i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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hi, remember me?

It really wasn’t my plan to not post anything this month. Seems it just worked out that way. Dude, it’s OCTOBER on Monday! When the heck did that happen?

So some updates…

Health : I finally had a GI appointment that wasn’t canceled! Seems the doc is leaning strongly towards the Crohn’s Disease route. The barium x-ray from July didn’t show “anything significant” and he didn’t believe them so he told them to analyze it again. But alas, nothing. But my blood tests and my other lovely symptoms (which I’ll spare you out of politeness) are a pretty good indicator that it’s Crohn’s. So I get to have a stomach scope on October 16. Whee! Fun! (It actually isn’t that bad. No awful preparation, just fasting.) As I was doing a little research of my own after last week’s appointment (I was looking fort dietary information) I noticed that the fevers I have been getting frequently since the summer could very well be connected to THIS. I had no idea. I didn’t even mention it at the appointment because I didn’t think it would be useful. So I’ll mention it when I go on the 16th.

Meanwhile, I have been so very unwell this past week and am quickly fading away with the pain and the um, other stuff. I’m tired, not sleeping well (I should just sleep in the bathroom) and in pain almost every day. The eating thing isn’t so hot, but I’m trying. I’m not losing weight in drastic measures, but I know it’s coming off a bit, I can see it in my face and arms and shoulders. My stomach is constantly bloated or swollen so I can’t tell with my pants. If they can diagnose it as something at least they’ll know what they can do to treat it / control it. As long as I have “nothing” I have to keep suffering. Sigh.

Although this week wasn’t all bad news! Aside from working crazy, crazy because of our conference next week, I did have one shiny happy moment!

Jill came to visit! YAY!

Me and jill!

Here we are in my living room about to leave the house. Jill met me at work on Wednesday and stayed over that night. We made fajitas, ate salt & vinegar popcorn while watching ANTM and then played Karaoke Revolution until midnight! Wheee! I took Thursday morning off and we played again until we had to leave. Heehee! I went off to work and Jill went off to meet her sister (Jill is up from California for her sister’s wedding today!) There is a slight possibility that she’ll be back here Sunday and Monday nights as well, but we’re playing that by ear. I hope she can stay with us though, I miss her so and had such a great time!

(She made the necklace I am wearing… and I have an awesome Jill-made ring, too!)

I am going to be working a lot this week – including some of next weekend. I’m going into work this weekend too, but I don’t think I am going today. I need a day to just do nothing and try to relax enough to help stop the pain. I do have to go to the pharmacy today and see how much all my new medication is going to cost. I now have to take weekly (?) B12 shots. I get to buy needles now. Heh. As well as other stuff.

Next weekend is Thanksgiving here. Wow. I love turkey. I hope I am well enough to eat it!

I think I shall change to my Halloween theme soon. It being October on Monday and all. (Half started. Not so sure about my images ;))

sweetie, you look like a bug

I just don’t get those huge sunglasses that take up your entire face. Really, I don’t. They are just stupid and ugly. Don’t these people have mirrors? Can’t they see how awful it looks?

gotta love casual fridays

My Snoopy t-shirt is telling the world “I feel MEAN today. Nobody better get in my way!”

And aren’t Halloween-sized chocolate bars the best? I love me my mini Kit-Kats. Yum!

i swear, i am still slightly interesting

I am just having some trouble actually finding time to do everything I need to do – and that includes posting.

Would help if I wasn’t sick, too.

test day

I am currently here doing this.

My test is at 2:00 this afternoon. I will also make sure to renew my learner’s permit since it expires at the end of the month and it’s not an easy commute to the SAAQ office. My parents (who are home after three weeks! yay!) are driving me today. As long as I pass this I can book the driving portion of the test, though I still need a lot of practice. Driving a maximum of 5 minutes a week isn’t really enough…

UPDATE: *One* freakin’ mistake! ONE! I am so miffed about that. And I actually had the right answer and then changed my mind at the last second. Bah! Anyhow, I suppose 1 wrong out of 36 isn’t so bad. 99%, yo!