i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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Kudos to Fire Fox 2.0 for including a spell checker so that if I make a mistake it automatically underlines it in red. Very helpful since my blogging program doesn’t have one AND the plug in won’t work on my server. So I kind of like the spell checking.

BUT… the only two Fire Fox add ons that I use? THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE! Gah! That sucks big time. The Bloglines Toolkit which would stick a little B in the bottom right corner of the screen that would have a little red dot on it when one of my feeds would update was great. I had instant access to the blog that updated. Now? I have no clue. I have to bookmark my blog feeds and remember to check it throughout the day so I don’t miss any late breaking news.

The only other add on I used was the Neopets Toolbar. Which was awesome because I had quick access links to things that I wanted and I new knew when I had messages waiting. But it doesn’t work with 2.0. Bummer.

But I really, really like the spell checker. 🙂

monday morning musings

I broke down and went to Timmy Ho’s this morning. They got MY order right. That made me happy. But I was still there a really long time waiting for my tea. Why? Well, the lady in front of me was a nutjob. She was either from out of town or (and?) had never been to a Tim Horton’s before. So she orders a “french cappuccino” from the girl at the register. The girl repeats “one French Vanilla Cappuccino” and the lady freaks out, NO! Not French Vanilla, a FRENCH CAPPUCCINO. The girl blinks and says, we have french vanilla or English Toffee. “Fine, English Toffee” *huff* she pays and goes to stand on the side to wait for her drink. I order, fast and efficiently and wait behind her. She then starts yelling at the guy making the beverages, “what are you doing? I don’t want flavoured coffee. I want a cappuccino! Put the cream on the side! Don’t put sugar in it! I can’t have sugar!” So the poor guy dumps her drink and starts again.. and again she starts to huff. Finally she says “FINE! What kind of FRENCH coffees do you have?” He says “we have French Vanilla” She then asked what kind of GOURMET coffees they had since he didn’t know what she was talking about.

Um, hello? Tim Hortons? Gourmet? Yeah, not exactly synonomous. The guy was all “we have decaf or regular coffee” *snort* HAHAH! So she took a large black regular coffee and huffed away. Retard.

[UPDATE] Tim Hortons.. think Dunkin’ Donuts a la Canadian style.


So I started that this morning.. since then.. I have been to French class, almost puked in the class and passed out from pain and then got back to the office 15 mins ago and phoned my GI’s office to make an appointment. I started off with “Hi, I generally make my June appointment this time of year, but I would really like to see Dr. W earlier since I am having a pretty bad time” and the really nice lady said “Oh, but we’re booking January now”. I replied with “January? Like, 2007??” And she said yes and said I could have an appointment on January 9th. “Like, 2007? and not 2008? So in, like, TWO MONTHS?” Yes. wooty woot!! That is AMAZING! Seriously, I was totally expecting April, ok? It’s been that bad the last 10 years and it was getting worse. I can not believe it’s only a two month wait. Assuming I still have whatever the problem is then it’s pretty cool. If I am better, whatever, I will tell him what was wrong, see if I can get an appointment for a scope (if I think I need one, because it’s not really my idea of a fun and exciting time) and then make my June appointment to renew my pills after I see him. If I am still having these problems by then, all the better. It’s only two months away. They will most likely phone and reschedule me at least once, because that happens all the time when I need to see him. But still… January, people. This is great!

I am half tempted to make an appointment with my GP as well, although she’ll just tell me to make an appointment with the GI, so I don’t know. We’ll see how bad I get. After thinking I was going to die in a movie theatre bathroom yesterday afternoon I figure, I need to see someone.

And other than that? I just have this to say: Weddings are NOT just an excuse to invite all your family to a huge karaoke party, ok? And one does not need to listen to recording upon recording of your friends and family singing karaoke tunes. Play the damn original song already. Really. Dude.

i think i am dying and there are spiders falling on my head

That pain is back. I am having serious intestinal problems and pain and I feel pukey. But that’s not the worst of it….


The fear of spiders that I have is very huge and now they are dropping from the ceiling onto my head and body. It started earlier this week with one. Yesterday it was a couple.. now there are MORE. They’ve got the exterminator coming in because I can’t work with spiders dive bombing me.

[UPDATE] Still feeling pukey. But the spiders? They have been attacked with bug spray courtesy of the University’s Exterminator Guy. I certainly hope this keeps them away. I currently feel like there are little itty bitty bugs crawling all over me and in my hair. *shudder*

didn’t i blow your mind this time? didn’t i?

I have a New Kids song in my head and I don’t know why. Something must have triggered it. Either way. STOP IT! GO AWAY! SHOO!

help!! evil needs candy too!!

So the other day I was on the metro, right? And I was sitting there in the morning all half asleep listening to my nano and thinking, why do I have to go to work everyday? And all sorts of other Monday morning thoughts… and there across from me, when I finally opened my eyes, was this girl and this girl had the awesomest bag ever. My awesome Snoopy bag is starting to fall apart and it’s a little too small for the winter, so I wanted to find something similar. And, lo!

evil needs candy too

I need this bag. Not only is it awesome it is also PURPLE and has candy on it. Thing is I can’t seem to find it anywhere other that the site that I swiped this image from… and that’s in the UK and will only take orders by fax. I think the designer is Fine Clothing or Mighty Fine or something and that website is down for revamping or whatnot. The artist is Roman Dirge but his site doesn’t have a sales thing.. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! GAH! I want this bag. I WANT IT! But I can’t seem to get it anywhere. BAH! I just have to track down that chickie one morning and mug her and steal her bag. After all… it would be evil, right?