i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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[due to my sleeping in this morning, I’m a little late.. my bad!]

happy birthday carol!

I hope that you at 24 (heh… if I’m only 20, works for you too!) find much happiness and employment tis year. You have been a great mentor, even with all our ups and downs in the past. I look forward to working with you in the future because we really work well together and your fun and a great friend. I’m an really happy that we’ve reconnected these past 6 months or so. Thank you for teaching me what you know and corrupting me (hehheh) and helping me be less of a wussy person. 😉 Thank for you showing me the evil ways and for sharing my love of the fantasy/sci-fi section. Ours was KICKASS, yo!

All the best, Carol, darling!

why must it be so hard being me???

I’m really not lovin’ 2006. Just trying to make myself a stupid cake became a huge saga. First was the impromptu hour walk to try and get the right cake mix (with my swollen toe in the snow… hey that rhymes!) and then there I was, all contentedly mixing my cake mix and thinking, hey! I should tale photos to show my adoring fans!

So, it started out all right…
my mummy's mixer This is like, the original mixer. I grew up with my mom using this mixer for all cakes and baked things. I inherited it when my mom got a new one a few years ago. I wanted to make my own cake. I just HAD to take a photo of making my own cake with my mom’s mixer!

my fave spatula This is the original spatula that my mom would use in her baking. It’s even got a chip out of it from being caught in the mixer blanes one too many times. I LOVED this spatula.. there is something about the texture of it I just adore, so I took it when I moved out. heh.

mixing! And whirrrrrrrrrr goes the mixer as it mixes up my cake!

jinx helps with the cake Jinx was curious about the mixer noise. It’s sorta like the popcorn popper and THAT throws food on the floor sometimes. So exciting! He stayed around and helped me with the cake in hopes that some food would fall.

yum! I had to taste it to make sure it was going alright, didn’t I? Yum! (before the eggs were added!!) So, yeah, I took this shot and then POOF! My mixer BROKE! It just stopped working in the middle of mixing the cake batter. No! Not good! I still had to make icing! GAH! Luckily the batter was smooth by then and I didn’t have to worry about cake mix lumps in it. But I was so angry! Here I was all excited about what I was doing and the STUPID THING BREAKS DOWN! *fume*

Let’s not forget that my whisk broke and also my timer was broken, too. I was not having a good day!

icing I managed to get the icing done with no problems though. I did have to melt the butter down in the microwave, and I hate doing that because the icing starts out so runny. But it turned out just fine. The secret is almond extract and a little vanilla. 😉

yummy icing! I certainly love it! Icing is the best. I made it almost as good as my mum’s!

where is mine? Jinx is hoping that even though the noise has stopped and mummy has been swearing and yelling a lot that he still might get some food. You never know when something could fall on the floor! He’s been patrolling to make sure everything is ok!
yummy icing! Jinx approves of the icing, too. It’s always good to have a back-up taste tester, just incase your own tase buds are off that day!

two cakes And voila! Cakes! It’s at an odd angle because I had a puppy licking one hand and trying to balance the camera in the other.

icing and cake Once they were cool I could start icing them. Which was good since Shawn was on his way home from work. I wanted to have this all done by then.

cake in glory And here FINALLY! is my cake. The cherries sort of drooled on it, but it’s pretty and happy and bright and CAKE!

cake cake cake! Happy, happy CAKE! I even got little colourful stars for it! It’s not as nice as the cupcakes that Meritt made for her daughter, but it still made me happy (even if I did do it myself!)

Funny story about the cherries.. Jinx got one (see, something DID fall!) and took it to EVERY room in the apartment. He’d spit it out on the floor, look at it, lick it, chomp a little and then carry it to another room and do the same thing! He finally ate it in the bathroom. What an odd dog!

jinx and the cherry See the little red splotch on the floor? That’s the cherry. heh. Ignore the furball hanging out of his mouth and on the floor. Jinx kept finding the dustbunnies to drop the cherry on. Ew.

still playing with the cherry Here he is still playing with the cherry. Wait, that sounds wrong. Anyhow, this was right before he walked back into the bathroom and ate the stupid thing.

So I made my cake and had it too. Shawn and I put candles in it after dinner and sang me happy birthday. I feel birthday closure now. I’m not telling you what my wish was, but I can tell you it had something to do with wanting this stupid year to get better!

almost all things must be documented

Before the shit hit the fan last night, we were on our way to my parents’ place to celebrate 4 birthdays with a dinner. Before we could get there we had to get gas for the car or we’d get about 7 blocks away and be stuck. So…

shawn picking his fuel Here is Shawn at the gas pump at the Petro Canada near our house. He had no idea I was taking this shot. heh. The flash scared him, he thought someone was photographing him putting in the PIN for our debit card. Oops. Nope, it was just me entertaining myself while I waited.

filling up! He moved too fast for me. I was trying to get him as he took the pump out of the machine. Oh well, this is a nifty shot anyhow.

i'm cute! Here I am being stunning in the front seat of the car. Cold air makes me rosy-cheeked.

dirty mirror This would be a super cool shot if it weren’t for the fact that winter makes our windows and mirrors filthy. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wash the car!

what are you looking at? Aww… hey, what the hell is Shawn looking at? He looks as though he’s about to run through the photo. At least I look cute, eh? heh

WRONG CARD! I had to post this.. this is a photo of my mom reading the wrong birthday card. Oops. I wrote the wrong names on the envelopes!! Doh!! I blame my 30-year old brain. I didn’t even realize that it was the wrong card until she laughed. I thought, wow, I wrote such sweet, serious stuff, why is she laug— AUGH! DON’T READ THAT! And I snatched the card away from her. Ha! Oops. that was my sister’s card. My sister didn’t laugh. Whatever. Anyhow I felt stupid, but hey, it was an honest mistake! I had three cards going here!

This is what we got my sister:

HAHAHAH! We got her YoJ. *snicker*

OK, no… this is the way it is supposed to be…

Yeah, that’s it for the photos. I took some of my mother’s cats…but this is all I want to talk about yesterday.

cause and effect

Never try to walk through snowy streets and sidewalks with a possibly broken toe or toes. Just telling you.

Because of this:
the vicar of dibley

I have been craving this:
cadbury's crunchie bar

There was an episode on Saturday night and she was waving one around for most of it. Do you know how HARD it is to find one of those around here once the grocery stores are closed? GAH! So today when I was at the store I bought a pack of 4. heh.

And because of this:
it's mah birfday!
I have been craving this:
betty crocker cherry chip cake

And you know? I don’t think that wanting a birthday cake for your birthday is such a bad thing. I am not impressed that I will be making it myself today, but I will be because I want a bloody cake. I am not impressed with this year so far. I am not happy that my grocery store on the corner didn’t have it so I had to walk 7 freaking blocks in the snow with a swollen and bruised foot just to get freaking cake. I will make it. I will make the icing. It will not be as good as when my mother makes it, but I don’t care. I just want an effing birthday cake.

the weather outside is frightful

Thank goodness I am home today.

The weather sucks (freezing rain/snow squalls)
I possibly have a broken toe (or toes)
I am emotionally drained from last night
I am not liking 2006 very much
…and I never even got a birthday cake this year for my birthday. And if you know me that’s all I ever really want.


I am going back to bed to sleep this year away.