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weekend away: upper canada village

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks, but I finally managed to edit and upload the rest of the photos from our weekend away. In case you missed the first instalment, just click and you can relive it again. Whee!

Have to warn you I didn’t take many photos, nor are they that interesting. I think had the weather been better I would have been a little more camera happy, but as it was it was freezing and raining and not very inspiring.

One thing that really amused me were the plethora of Canadian geese all along the roads. I wanted to stop and take a picture, but it’s a little hard on the highway. Luckily we were greeted by a Fowl Gang when we pulled into the “parking lot road” (a really long and winding road thing) at Upper Canada Village.

I couldn’t get a shot with all of them in, but we pulled over so I could try and take a photo and they all started to converge on us! Eep! I think they were waiting for food. We didn’t have any of course, so as soon as they got too close we drove away. HA! My favourite was this little guy:

He reminds me of Daffy Duck à la Duck Dodgers. Not sure why. He just does.

The first place we went was the, erm, wool mill (I think it was called). There was a lot of wool and wool spinning and weaving and blankets. But mostly… a lot of wool.


Because there was wool.. there were obviously SHEEP! I love sheep! BAAAAAAA!!

annie sheep

This one was the Annie-Sheep. It was standing there coughing, just like Annie does all the time. And then when I picked up some hay and said “Who wants food?” It quickly waddled over and grabbed it from my hand. Hee! The photo above is of the Annie-Sheep in mid-cough.

And like Annie, the Annie-Sheep tried to eat my hand off while being fed. OK, actually this sheep isn’t even touching my hand at all even though it looks like it in the photo. I thought the photo looked neat.

When we were leaving the wool mill and going to the Flour Mill (boring) one little sheepy got his head stuck in the fence. heehee! I helped by taking this photo and giggling.

One of the coolest buildings we visited was the Saw Mill. And since there was practically noone else visiting UCV in the morning, we had most of these places to ourselves which was awesome. It was like having your own personalized tour because the people working there only had to talk to you. The saw mill guy sat on a log next to us and explained all about the “new technology” we were watching. It only took 20 mins for the saw to cut off a slice from the huge log. So they were able to do about 5 logs a day or something. It had just started when we got there so we stayed and watched for a bit as the Saw Mill Guy told us a bunch of neat stuff.


It’s kind of hard to see (no lighting in these places and it was very dark outside due to the rain) but the saw blade is about 3 feet down the log already (close to the end of the photo) and that was about 5 mins into the sawing. They had 3 other huge logs waiting to be sliced up into planks of wood that day. It was really neat to watch. We meant to go back on our way out of UCV but due to other reasons we never did.

This is the menu of the place where we ate. Hoo boy! Was that food GOOD. Only it was waaaay too much for me to eat and I couldn’t eat it all. It was a half chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies with a salad (with the BEST dressing I have EVER had and they won’t tell you what they do! GAH!) and a dessert. I couldn’t even eat all the potaoes! ME! The Potato Goddess! Oh and there was rye bread, too! My stomach is hurting again now just thinking about it.. I was so full and bloated. Ugh. But I loved it. Sadly I couldn’t take a doggy bag back to the hotel, but they did wrap the rest of my chicken up in aluminum foil for me to take back. hee. It was the best food ever.

I need to remember when I have to wait over 6 months for an emergency appointment or whatever at the hospital that I need to be thankful for modern medicine. The Doctor’s house made my skin crawl.

doctor tools

The “tools of the trade” were layed out on this table. The little old lady who was in the house explained a bunch of stuff and I felt ill. *shudder*


I tried to crop the photo so you could get a closer look… the tool thingy third from the right was what they used to take out tonsils. Ugh. *shudder*

We left there and went off to see bigger and more amusing thigns.. like Bulls!

Shawn was contemplating trying to wrestle one of the little bulls, but then quickly rethought that when it turned out they weren’t so little.

So he fed them instead. These things ate full corn stalks!! (sans corn). The stalks were all on our side of the fence, so the poor little bulls couldn’t get them. They were sticking their huge bull tongues through the posts trying to eat the stalks, so we helped out.

They were very grateful as you can see. *CHOMP* *CHOMP*

Aside from the bread (which really wasn’t as good as I remember because they changed it) the only other thing I really remember from UCV was the Signal Tower.. however I only remembered that I remembered it once I saw it.

Only thing was it was completely empty, and I remember there being telegraph stuff in there. Maybe that’s only seasonal and there when the schools all visit at the end of the school year?

Anyhow we climbed to the top and I set up the camera timer and took the only photo of the two of us together of that entire trip!

It was windy which is why my hair is standing up. Pisses me off that hair. GRR. Oh, well. It’s also out first photo together since the wedding. Geez.

Shawn was way too tall for this little town and kept hitting his head on all the ceilings and door frames. Turns out it wouldn’t have been to great for him had he died back then either.

Look at the size of this hearse! Goodness! I don’t think I would have fit in it. I think in Shawn’s case they would have just burried him where he fell. heh.

Last but not least – pigs!

There were four little pigs running amok in the farm area. Whereas the sheep was an Annie-Sheep there was most certainly a Jinx-Pig. Digging holes in the mud, burring themselves in the haystack. It was hilarious. I even took a little video which I will now subject you to! And then, that concludes our trip to UCV!

my day

Went to turn on my (NEW!) iPod Nano this morning and it wouldn’t work. It seriously had better only be a battery issue or I am going to storm Apple and smack all the employees with a dead fish.

A stupid tiny baby in a bigass stroller SCREAMED for 6 stops on le metro this morning. And I mean ear bleeding screams. I could not drown it out as I had NO iPod to listen to. I was ready to get up and toss the stupid child out of the metro car at the next stop when they finally got off le metro at Atwater.

I hate babies.

My day is sucking.

One day I might post something chipper and upbeat, but right now there’s not much of that happening in my life, my apologies.

to all (beta)blogger bloggers

I can’t seem to post comments.. espcially on Amy’s blog. So please don’t think I don’t love you, because I do. But unless you have haloscan or a normal blogger blog, I can’t comment. Don’t know why.

PS – today sucks big time. I hate everything and everyone. (except of course for the ones that I love, as mentioned in the above paragraph).

2006 has chewed me up and spat me out

*deep breaths* I wish people wouldn’t ask me how my weekend was, because telling them “fine” is just a downright lie and I can’t lie to people. But then again, do they really want to know all the awful crap going on in my life right now? Sure they don’t. So don’t ask me about my weekend, ok? Just move along and walk away and leave me the hell alone.

That being said.. here’s a run down of some of the events…. Friday – payday! – I go to log into my internet banking site and can’t. Fine. It must be down, I can deal. Try throughout the day, nada. Alright… run out for 5 minutes for a lunch break (it was that busy) I was going to withdraw money and then get a bagel at Timmy Ho’s. ATM tells me my card is declined. Huh? Well it was one of those sketchy ATMs so maybe my bank is having techinical problems. No problem. Borrow money from my boss to get a crappy sammich from the “cafe” in the basement of our building. Get home and find I still can’t log into my net banking. Panic because our cell phone bill is due like, today (Monday). So we log into Shawn’s account and register bills and he pays from his account.. problem solved. I also find out that other people from my bank can use their debit cards and access their accounts.

Huh. Why can’t I??? I try to use my card over the weekend, and I tell the cashier, I don’t think it will work, but I would like to see what happens. It comes back “DO NOT APPROVE”. Well, what the hell?! Can I go to the bank on the weekend? No. Can I go to the bank first thing on Monday? No, of course not. I have a meeting and a course and a course and… GAH!

But I got to the bank by 4:00 (left work/course early) and I was ready to yell and scream and cry and beg and I just wanted to know why I had been cancelled!! Turns out I used my card somewhere they believe had “compromised” my card and it might be cloned. Ooo. The only place I used it was at my Pharmacy Thursday night. So I mentioned to the bank teller (who was SUPER nice and friendly and rocked!) that it would be nice if they could, you know, PHONE people to let them know their card was voided due to this kind of situation. Apparently I should have been phoned on Friday, yet no call. They even had the right phone number. Bah! But whatever, I have a shiney new bank card and my account was not invaded and I have money (though, you know, not a lot… I should have been like “But I should have 20 million dollars in there!! What do you mean I only have a grand left?!?!” ha! They wouldn’t know I was fibbing, right? Right?? 🙂

Meanwhile things with the apartment/landlord situation are not improving and it looks like we might end up in court. The illegal construction was completed and now we don’t really have a place to live as it’s been combined with the other place and well, mr landlord isn’t budging on his decision to move into our place. Lovely. He’s totally illegal and we’re out of a place to live for the meantime… who knows what will happen. I don’t want to talk about it too much because a) it’s distressing and b) if we’re going to court or whatever I don’t want to have anything called on due to internet blabbing or something. Just letting you know it sucks big time and I am unhappy and tired and i just want a place of my own. So, I am now letting you know I am taking donations to the Buy Cat & Shawn a House Fund… I will accept donations in $1000 denominations. Thank you. You can email me to find out where to send your grand or more. 😀

In the Good News area… Shawn and I went to a movie on Saturday night. We saw the Gridiron Gang because… THE ROCK IS FREAKING HOT!! *drool* But I would like to say that even aside from the Rock’s Hotness *swoon* the movie is awesome. It’s very well done and acted and THEROCKISHOT I was seriously impressed with the movie in its entirety. And I really liked what happened in the end. so, yeah. Go see it.

And you know… *drool*

this week’s a bitch and so am i

Between work and the cold and the aggrivated digestive problems (due to the huge amounts of distress last week) I have not been able to do anything fun. No blog posting (other than my little blurb about the awful shooting at Dawson College on Wednesday), no playing on neopets (much), no visiting and commenting on other blogs (except to bug Cindy-Lou because it’s in my nature, like breathing).

What a rough and sucky week. I am tired (not sleeping due to coughing all stupid night, and then when the coughing stops? my stomach revolts and I spend the rest of the time in the bathroom, fun stuff!) and I am sick and I really, really want time off. Like, a month or six.

I suppose it is just as well that I don’t have time to post anything since I don’t really have anything to say. The rest of the Upper Canada Village trip photos should be up this weekend, but other than that? Nada.

Situation with apartment/landlord not resolved. Don’t know what’s happening with that.

I am missing my grandfather’s 94th birthday dinner because Shawn and I are sick and the last thing we want to do is make HIM sick for his birthday. Happy birthday, Poppop, here are some Germs of Yore! (They are Germs of Yore because we got them while wandering around Upper Canada Village which is filled with yore and yesteryear and whatnot). Yeah, so not the best gift ever. His actual birthday is on the 19th (Tuesday). I’ll make sure we see him at some point next week when we’re hopefully better.

11:00 a.m. and I don’t want to be at work anymore. Break over. Work time, yo!