i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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long day

Tonight we took Shawn’s mother out for a birthday dinner. She’s all alone this weekend because her husband is away on the annual hunting trip. It’s always around her birthday. ha! I am so stuffed from dinner that I feel like I could probably hybernate for the rest of the winter. I love me some seafood. Yum.

I did nothing productive today. I was supposed to clean and get laundry done but I was busy putzing around on the computer and having a lovely IM chat with a lovely and fun [and helpful] lady. One day I want to meet her in person because she hella rocks!

Turn back your clocks tonight, people! It’s off to bed for me! 

i like stuff

Lots and lots of stuff. Stuff that I shouldn’t even be spending money on if I want to buy a house one day. But I can’t help it. Especially DVDs. I love TV shows on DVD, yo! I even have a webpage for that linked at the bottom of my sidebar.

But most importantly…. my amazon.ca wishlist is now linked up on my side bar! *points* I don’t expect people to buy me things (well.. SOME people who are officially married to me should…) but I just thought I would link it up. I like adding things to it. hee!

Funny, I used to be all about CDs and books and now most things on my wishlist are DVDs. Odd. Of course I haven’t really discovered any good music lately. *sniffle*

Anyhow… now it’s all linked up so I can just point people here when they email me or call me and say.. don’t you have a wishlist? I do. There it is. Feel free to spend money to show your love for me. ha! 

it’s about bloody time, yo!

our marriage certificate This just came in the mail today. I am SO happy. I only sent away for it 2 months ago. We’ve only been married almost 4 months (HOLY GODS! how did the time go so fast!?!?). But now it’s here and we’re official. I am so happy!

So are these two… they are no longer illegitimate children…
annie - october 28, 2005

jinx - october 28, 2008

thank you/fuck you/whatever

Dear UPS Delivery Guy,
Thanks for messing up my delivery by checking off the 2nd attempt notice when you were really only attempting to deliver it the first time. Thanks for making me panic this morning when I read the notice saying that if I owed money the parcel would just be sent back to the sender on the third attempt. You almost lost me my parcel. You bastard.
piss off,

Dear UPS Customer Service Lady,
Thank you so much for being such a  friendly and helpful person this morning as I phoned you in a panic to keep my parcel from being shipped back to California. Thank you for helping me change the delivery address so that it would be delivered to my place of work. Thank you for agreeing with me that this was NOT the 2nd delivery attempt. Thank you for calming me down. You were most kind and I really needed that at 7:45 this morning.

Dear Skin,
I am so not amused  with your inablity to grasp that I am no longer a fourteen year old girl suffering through puberty. I would appreciate it if you would just act like the skin of someone who is almost 30 and has left the cruelty of puberty behind her. I am not impressed with the condition of my face this week. I have enough problems to worry about that I do not need the added stress of breakouts all over my face, and neck and back. Really, what’s up with that!? Thanks for making me extra insecure and for making me feel really ugly.
Grow up, yo!

Dear Blog Readers,
Thank you so much for coming out of the woodwork and commenting again. I promise I shall never make you register to comment again. I have missed you all so and I am so happy to see my old friends reappear. Thank you for showing your love!
kissy kissy,

down with UPS


So… I bought this cool stuff from emilystrange.com, right? And I have been waiting for like, ever. And Today the tracking thing says that a second attempt has been made to deliver it and they were unable… but..I didn’t get a first attempt notice, so that in itself is a pisser…. so then… THEN.. I get home and actually  have a delivery notice this time… BUT I HAVE TO PAY UPS $50 ON DELIVERY!! 


I paid for shipping already. Nowhere did it say I would owe UPS another $50 for brokering my bloody parcel. 

I am so NOT impressed.

If you add to the fact that I now need to phone them and have them deliver it to work, or at least after 5… I do not HAVE $50 right now. In the bank I have… $36…. that’s until Monday when I get paid. So what the hell do I do now?

piss off, UPS!