i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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watch out world!

hey everyone… i am here with cindy-lou! we picked her up at the airport and didn’t kill her,  despite what the rumour mongers have been saying.

we’ve given her canadian beer. we fed her. we gave her gifts and a well endowed squirrel.

and now, for your reading pleasure… heeerrrrrreeee’s CINDY! 


Cat just took a picture of me blogging just now. I think she plans on keeping me and wanted to see how I look sitting at her computer. We went to some Barbie restaurant after we left the airport, because the tortellinis on the plane weren’t cutting it. When we sat down they put popcorn on the table. A basket of popcorn, dude.  And they have no avacado on their California club sandwich.  Canada is weird, I think. Tomorrow is Canada Day. Cat plans on putting me to work in the kitchen before the BBQ. Good thing I’m easy.

Talk to you guys soon!

Love ya, Cindy-Lou


P.S. Judging by the amount of Cindy-Lou related items on this desk, I am their….

uh, no things are good, really everything is fine, don’t call 911 they’re not kidnapping me, really, they’re not KIDNAPPING ME. Don’t CALL THE POLICE. I’m fine. I’m happy here, I like it.


Good bye. They say I have to get off the computer now. 


i’m also having her fold my clothes and wash my floors. what the hell else did i have her come up here for anyhow? really?? come on.

what am i doing? i don’t have time for this!

speaking of bloggaversaries…

 this was my first blog… which means i came over to blogger around the end of july. so it’s coming up.

 this drive-by post was brought to you by the letters A and R and G and H!

today’s wedding prep photos

getting the flower lappie ready for the big day…

 bath time, little drowned rat!

bath time! doesn’t annie look soooooooooo happy??  she just loves getting all clean and pretty smelling. bath’s are so much fun! (i say as i pop advil for the back pain i now have from bathing her…)

grass is yummy! 

once the sun went down we were able to let annie "air dry". it was still really hot but at least she wasn’t in too much danger from heat stroke. she’s looking for the crumbs of a treat i had just given her. she was staring right at me until i clicked the photo. darn! she is so hard to photograph!


[what is daddy doing with those towels? is he bringing me food? he owes me food, yo! i was just tortured! i hope he’s not planning on hanging me up on that line like the towels. does he have food? food? FOOD?]


i think this is annie contemplating how i’d taste. in order to never have to go through bathtime again, i think she was tossing around the idea of devouring me.

pretty puppy 

isn’t she pretty? look at how worth it that all was. just wait until you see her in her flowers on saturday! 

[PS – tomorrow we get our new puppy, Jinx!!!!!] 

the record still stands

look ma! no cavities!!

29 years and i still have no cavities! today’s trip to the dentist has just added to that record! woot! same dentist since i was three (my first check up!).

i still get a toothbrush and a toy. haha!

(my teeth aren’t that white.. i sort of took some creative liberties…)

ok… back to the wedding blitz! 

i love you all!!

just a quickie (heheheheh *quickie*) to thank you all for your comments! they are making me laugh and smile and just feel a lot less frazzled than i actually am.

we’re running around like crazy this week (yes, i am finally THRILLED that i didn’t have to make my own cup cake tree now… geez!) and i don’t know how much time i will have to blog or read other blogs. please know that i appreciate your comments and your making me laugh,

i internetlove each and every one of you.

i internet adore YOU.

i internet swoon over YoU.

ok.. i have to go to the dentist now. fun stuff!!

please keep the comments and smiles coming! and thanks so much!