i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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truly outrageous

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you take the good, you take the bad

The only GOOD news I received all week was the phone message from my vet, yesterday afternoon saying that Annie was OK. The lump was just a cyst and NOT MALIGNANT. Thank goodness!

Annie is OK and will be OK. Yay.

I just wish that the rest of the week had turned out the same way. Yesterday afternoon my favourite Aunt (and my Godmother) passed away. She is in Panama. Early February she felt sick and by March they had diagnosed her with Multiple Meyloma, a form of cancer. Three months. Three months!

When I am feeling a little bit better I am going to write a post just for her. But not right now. I just hope she’s finally at peace.

innocent punster

Just moments ago…

NEWS GUY ON TV: blah, blah, coming up on tonight’s news more information about the robbery of the bagel shop

ME: Why the hell would some one ever think to rob a bagel shop? It really doesn’t strike me as the first place someone would think of as rolling in… money. Oh my gosh, swear I was just about to say “rolling in dough” but it would be, wouldn’t it? Rolling in dough?


Shawn loves me for my totally unintentional puns. That first thought was really genuine and I wasn’t even TRYING to be funny. I was seriously about to say “rolling in dough”.


One copy of Disney’s Fantasia Anniversary Edition DVD. I was pretty sure I had lent it to my father, but apparently I didn’t. And this would have been before the fire, and possibly in 2005. But he does not have it, so I guess my memory is failing me. But I KNOW I bought it when it came out and I lent it to someone. And I rarely lend out movies – TV series box sets, sure, but those are few and far between and easy to keep track of. Movies? I don’t have many and those I do, I don’t generally lend out.

So now I guess I just have to chalk it up to a loss and remember to buy it when it is next released. And since I think they release Disney movies every 10 years or more, I’ll be waiting for a while. *sigh*

I really wanted to watch it this past weekend, too.

[TINY EDIT : I don’t really want to BUy another copy since I know mine is out there somewhere! *wink* If I buy it then it’ll just happen to be returned! Such is life, yo!]

is it fair?

For the transit company to whole the entire city hostage while undergoing contract negotiations? Because they are pissed off about a ONE YEAR wage freeze? ONE YEAR? Do they care how much money we dole out to PAY for the PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION that is mostly SUCKY and yet one of our only means of GETTING AROUND?

I’m all for fair and just negotiations, but hell. They make more that I do and I paid for my bus pass and yes, I have a lift most of the time and I am (un)lucky enough to travel during rush hour so I can partake of the limited transportation during the week. But really. This is stupid and UNFAIR. And although it is only DAY TWO, both sides have stated they are willing to let this going on as long as it takes.

They were just on strike like, three years ago. And what did we get for that? A FIVE DOLLAR REBATE for the month that was lost. FIVE DOLLARS gets you ONE round trip … TWO BUS TICKETS (not anymore, of course, because they upped that price). So It used to cost me $61 for my bus pass and they gave me back $5. Oh! Don’t forget how just this past November they reduced the $65 pass by TWO BUCKS as another compensation for that strike. So really, we got SEVEN DOLLARS back from that entire ordeal. What saints.