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    weekend away: upper canada village

    Well, it’s been a couple of weeks, but I finally managed to edit and upload the rest of the photos from our weekend away. In case you missed the first instalment, just click and you can relive it again. Whee! Have to warn you I didn’t take many photos, nor are they that interesting. I think had the weather been better I would have been a little more camera happy, but as it was it was freezing and raining and not very inspiring. One thing that really amused me were the plethora of Canadian geese all along the roads. I wanted to stop and take a picture, but it’s a…

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    my day

    Went to turn on my (NEW!) iPod Nano this morning and it wouldn’t work. It seriously had better only be a battery issue or I am going to storm Apple and smack all the employees with a dead fish. A stupid tiny baby in a bigass stroller SCREAMED for 6 stops on le metro this morning. And I mean ear bleeding screams. I could not drown it out as I had NO iPod to listen to. I was ready to get up and toss the stupid child out of the metro car at the next stop when they finally got off le metro at Atwater. I hate babies. My day…

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    to all (beta)blogger bloggers

    I can’t seem to post comments.. espcially on Amy’s blog. So please don’t think I don’t love you, because I do. But unless you have haloscan or a normal blogger blog, I can’t comment. Don’t know why. PS – today sucks big time. I hate everything and everyone. (except of course for the ones that I love, as mentioned in the above paragraph).

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    2006 has chewed me up and spat me out

    *deep breaths* I wish people wouldn’t ask me how my weekend was, because telling them “fine” is just a downright lie and I can’t lie to people. But then again, do they really want to know all the awful crap going on in my life right now? Sure they don’t. So don’t ask me about my weekend, ok? Just move along and walk away and leave me the hell alone. That being said.. here’s a run down of some of the events…. Friday – payday! – I go to log into my internet banking site and can’t. Fine. It must be down, I can deal. Try throughout the day, nada.…

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    this week’s a bitch and so am i

    Between work and the cold and the aggrivated digestive problems (due to the huge amounts of distress last week) I have not been able to do anything fun. No blog posting (other than my little blurb about the awful shooting at Dawson College on Wednesday), no playing on neopets (much), no visiting and commenting on other blogs (except to bug Cindy-Lou because it’s in my nature, like breathing). What a rough and sucky week. I am tired (not sleeping due to coughing all stupid night, and then when the coughing stops? my stomach revolts and I spend the rest of the time in the bathroom, fun stuff!) and I am…