i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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a quick update

Just to let you all know… our home phone has been disconnected. If you DO call and get that message don’t freak out. It will give you a new number to reach us for the next little while. If you’re thinking of sending something by mail to our place – PLEASE DON’T. I have already started trying to stop mail delivery there. All utilities have been cancelled ands final bills are coming to my inlaws’ place. I am certain you might mean well, but I don’t know how often we’ll be back there and even though our neighbour across the street is checking our mail for us, it would just be easier to NOT have mail.

The internet connection at my inlaws’ is iffy. It took forever just to log on and check my mail and this page took ages to load – and they have DSL, too. Something wonky here.

I’m still in shock. Going back to the apartment is devastating. We have a lot to go through and I still can’t find my camera 🙁

Please keep sending us positive vibes, just not by mail. 🙂 heh.

Thanks, guys!! *hugs*

fire engine red

Last night in Verdun, a four-alarm fire started in the kitchen of a duplex and spread through the roof to neighbouring buildings. No one was injured, but about 15 people from four apartments on Melrose St. are homeless.© The Gazette (Montreal) 2006

We’re ok, we’re a little homeless at the moment so we’re staying at Shawn’s parents’ place for a while. None of us were hurt which is the important part. It wasn’t our kitchen, it was the one above us. Our place is trashed with water and holes and smoke.

So, I’ll be a little out of touch for a while. I’ll be checking emails when I get a chance, and when I get back to work (which is NOT today).

It’s the worst feeling walking down the street on your way home and having fire trucks just keep whizing by you and you KNOW they’re going to YOUR home. Sigh.

**UPDATE** We went back today, in daylight, to see what was what. Ugh. It’s not pretty. Luckily most of our stuff was under tarps that the firemen put up. They were pretty good at covering almost anything that was coverable. The only thing I seem to be missing is my digital camera (which sucks since I was going to take photos for insurance purposes…) but maybe that got tossed under something. I don’t know. Our floors, walls and celings are trashed and it looks as though we’ll be living with the inlaws for a while. I really hope it DOES and CAN be fixed soon because I want to go back home. It’s near impossible trying to find an apartment in Montreal when you have ONE dog, let alone two, and I am pretty darn sure we wouldn’t be approved for a mortgage on our salaries. So, who knows. Thanks for all the well wishes.. we are only able to use our cell phones now since our home phone is trashed and well, no electicity or anything. So, if you happen to be one of those people who does have our cell numbers, you can contact us. 😉

Back to work tomorrow to continue counting down the days until I start my new job.


9 1/2 days left.

I have given in my “I’m leaving for another job” letters. Which, technically I don’t think I had to do since it’s an internal switch, but I’m all about courtesy, bitches.

Also, I don’t like that word “courtesy” it looks wrong.

Much stuff to do today. Gotta get back to it!

one year ago today

I finally got WordPress to work and after having crashed my blog about a billion times in a couple of days, I got this up!. Woot!

OK, so apparently my first post of this blog is March 26… and here it is.

Since March 25, 2005 I have had 21,379 unique visitors to my blog. Wow. That’s a lot of people. I didn’t think I knew that many people. I knew it was close after all the people I ended up having to contact yesterday to tell about my new job. It certainly FELT like 21,379 people, let me tell YOU!

Other than that? I have nothing else to say. I will leave you with this photo of my pups taken last night (since there hasn’t been enough dog photo postings going on this month!!)

hmmm… helps if I actually upload the photo first, eh?

and heeeeere we go!

annie and jinx

job karma

I have more than my share of bad luck and bad things happening to me in my life. Things always seem to go more wrong than good, but there’s one thing that I have always been lucky with – be accepted to things that I want. I applied to two hard to get into programs at University – Elementary Education at McGill (which I stopped after a year and a half because I hated it) and then the Theatre program at Concordia University. I auditioned and interviewd and I got in. I think they only accept 10 or so people a year. Unfortunately due to my illness at the time I only did less than a year there. Sometimes I regret that. Sometimes I don’t.

When it comes to jobs, I have always gotten the job I applied for. I haven’t had many jobs in my life, but I have never been rejected from a job once they phone me for an interview. I don’t know what it is, but I have good job karma or something.

About a month ago I applied for another position in the university. I only applied to one job in one department that sounded interesting to me. I have a tendancy to do that. I wasn’t making a mad rush to get out of my job, but I knew it was time for a change. I am a picky, PICKY person and I won’t even apply to a job that doesn’t click for me in some way. I have always been like that, even when I have been jobless and desperate to find one. I know myself, I can’t even function if it’s something that I don’t like. My depression gets the better of me, I don’t give it my full attention, etc. So, why bother applying, right? I know myself and I can’t survive in a place that I am not happy.

So, I have had interviews and tests for this job, I don’t have the secretarial background that they requested, but I know myself and I know what I can do and I knew I could do this. And I went in there and I was myself and I was honest and funny and cute (heh) and I went home and thought, I hope I get this.

Well, I did. I have two weeks left at the bookstore and then I will be transferring over to the Music Department. I don’t know how much I will talk about the new job. I will let you all know how it’s going, but I want to try and keep it low key.

So, that’s what’s going on in my life right now. I might still be quiet for a while, I have some other stuff going on and it’s keeping me away from the computer… that and Shawn has a new online game, so he’s on the computer a lot. heh.

so, wooty woot for me!!!