i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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birthday pup

Our little Jinx is a Big Boy today. Today Jinx is the big 2!

big boys don't like their photo taken

I think he looks thrilled, don’t you?

You will forever be a puppy, no matter how old you get. Age is just a number and doesn’t reflect your actions in the least. You’re a wonderful little boy who still squats to pee so you can be just like Annie and Sassy because they are So Cool. You’re our little Lappie crossed with Beaver because you carry around wood in any form, twig, branch, fire log, poles from the garden. You love anything wood. Thank goodness you’ve stopped using our coffee table leg as a chew toy – I think it helped that it was in storage for 8 months and therefore out of sight, out of mind and mouth.

You’ve pulled on Annie’s tail so much since you’ve been around that it’s a pathetic little excuse for a tail and you’re really lucky Annie puts up with so much because you know how sharp her teeth are and how fast her jaw is when she wants you to just GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE! Although that never really deters you for long… you’re back at her a day or so later.

Can I have that pretzel now? Huh? Can I?

You’re still lighter than Annie… but then again she’s a tad overweight. Although when she first came to live with us I still think she had a few pounds on you. I don’t think you’ll ever be a Big Dog, but you’re certainly fluffy enough. It’s been awesome watching you grow up from that little 4 month old pup who romped around our back yard in Verdun the day before our wedding. A couple of things haven’t changed a bit – your tail has never stopped wagging and your eyes have always had that sweet and loving look to them. Your facial expressions have never changed from day one… although you’ve learned a few new ones when you want to get your own way.

You’ve found your voice and I think it even startles you when you back deep and long. You sound like a much bigger doggie than you actually are. We won’t tell anyone who tries to break in though, we’ll just let them think you’re a Mastiff or Great Dane.

You answer to many names, mostly because you just want to be loved by whomever is calling you. You’re our Jinxy, Winxish, Winxy, WinxyJinx, Billionaire Jinx Puppy and more. And you’ll come even if we don’t call you but just look at you in a certain way… or if we have food.

We love you, little pup.

Happy birthday, Winxy!!


Since I am such a computer geek and an email addict, I keep my personal email webmail open at work. I check it often. Yes, I am a loser, shut up. But today? All I am getting is SPAM. GAH! I am sick of spam.. sick sick sick! No personal mail to me today. Apparently no one loves me. But the spammers? I am like totally their new BFF.

Go away, spam. I do not want you. I do not like you. I do not like you in a boat, I do not like you on a goat. Very sick of you I am!

[Feel free to email me today if you’re bored. :)]

february 27, 2007

My Measure Day is actually the 30th of the month. Since there isn’t a February 30th and I don’t think I will be able to make it to the gym the rest of this week, I made sure I got it out of the way today.

Here are the results:

Weight – 168 (extra ugh – that’s 4 above last month)
Body Fat % – 35.8% (same)
Bust – 41 (-2.25)
Waist – 36.75 (-1)
Abdomen – 40 (-2.75)
Hips – 42.25 (-.75)
Thigh – 24.5 (-1.25)
Arm – 13 (-.5)

So I didn’t go down in weight obviously, but I went down in INCHES which I guess it the better. And to think I was feeling all disgusting and bloated today. Woo!

what is welcome tax, you ask?

Well… rather than a fruit basket or a card you have to fork over a wad of cash to your new town/city.

Many people have thought that the expression ?Welcome tax? was really meant to welcome new buyers. However, you can be sure that it is in honor of Minister Bienvenue. (Bienvenue means welcome in English)

That little quote came from here. You can read more about the wonder that is welcome tax and be thankful that you don’t live in Quebec. (Not sure if the rest of Canada has it?)

And in other news… WHY doesn’t it leave a space between my blockquote and my next paragraph?? GAH! That drives me crazy! I can’t even get it to work if I change the code. Someone help me!!

weekends should be longer than 2 days

According to The Weather Network, it’s supposed to be 7°C on Friday. They are always way off for anything 5 days away, but it would be nice if once March starts that we go above zero in temperature. By the end of March last year we hardly had any snow left and it was above zero during the day. I remember, you remember a lot when you have to stand there and watch your building burn.

It would also be nice if the snow was mostly gone by the end of March this year and especially by Easter in April, because no one like to move furniture and boxes in the snow.

I don’t feel like writing anything or talking about anything but still here I am. I guess this is pretty much a filler post. If I talk about anything else about the house or stuff I will lose the damn thing I just know it, so mum’s the word for the next few weeks. At least until the last i is dotted and the last t crossed anyhow.

We bought a stove yesterday. So I’ll be able to bake again soon. Yay. It’s got a flat top, too. What can I say? We’ve been spoiled living here for a year. Yes ours is on the low end of the models and not as fancy or expensive as the one here right now, but it’s still exciting. Next week we should be going to upgrade our bed purchase from Queen to King because it is very possible that by next weekend we’ll have someplace to tell them to deliver it to. You never know though.

We almost bought a $3000, 7-piece dining room set for $999 yesterday, but then decided to wait. Sales will always come along and right now we’re very close to being out of money. Still have taxes and welcome taxes and notaries to pay.

I still feel like crap and I am hoping that this home thing foesn’t fall through so that I can take those two weeks off like I was planning. I need that time off. Or all of this will kill me and I guess I can rest then, right? I am having a lot of depression/anxiety problems and am actually that the point where I think some of it might not be situational anymore so I am going to keep a close eye on it and then decide if I want to phone my psychiatrist’s office. I haven’t seen him in almost 4 years. We’ll see.

According to my MRI results… I have to be followed up every 6 months to make sure these things on my liver don’t change. Well, if they change in one way (get smaller/go away) it would appear that the birth control hormones are bad news. So in order to figure that out I have to stay off them for 6 months and then wait to find out if I can go back on. I am hoping I CAN because I am suffering big time not being on these particular pills. Hell, my hair is falling out in clumps – more so than usual and I am terrified more than ever that I will end up bald. By August I might not have any hair left. I’m already almost eye-lash-less. 🙁 I should just pull a Britney and shave my head. But it’s still too cold out and I rather like what little purple and pink hair I still have.

Anyhow, if they change in any other way other than getting smaller, I can still take the pills because it’s obviously not that and then I get to have a fun biopsy. Woo.

OK, that’s it. I’m done. I think I’ll take a nap while the clothes are washing.