i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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so… I have worked in the book business for what, 8 years now? I couldn’t think of the word “author”. Really. I was trying to tell my manager that this order had the wrong author’s name, no wonder I couldn’t find it.. but I couldn’t think of the word. I actually said, “you know, the.. the… what’s the person called, you know the one who writes the book? that thing!”


“Yeah! That’s it! Oh, GOD!”

“I think you do need to go home, you weren’t kidding.”

We had a good laugh. HA! My brain is so fuzzy today.

the stupidity still surprises me

…even after 4 years. Why am I always so shocked by how stupid and childish and wrong things are here? Why?

Is it still insubordination if it goes from Up to Down? Would that be like, indomination or something?


It would appear that my theme switcher has decided to stop working.. I have NO idea why. I didn’t edit it at all… NYBBLE!!!!!! I didn’t even touch the code.. I didn’t even edit my theme… why does it then not work? Why does my blog go blank? Hmmmm?????

My Christmas themes are almost done. I just need to edit the style sheets… but if my theme switcher isn’t going to work, then I can’t really offer you the two different ones I have spent SO LONG making. That ticks me off.

I’m going to bed now. Maybe this will all be better tomorrow…

where are my gifts?!?

november 28, 2005 hullo everybody! it’s me, JINX! it’s been a long time since i’ve written anything on my mummy’s blog, but i have been really busy. today i am nine months old. i’m such a big boy! almost a man! this weekend my parents were talking about how i used to be so little that my head didn’t even reach the top of the coffee table. now? now i can just walk over and take whatever i want right off of it! haha! only mummy and daddy don’t really like that game. they are soooo boring!

look how much room i take up now!  my tail is so fluffy now and i have this puffy cream coloured fur on my back legs. my parents call them pantaloons. then they call me Stinky Pantaloons and laugh! i don’t think that’s so funny. i much prefer the game where i take stuff off the table tops… or the game where i eat one of each sock so that mummy and daddy only have one sock per pair. hahahahaha!

one of the best things about being a big boy is that now annie likes me! we play almost every day! i jump all around and pounce on her and she just lays there and swats me with her paw. ok, so she wins a lot more than i do, but i’m much more agile….

jinx and annie nove 28, 2005 despite what this looks like, we’re actually in the same photo. mummy was sitting in the lazyboy and i was playing with annie. when she sat down we thought she might have food… it was just the camera though. how sad! don’t we make a cute brother and sister team? huh?

well, that’s it for today! it’s time for bed now.. i might be a bigger boy but i still like to be in bed by nine. if mummy hasn’t come to bed yet i just curl up in a ball on the bed and warm the covers for her. i’m a good boy that way! see you all next time!!

still grumpy

My head hurts like HELL. Bloody hell.

I hate today.