i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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what do you think??

i need tattoo ideas. preferably of the faerie/sun/moon/stars variety.

it’ll be on my leg. the lower calve.


don’t panic

so the quebec government has authorized our marriage… FOR THE WRONG DATE!!!

i am trying not to panic about this too much. i left a message with someone to figure out what the heck we have to do and if there is time to FIX this.

*deep breaths* 

help! it’s only tuesday!

and it’s not even 2pm yet… gah!

dear university… please let the bookstore have some air, ventilation, something! we’re all gasping and dying down here.


this is going to be a fun day…

it’s nine oh two am.

i have a purchase order on my desk.

i pick up the phone and dial.


uh… you’re not mcgraw hill…pookie???

"um, no.. i am not mcgraw hill…"

so i phoned HOME. i did not phone the 800 number that i know so well. i called HOME. boy was i baffled when shawn answered. 

so i phone mcgraw… i get the fantabulous csr that i love and she asks how my day is going.

"well, it’s only five after nine and i just phoned my house to place this order and my fiance answered and all i could say was ‘pookie? you’re not mcgraw’"

so this gave Fantabulous CSR a good laugh. and now she’s calling me pookie. hahahah!

heat & humidity do not do wonders for my brain. i was up most of the night dying of heat. bleh. the a/c better be going in soon! i think i will be making a bunch of these silly mistakes all day. at least i am amusing, right? 

cats in spaaaaaace

today in yoga i was on a spaceship.

we were in deep space….

all the lines in the spaceship were like this neon white and the walls were black…

and i was going to solve a murder mystery! 

… and then my yoga instructor said something and i was no longer in space, i was on a floor in a basement of a building.

nap time?