i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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house pests guests!

Now that we have a house, we should have people over. At least that’s what other people with houses seem to do. In no way are we professional entertainers or even remotely into dinner parties… but for close friends, we’ll let them in. We can be nice once in a while.

So this weekend Monkey is staying with us… well, sort of, she’s not here right now, but she will be. And then she’ll be over on Wednesday to watch ANTM with me. Whee!

And last night we had Ravi over as well and we put some meat on the Barbie and ate and played Cranium and then went out to Stogies for cigars and martini’s. My only problem with all of that was the awful migraine that was threatening to burst my left eye (especially at the bar, which was unlike it’s normal mellow, quite place and full of freakin’ parties and really… REALLY loud music… especially if you have a migraine.)


Jinx was quite enamoured with Monkey.


Especially when she had cheese.

Annie? Not so sure…

this could be a trap...

The boys got into a little tiff over the BBQing.

I'm the man! No. I'm the man!

Shawn won.

I missed out on taking photos of the actual dinner spread (I blame the migraine) but I did get a shot of the men cleaning up…

why did you want me to bend over, again?

Monkey and I just sat and looked pretty while that was happening.

And Jinx wanted everyone to know he was pretty, too. Or rugged and manly…


One everything was (mostly) cleaned and put away, we broke out the Cranium! (Which we bought right before the fire in 2006 and never opened until last night. Do you KNOW how long we looked to find one copy of that game IN ENGLISH? And do you know how FRUSTRATED I was when we finally found and and before we could play it the freakin’ building caught on fire! Grrr!)

Once Monkey read us the rules…

All sorts of hilarity ensued…

their's is a special kind of relationship

Monkey and I whupped their bottoms of course.

So once that was over and done with, we tried for a group shot and this was the best of the bunch:

Ravi obviously looks that happy because of where his hand is placed. This was not an easy shot to get.

good grief

As you can see. 🙂

Once that was out of the way, and before we all went to get prettied up for our night out, I made the men carry a heavy object up the stairs because I thought they should do something productive and to build some character.


I can now unpack my faeries and stereo now that this is in the room I want it in. Booyah!

Stay tuned for the rest of our evening!


It’s funny, now that we actually have our computers set up on desks and not on the couch, I am not on it as much these days. Yes there is a bunch of stuff to do in the new house that keeps me offline more, and work is always uber busy so I don’t have time to blog or anything during the day (unless I can sneak on in my little 5 min breaks every so often). But the amount of things I wanted to write about just take up so much time and I don’t seem to have any. A person does need to (try to) sleep every once in a while… and with the computers two floors below the bedroom, if I am up sick or unable to sleep, I tend to not wander down to the basement to hang out online.

All this time away from the computer is probably good for me, but I have to admit it’s a little bit of a bother!

I’m posting so infrequently it’s like I’m trying to be Cindy-Lou. heh.

the sun through the clouds

Thank GOD for today.. it is currently 20°C and sunny. Yay!

(for you American’s that is 68°F.)

week from hell

If I survive and if I have both the time and the energy I will try to recap my awful week this weekend.

My one saving grace? I get to see Marcel tomorrow! Wooo! I am making him breakfast!

i have a lot to say!

Just no time to write it. I have been trying to write a stupid post for ages… but work is in the way! I will try tonight!!