i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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today’s weather:

I will be outside eating BBQ hot dogs with my inlaws and the pups.

I love days like today!

two posts in one day? it must be christmas!

Good heavens are my dogs expensive. It’s a good thing I never had to pay for them.. geez! Two dogs, two sets of heartworm pills, two sets of shots… $420.00. Yikes! Not to mention that I have already paid over $600 for the allergy stuff and there was the food poisoning thing in the winter.

I think I’ve spent close to $2000 on my two dogs since January!! They’re lucky they are cute or I’d have to kill them. (JOKE!!)

I will be spending another $200 this week since Mr. Jinx has an appointment to be tutored*. He gets to spend the night at the vet on Tuesday night and we’ll pick him up after work on Wednesday and he’ll be a *cough* new man! *cough*

Shawn is at work so my father-in-law drove me and the pups to the vet. They were very cute in the back seat of the pick up!

annie and jinx in the truck on the way home from the vet

We got stuck in traffic on the way back and stopped at Harvey’s for some food. Despite Annie’s diet, I think dogs who have been stuck with 4 needles (each!) in one visit, deserve a couple of fries. So they got fries while we sat in traffic and moves about an inch every 20 minutes.

All that traffic wore them out…

tough day!

It’s hard sitting in traffic you know.

So Annie got her first allergy shot today and the next one is on Tuesday night, and then Friday and then, um…. Monday? And erm… three days after that I think. Once we get the first 6 or so in her we can do them at home and not have to go to the vet every night. We just have to make sure she doesn’t have a bad reaction to it as we increase the dosage. I really hope this works because my poor baby is gaining so much weight with the pills we give her for the attack and it only just masks the symptoms rather than help with the allergies. She’s currently 48 lbs! She’s supposed to be around 38 lbs!

Also, I brought my camera to work with me yesterday and took photos of my roses. 😉 By the end of the day I had an entire bouqet! My supervisor was walking around with some more roses yesterday and put about 7 or so in my little vase. Yay! I feel so happy with flowers on my desk!


You can also see my little pen holder thingy next to them. Luckily no one else was in the office yet, I would have felt silly taking shots of my desk if there were people there. Stupid flash giving me away!

Also, also… here’s my goofy boy at 14 months old (yesterday). His coat has all be shed for the summer and he looks so dorky.

jinx 14 months

Please note that is Annie lying next to hom and not some mutant furry appendage!

Ok. that’s all from here. Time for a nap! I have been awake since 6:30 am. GAH!

* and of course by tutored I mean neutered.

do we really own that much stuff??

I realize now as I start this post, that I should have taken a photo of the 600+ items on hangars and the 13 boxes that arrived this morning from the dry cleaners. Oops. It would certainly have been one for the memory box.

The dry cleaning place dropped off all our clothes/linens/towels/etc this morning. The basement was FULL. I have a pair of Shawn’s boxers on a hangar. hehee!!!

The boxes have yet to be opened, but pretty much all the hanging stuff has been put away in two closets. It’ll be nice to have my own shoes and things back.

Envoy-ette – the duvet you sent us is OK! It’s all nice and dry cleaned and on a hangar and it will be going on our bed TONIGHT!! Yay!!!

Despite all the trouble we had with this dry cleaning thing (which I never did mention on here, mostly due to the lack of time to sit and write out my complaints!) I’m very happy to have my things back.

Next on today’s agenda…. trip to the vet for annual shots for the pups!

*sniffle* my little boy is all grown up

Last night I was out in the back yard with Jinx and I saw something he’s never done before… he ran over to the side of the patio and lifted his leg and peed on a bush!

He’s 14 months old today and he’s becoming a man!


Next thing you know, I’ll blink and he’ll be a university grad and wanting to move out on his own.

*wipes away tear*

My wittle boy!!!

[UPDATE for the Snarky Beeyatches out there: He has been squatting to pee, just like his big sister Annie, for the past 14 months. Geez.]

i think i’m gonna love it here

I feel like bursting into song like Little Orphan Annie when she moves in to Daddy Warbuck’s home.

I was stuck in traffic this morning so I got here a half hour late (which is actually an hour later than I have been getting here, since I’ve been getting here before 8:30)… anyhow.. I get in and there is a rose and chocolate sitting on my desk. Apparently it’s Administrative Professionals Day (which according to my Outlook calendar was the 26th) and people here CARE!

Wow. I don’t think this has ever happened to me in a workplace. Wow. I am so touched. And I have only been here 12 days.