i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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I totally meant to write something today. And it was going to be long and good. I even had this page open in a tab on firefox.. but I just never got around to writing anything. Darn addictive neopets.. and darn having to walk across town to Zellers.

There’s a world of things I want to say, and I will… maybe tomorrow. Things started to look up last night.. so, yay.

well that at least put a smile on my face

The 80s station I am listening to on iTunes is playing “Hangin’ Tough” by New Kids on the Block. I am grinning like a fool. I was so in love with these guys when I was 14. 😉

up yours, 2006

Really. This time you totally hit below the belt and I hate you even more for that. Go fuck with someone else for a change ok? I’ve had about all that I can take.

i want to go home

I want to go home. I want to move home. I want to go now. Now. Now. Now. I am so tired of all this.

um, what??

I didn’t know that Barbara Streisand and Don Johnson had a duet in the 80s. Wow. It sucks. Big time.

Still lovin’ this station though.