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one week!

Yep, it’s been that long since I posted. Wow.

Marked: A House of Night Novel (a.k.a. I am a sucker for teenage witches (or vampires, as the case may be) Erm… no pun intended!)

Marked : A House of Night Novel
by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

While the rest of the world was busy reading the final Harry Potter novel this weekend, I was contentedly devouring a couple of YA fantasy novels which I picked up last Wednesday. Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper I have had an obsession for Teen Witch type books. Not, mind you the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series, or idea, never liked that one. The best and my most favourite was a trilogy by LJ Smith (The Initiation, The Captive, The Power) which I still have on my bookshelf and reread about once a year.

Oh, boy oh boy did I want to be a witch and have magical powers when I was growing up. To be able to light a candle with your mind and seriously feel the elements as you invoked them. But alas, Fate did not have any cool magical abilities in store for me, so I sit here a normal human who lives vicariously through fictional characters.

I picked up this novel for a couple of reasons…

  • Crescent moon on the cover. I am a sucker for crescent moons.
  • The girl has a purple eye (which is odd because they say her eyes are hazel in the story and don’t mention anything about them turning purple, and I am convinced that the girl on the cover is Keri Russell… but whatever).
  • I liked the title and how it’s all snuggled up to the crescent moon.

Then I read the back of the book and was even more convinced that I was taking it home with me. Based on the summary I read I was totally surprised with the actual plot of the book. I often enjoy when authors take a stab at lore alterations. Sometimes it works, most of the time it flops. But in this case… Vampires are not created by biting a victim. It’s something that happens during puberty to some kids and they are “Marked”. They get this outline of a crescent moon on their forehead and off they go to the House of Night, a private school for Vampire fledglings. The school itself has some pretty awesome classes, I probably would have payed attention to school if I had horse riding lessons, fencing lessons and the sociology of vampires! Also no one knows how The Change picks its, um, victims? And the vampires aren’t all evil and murderous. It’s a nifty way to combine cool vamp stuff with normal every day teen lit.

And what hooked me even more and gave me this little whirl of excitement in the pit of my stomach is that these vamps (or fledglings) have witch-like powers. They invoke the 5 elements in their circle (wind, fire, water, air and spirit), say little prayer/spell things to their goddess, and seem to have magical powers. A combination of vampire and witch! Awesome!

There is also some Cherokee lore thrown in there as the main character’s (Zoey) grandmother is Cherokee. The authors have somehow woven Cherokee beliefs into the Vampire lore and it works pretty well, I’d say.

What I didn’t know was that this isn’t a stand alone book. I was up until nearly midnight last night reading with a fervor when I suddenly noticed there were only about 4 pages left and there certainly wasn’t going to be any closure any time soon! Oh, how frustrated I was to see that there will be a second book out in FALL 2007! Do you have any idea how vague FALL 2007 is? How I have to live with the frustration of not knowing what will happen to Zoey and her friends for another 2-4 months?! Curses!

I loved the characters (most of them), I loved the dialogue and the humour. The dialogue and narration was very well written and I could actually here 16 year olds talking. There were even pop culture-type references (the girls in the dorm were watching America’s Next top Model) a few comments here and there that made it obvious the story was taking place in 2007 (or maybe 2006?).

The book combines three of my weaknesses when it comes to YA lit… a teenage girl trying to fit in, magic and vampires. How could I not buy this book? How can I not buy the second installment (Betrayed) when it comes out in FALL 2007?? There is even a crescent moon on the cover of the second book. It calls to me. I can once again dream of being chosen as the odd girl out to wield magical powers and be the one to save the world. How awesome is that?

I have two other witchy-type books to read left. Wicked and Wicked 2, and they are both about 600+ pages. (Well, jeepers! I can’t even find them on Amazon to link them up! I’ll have to edit this when I get home and search by ISBN.) I am not sure if I will start on them or tackle Harry Potter. I think I can safely start Harry Potter since I think I am finally in the mood for it and I can be happy with not having read it the first weekend it came out. I am not a follower and to be honest I didn’t really care that it was coming out. But that is just me.

EDIT:: Woo! And here’s the cover for the second book! I can’t wait!


House of Night

  1. Marked
  2. Betrayed
  3. Chosen
  4. Untamed
  5. Hunted – Gave up because 5-9 were hard cover, also they started sucking 🙁
  6. Tempted
  7. Burned
  8. Awakened
  9. Destined
  10. ??

weekends are too short to have spent that much money

Ahh, the weekend. Today is Sunday, the official last day of my week off from work. As sad as I am I am quite refreshed and content by this past week mostly due to the amount of time I got to spend with Shawn. Yeah, I know, blah, blah, blah, mush, mush. But it’s true, so you’ll all just have to suck it up and deal with it. And I have missed him more than I thought I would these past 2 months of him on night shift!

This weekend was quite packed with things to do and none of them were planned. Yesterday was a totally unplanned stop into BestBuy where we bought… a Dyson of all things. (And I am apparently the only person in the world who has NOT seen the TV commercials for this thing. I don’t watch a lot of TV, ok!) And a little over $600 later we have a working vacuum cleaner. I know some of you out there know the wonders of this machine. And honestly it was not in the plans to buy it. Two weeks ago we went to Sears in search of bags for the vacuum I already have, but they are obsolete, but the helpful clerks (after trying to sell us the Dyson!) finally found the bags (trust me, they are HARD to find!) and we came home happy to have only spent $6.99 rather than $700 on our trip. But, lo! The stupid vacuum cleaner still doesn’t work. It’s been killed numerous times with Finnish Lapphund fur (and from the Kewpie-era!) and after it made a strange noise yesterday morning, and Shawn spent about 30 minutes pulling fur out of the tube with a hanger… Well. So I said “Hey, why not run to BestBuy and make a purchase we can’t really afford but we need so I’ll stick it on my mastercard and have it paid off in two months”. Off we went. It is certainly worth it, I tell you.

Then at night Shawn and I went to Pub St-Paul for our belated anniversary dinner. We generally love this place, but last night was crap. Too busy, too crowded and awful food. Plus they moved us from one table to another and Shawn never got a placemat or a knife! (I had to ask for a knife for him! Sheesh!)

After we wandered around Old Montreal and then met up with Monkey to watch the fireworks. You can see the entire night’s worth of photos if you CLICK HERE. And for now, a teaser…

OK, so I should go run and put on something appropriate for company as Monkey and Ravi will be here in minutes to go to lunch with Shawn and I. I can’t go out in a baggy tanktop (that makes me look like I have Old Woman Boobage) and cut off flannel jammie pants. I just hope today doesn’t turn out to be as expensive as yesterday!!

The Possibility of Fireflies (a.k.a: It made me cry like I knew it would, which makes it a good book!)

The Possibility of Fireflies by Dominique Paul

The Possibility of Fireflies
by Dominique Paul

One of the main reasons that I love Young Adult novels so much is that when I was a Young Adult myself, I had a lot of angst and depression and I would read all sorts of books where the main character would be suffering as I suffered. Since I was a little girl I had always had trouble with “friends”. I was that girl that was bullied and tormented psychologically and yet was shy and naive and just wanted to be loved. When you get older and people change, friendships get lost in the chaos of new schools, new bodies, puberty, etc.. One of my most favourite books of all time is Thirteen by Candice F. Ransom. (First thought : Yay! She has a website! Second thought: Gah! It doesn’t work in Firefox!) That particular book hit close to home as the main character not only looked like me on the cover, but was going through the difficulty of being the clumsy, odd girl and growing apart from her best friend. The book was released in 1990 and although I have plans to write a post dedicated to that book by itself, I wanted to introduce it as the novel that got me hooked on angsty Young Adult coming of age stories.

Ellie is a fourteen year old girl living with her older sister and drunk of a mother in Maryland somewhere. The story follows Ellie through her final days in school before the summer holiday starts in June. Her mother is abusive and states hourly how much she doesn’t want her children, her sister has fallen in with the wrong crowd and then Leo appears out of nowhere, staying with his folks across the street. Leo is 20 and in a band and is instantly taken by Ellie (but not in that creepy older guy hitting on younger girl way).

There isn’t much of a way of action in the story, just what goes on in Ellie’s head. In the end she makes her choice and manages to escape it all and I swear I cried for the last 25 pages of this book as Ellie spreads her wings and flies away.

The book was short and a very quick read and though I have read better written books I loved it for what it was. Who Ellie was. And I love the title because how can you not see hope in the possibility of fireflies?

i don’t completely resent my parents for my lack of trust fund… not really

It is with a heavy heart that I must return to work on Monday morning. Heavy because I have quite enjoyed my week off gallivanting around with Shawn. Starting Monday I am back to only seeing him for about 30-40 minutes in the mornings, still too sleepy and grumpy to really appreciate him. I am so not a morning person. I then get to have perhaps a 5-20 minute conversation with him some time around 12:45 a.m. when he gets home from work and comes into the bedroom to change. It is rare that I don’t wake up when he comes in the room, being the light sleeper that I am, but I am not always fully alert and often will fall back asleep rather than hold a conversation.

Still, it would be nice to have that trust fund and just get to putter around every day. I could get used to that you know.

This week, though short, was just a relaxing week full of adventure as we would drive around and about and just be together. Not to mention all the fun of my barium x-ray at the start of the week. Woo and hoo!

Monday at work will be full of file purging and packing as we are moving our office to the New Building the following Monday. My boss, the awesome person that she is, has been purging our files all week and won’t be in the office for the first two days and our Big Boss will only be in the office on Wednesday, in-between his vacation and leaving for a conference. So we’ll be packing our offices and his for Monday. Looks as though I’ll be working all next weekend, but I don’t mind it because I know that we’ll have quite a few laughs as stressed as we will be and as awful as the work will be. I enjoy working with these two people more than I think I ever have working with anyone. Makes up for the fact that I don’t like the actual work. Hmm.

Although I didn’t get to the emails I had wanted to reply to or write and I didn’t exactly go post crazy on here, I did manage to sneak in a few hours here and there on the computer. I did get some work done (yes, I know, work on my holiday? For shame!) and I discovered a couple of great new blogs which I hope to keep up with (we all know I probably won’t since I can’t even keep up with the ones I read now! Jolynn! I miss you! I am so sorry I haven’t been around lately!!). And even with my neglect of all things cyber-y, I bit the proverbial bullet and started a book blog called Beyond Books. It’s all linked up on my sidebar over there *points* and I hope to do it proud.

My good friend Kyle is now an official graduate of the RCMP and he is one of the many people to whom I desperately owe an email *sheepish wave* and yet I still have yet to be able to get myself into email-mode. I am such a lazy person when it comes to email these days. I used to be the Queen of Correspondence, but these last few years, I just can’t seem to settle down enough to write anything to anyone. I am even slacking off big time in the sending birthday cards department. Bad me! *slaps wrist*

Well it’s almost 5:00 p.m. and Shawn is on his way to work and I think I will go back upstairs and pick up one of the 5 new books I bought myself this week at the bookstore. I should have just come home and started reading right away that day rather than go see Harry Potter 5 which was about as fun as watching paint dry. *yawn* Ah, well, it’s now crossed off my list and I can go on with the rest of my life and pretend it never happened. I know the last book comes out… tonight? at midnight and I will not be there in a line waiting for my copy. I will get my copy in about 2 years when it’s out in paperback in the US as all my other copies are the mass market US versions. I like those covers better and the fact that there is a little picture before each chapter, makes it much more childish for me and therefore more fun!

Ok, enough fritting around on the internet, I am off to the main floor to look out the windows at the rain and possibly read a book about a 14 year old girl and the summer she grows up which will undoubtedly make me cry. But that’s ok, it’s a good sort of cry.