means getting up a bunch of times to pee. but i was still able to sleep for long periods of time AND i didn’t feel too zombieish this morning. yay! and i can sleep in tomorrow. double yay!

except that REMAX is coming to visit again tonight between 7 and 7:30. i wanted to loung in my pyjamas and crash on the couch. hmm… maybe i’ll do that anyhow. i don’t care what these people think of me. emoticon

and on the bright side… a publisher’s rep just ordered pizza for my department. yummy yum yum!!

this just made my day more amusing…

exploding toads!! sad.. but funny… but sad… but HAHAHAHAHA!

go here

emoticon hehehehee!