i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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apples, oranges and bananas

The trip into work this morning was pretty brutal. No music. No book. I had to deal with real people. I could hear them, see them.. I didn’t like it one bit. I don’t know what’s going to happen with my miniPod and that is making me antsy. I am going to have to send it away, but I am not sure when my warranty expired nor do I have any of that paperwork with me – it’s all in boxes in some warehouse. No invoice. Nothing. I have contacted a friend at the University’s computer store where I originally bought it, but if he can’t help me get another invoice, or tell me when I bought it, I am screwed.

We do not have an Apple store here. Can’t bring it anywhere. I actually have to send it TO Apple, if I am still under warranty, they pay for that and supply the boxes. If I am done with the warranty then I pay for everything and I don’t think I want to do that. I don’t really have the money to buy a new one.. all I have an option of now is a nano or a shuffle thing, right? I don’t like either of those. If my *mini* keeps breaking, I am sure the nano won’t last a week. I don’t really want to buy another type of mp3 player because I know from others that those don’t last at all… and I like the format of the iPod thingies. All I know is I will be a while without music. I am going to go postal, just you watch. Music is my oxygen.


I have crappy tea this morning. When I was about to cross the street to get to the building I ran into coworkers going in the opposite direction of Timmy Hos. I got dragged along with them and we went to AL Van Houtte. Sure they wanted better coffee, but I can’t get anything larger than a tiny little cup of tea that SUCKS. So my tea is awful and I was already bitter about the lack of music, this just adds to my disappointment of the day.


I might be taking Highland Dancing lessons soon. One of my coworkers teaches it and lo and behold, she teaches it on the street NEXT to mine in Verdun. Go figure. She’s been there the entire time and I didn’t even KNOW that. When I move back home I will have to walk a block away for dancing fun. Awesome. $7 a lesson. Not bad. Pay as you go.


Hair appointment tonight. It better not suck because today is riding pretty high on the suckage factor.

rethinking the panic! situation

My miniPod still isn’t working. Currently I am writing this on the laptop (iBook) as I download the latest iPod updater thingamabob. I am hoping this will help. What’s happening now with my machine is that it plays a snippet of some songs, all of others and just plain freezes on the rest. I have no clue what happened or what went wrong.

I only pray that this updater software actually DOES something. After that I am at a loss with what to do. There doesn’t seem to be a section in the Troubleshooting site for my problem.

I cannot travel without music. I just can’t. Please think positive thoughts for my lovely little blue friend.

[I had a bunch more things to post about tonight, but with the laptop and this iPod thing and my migraine, I think I’ll post tomorrow or something. This already makes number 3 for the day. I can’t over do it or ..I don’t know.. I just can’t. :P]

*UPDATE* I am currently trying to restore my iPod… sigh.. I got it into Disk Mode, so I guess it’s not a hardware problem.. or something. Only the “Restoring iPod” thing has been going on for a while now. I am a little concerned that it won’t stop. At least the Apple logo isn’t on my display anymore.. that’s all I was getting tonight. 🙁

*Yet Another UPDATE* Dead. Dead. Dead. 🙁

today’s commuting aggrivation


Holy hell! I mean, really! Chiquita.. do you really need to text message someone at 7:30 in the morning while you are driving your car (full of dents mind you, wonder why??) in bumper to bumper traffic? There are TWO lanes full of cars (and one lane all empty with busses and jerkholes with flashers going) and you have backed up YOUR lane because you’re not watching when the car in front of you moves ahead.. what are you doing? YOU ARE TEXT MESSAGING WHILE DRIVING!! OH MY FREAKING GOSH!

Two 18-wheeler trucks could have cut in front of you in the time it took you to pay attention. But did you STOP texting when you started to pull forward? HELL NO!

Thank you for making me feel safe on the streets and helping my decision to NOT renew my learner’s permit this coming October. Why bother? I don’t want to die the first time I drive around on my own.

my head is killing me yet the day still has a ways to go

I don’t really have time to be here… but I needed a break. My head is killing me and I am tired and I am sick of work right now. So, breaking it is.

I am now the proud owner of the two following DVD sets:

Yay! I love new DVDs. We’re still watching the first season of Knight Rider though. We’ve only gone through a disc and a half of that one. A looong ways to go. It’s hard to watch because it is so… um.. bad. Not just cheesey bad, but.. bad. And yet, it’s so much fun to watch! (Doesn’t help that we’re rarely home together these days. I can’t watch TV too late because I am too tired and will just fall asleep during the show!)

Have I mentioned how much my head hurts right now? Ugh.

I have recently become Over Time Gal myself. Not because I absolutely have to, but because it’s easier to get the *admin* type stuff done after hours. I can enter copious amounts of business cards into the Outlook contacts and I can file stuff because I am not rushing to help someone get ready for a meeting or copying things for a meeting, or answering random questions as people come in my office. I don’t know half the answers anyhow. So I have been working as late as Shawn this week (7:00PM) which isn’t too bad. I get some comp time after this and tomorrow I have to leave a little early because I have a hair appointment (in honour of Chelsea’s birthday, of course. ;))

five months

Do you realize it has been five months that Shawn and I have been living in suburban basement hell? FIVE MONTHS. Time flies, eh? I can’t believe it… if all goes according to schedule we might actually get to move back home in another month and a half. I’m not holding my breath too long, but it’s nice to see some progress being made on the construction. Took them damn long enough.

With the weather starting to turn, I really don’t want to be off the island much longer. Today traffic was the pits due to everyone returning to work/school/etc after being away all summer. All the idiots are now back on the road and causing traffic accidents that cause hour long delays to cross the bridge.

Dude. The bus lane is for just that – busses. Not your car speeding along over the speed limit with the hazzard lights on. Blinking hazzard lights do not make illegal driving legal. I would give anything to be able to shoot out the tires of all the jerkwads who try to bypass the traffic by zooming along illegalyl and then cutting in at the top of the road to get on the bridge before all us good law-abiding drivers (er.. passengers in my case).

A lot has happened and changed in the last five months. It’s such a weird feeling. I am nervous about returning home. What will it look like? What do you mean they are moving the bathroom? Where are they moving it??? I sure as hell don’t want an outhouse!! Will I feel safe there? Will I be worried that another fire will start? Will the place feel the same or will the vibes be different? Will my dogs readjust? Will we be happy?

So many questions and thoughts and worries and also excitment to finally be home.