i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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what the hell?

i SWEAR to the GODS that i wrote a post at almost two in the morning. i was DRUNK and i was writing about it. it was short because i couldn’t bloody see what i was doing… but i was writing it

where the hell did it go?

oh, well. my point, people, is that for the first time in my entire 29 year  boring life, i was drunk. it had to be drunk i couldn’t see straight. it was nothing like my usual tipsy-ness that i get if i have more than two actual drinkies. yes i was wooobily and woozy, but i couldn’t focus on anything.


 the tally: 4 (mayeb 5?) sex on the beaches
                1 malibu pineapple thingy
                2 shots of jagermeister [hella YUM!]
                1 shot of fireball whisky [thanks chelsea, darlin!]

now for someone who never drinks… this was a lot. 😛

so that was my night. how was yours?

[PS…. i had so much fun last night…. so yay for me!] 

write. speak. create.

i have re-started this post 6 times.

i have lots to say

and yet

i have nothing

i don’t know where this has come from. i do know a few things that are adding to it. but mostly it’s a mystery. i used to keep to myself. quiet. shy. bottled up.

one day that changed.
sometimes i wonder if i should have.

many years were filled with pills and pain. talking and silence. tears and laugher. one day a lot of that changed. good bye pills. goodbye pain. goodbye silence. goodbye tears.

hello love.

goodbye voice. goodbye muse.

where did they go i wonder?  why should happiness cancel out creativity? why did love make me lose my voice? when did i lose my song?

trying to write posts has become difficult. i don’t think i have anything to say. i don’t know if i even want to say anything. right now all i have to offer is morose and melencoloy. no one wants to read that.

but then again, isn’t this for me? isn’t this a page for my thoughts? feelings? ideas? so why should i clam up when those suddenly fall down? i’ve got some things to work out. for now… i think i’ll just post photos. those make me happy.

5 months

i'm a big boy now!
hi everyone! it’s me jinx! today is my 5 month birthday. i’m getting so big! soon i’ll be able to jump on the bed like my sister, annie. but right now i can only get half of me up there and then i need help.

i hope i get lots of food today since i am the birthday boy! apparently the only real birthday date that counts is the one when i turn a year old… but why not try to milk it, right? i’m so gosh darned cute, maybe i’ll win them over anyhow.

also, mummy wanted me to let you know that she’s super duper busy at work. i don’t see her for HOURS these days. it’s lonely. apparently she’s been so busy she’s worked right through her lunch hour three days in a row! poor mummy, lunch is important. i LOVE lunch. and breakfast and dinner… and oh, boy! yum! maybe mummy should let me have her lunch each day if she won’t take it? i’ll eat two lunches! yummy yum yum!

happy birthday to my litter-mates! koda, skyla, ilo, teddy, nifty and siro!

meet koda: 

koda 4 months


is trying sometimes.

new post

i’m tired of seeing that inkheart post every time i log on to my blog. so this is here to push it down some. i have nothing to offer of any entertainment value so don’t get your hopes up. all i have is this:

last night both dogs felt the need to throw up all over the apartment. oh, the joy.

i just have to remind myself how cute they are.

cute cute cutei'm cute
see? they’re cute. yes. yes, they are. that’s what i keep telling myself.

time for work, yo!