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    roll with it, yo

    You’ve come far, and though you’re far from the end You don’t mind where you are, cause you know where you’ve been — Carbon Leaf So, October is upon us. Anyone that has known me for a while will know how much I love October. (You might have guessed that based on my previous post as well, if you were clever enough to catch my hint.) I am going to try and be a little more positive this coming month. I am tired of the despair I am in and I am tired of being kicked while I am down. The issue with the landlord has hopefully come to an…

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    under construction

    You know what happens tomorrow? Huh? Do you??? It’s OCTOBER!! And I LOOOOOVE October!!! And of course I can’t let you all down with not having a Halloween themed blog for October, right? I mean it’s been about 4 years now that I have done this… so I have to! So I am working on it.. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get all the coding done before I have to leave, but I’ll have it finished by midnight tonight so it’ll be all ready for October 1st!! Woo!

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    I was going to try and post something, but I really don’t have anything to say. Everything is stupid and this is a super rotten year. Not really the happiest camper these days. I did renew my learner’s permit today though. I can now go another year without trying to drive before I renew it again. Except I think next year I have to take the tests again in order to renew it. Don’t you just love my faith in actually learning to drive and taking the Big Test? Yeah. Doubt it’ll ever happen. But hey, it was only $23 to renew.

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    uh oh, she’s drinking coffee

    Why does every inanimate object hate me today?? Really. And why can’t I sleep? [ok, well I know the answer to that one.. various reasons, but still… I WANT TO SLEEP!] And why do people have to be so stupid and moronic? I hate everyone [except you, my wonderful internet friends!] Why can’t I take vacation with my husband? Why do I even have to get out of bed in the morning??

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    oui, je parle francais

    It’s a four day work week! Why? Well, I have Friday off to go down to Le Regie du logement and file a claim against my landlord. Woo and hoo! Shawn took the day off as well and we’re going in force with all our documents and getting all serious and shit. I’m homeless and pissed off. Don’t mess with me. I’m also majorly crampy and have been awake since 2:30 a.m., so I am starting the week off in full form, yo. Other items of note from this past weekend… we took my grandparents out to brunch to celebrate my Poppop’s 94th birthday (September 19). We went to this…