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i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
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i am inept at being a girl

I have not owned a hair dryer since my early 20s. In fact the one I owned then, was from my early teens (if not late, um, pre-teen years) and was tiny and purple (shock!) and I hardly used it. When you have frizzy hair a hair dryer is not your friend. The lack of owning a hair dryer is baffling to many – especially the females.

For that matter I hardly own any makeup either. What I do have I use maybe three times a year. I have eyeliner (that was bought before my wedding), I have one tube of lipstick (that I can never find and don’t really wear it at all since lipstick never stays on), I bought mascara for the first time in years this summer and I have two little avon eyeshadow sticks (purple and pink).

Until the end of the summer I didn’t own a purse either. I have one of those now (the plaid red one) and it still bothers me to no end that I carry a purse. I am slowly turning into an old lady. *shudder*

After my last adventure in hairstyling, I have been cornered by women at work and told I should buy a hair straightener. I told them since I didn’t even have a hair dryer or big rolly brush, I wasn’t about to go out and get one and I doubted one would work like the work of Awesome Dan. A co-worker brought me two of her hair straighteners to try out myself. I attempted about 5-10 minutes yesterday morning out of curiosity and of course burned my forehead because I am inept that way. Though, I was happily surprised by the results from only a less than half-assed attempt at straightening.

So I took a little longer last night (in-between bouts of feeling ill) and voila! My hair though not as shiny and soft as it was after the professional styling was straight and non-frizzy looking.

Drat, now I need Santa to bring me a ceramic hair straightener for Christmas. I think I will need to help Santa shop for one though since Santa tends to shave his head and don’t know much about hair stylin’ products.

Next thing you know I’ll be out there buying frilly undies and stinky perfume and care about what’s in style this season. I don’t like that.

74 days

Our bags aren’t packed, but we’re ready to go. The flight is booked as well as the hotel. Come February we’ll finally be on our way.

wooty woot!

weekend roundup

While today I have been flip-flopping between feeling sick to my stomach and feeling drugged so that I have to sleep, yesterday Shawn and I brought lunch over to my grandparents’ place and spent some of the afternoon with them. My parents had gone to Vermont for the US long weekend (insane! :)) and so with the weather being as miserable as it is and the sidewalks and streets being icy hell, we thought it would be nice to let my grandparents stay indoors.

I missed out on the photo opportunity at my Poppop’s birthday in September so I made sure Shawn snapped our photo this time.

I had to poke my Poppop repeatedly to get him to giggle so he would smile. heehee! It worked though!

I also tried to snap my photo with the painting they have over their couch – which they have had over their couch since forever (even in their house when I was a kid). That painting is as much a part of my family as a human being. 😉 The photo didn’t work out so well though (and when I had Shawn take one from farther away I looked way too fat. Ugh.)

I love that painting.

And then as we were leaving (lunch made my tummy a little rumbly so we had to leave earlier than I had hoped) I got my Nana to pose with me for one of my self-portraits. hee!

I love my Nana!

When we got home I took a nap (who is the old person again??) and then Shawn went and did some groceries (excitement galore!) and then we moved furniture around. My kitchen table is now in the dining room part of the room upstairs. The dishwasher (which is still waiting patiently to be installed under the counter) is now in the kitchen where the table was. I wanted it moved around so a) I could decorate my table and b) for something to do. I am still anxious as all get out about all this Christmas decorating stuff and I am OCD and anal retentive enough to want to have everything in it’s proper place. But I am trying very hard to not let it bother me as much as it has been. I’m working on it.

I did come to the decision that maybe it won’t be so bad if I fill my home with holiday love and family. I’ve managed to coerce Shawn into agreeing to a couple of dinner ideas over the holidays. We’re most likely having Monkey and Ravi over one night (though it’s not officially set in stone so I don’t get violently ill and have to cancel, heh) and I might have my parents and grandparents over. It’s important to me to have at least one memory of my grandparents (and parents!) over for Christmas in my new home. Growing up we always had Christmas at home and then at my grandparents’ home (I have always been very lucky to have them live just across town) and then when I moved out I would make it back to the south shore to have my two Christmasses again. Since they have been in their apartment we just do Christmas at my parents’ place and since I have always lived farther away that’s it. My sister has had Christmas morning at her house already, last year was my niece’s first Christmas and Shawn and I couldn’t make it, we’re going to try to get there this year since we’re just across town now. But this is MY first holiday in my own home and we’re not far from my family, so I would like to try to make at least one dinner for my parents and grandparents. We’re probably doing it the day after Christmas since my mom will be making turkey and whatnots for my sister’s family and my grandparents. I am not sure when Shawn and I are hitting his parents’ place, but it’s a little easier now that I am so close to my family – especially if I have THEM over. Ha!

So that’s the plan so far though it is a month away and a lot can happen in a month. Since I still don’t have a new date for my GI appointment that’s earlier than January 22 (ugh) I could be dead. Who knows! I am trying to be slightly more positive than that though. 😉

Oh, and after all that I meant to talk about what we did today. Not that it is all that exciting we just had to run around to buy wintery things that we didn’t realize we didn’t have anymore. One downside to living with the in-laws’ for a year after the fire – you don’t realize how much you’ve got to replace until you’re set up on your own and notice that you never found the things when you unpacked all the storage stuff. Only you don’t think about the wintery stuff when you’re unpacking things in, you know, May!

How was your weekend?

i got my hair did

And here are the rest…

Yes, there is no purple. I wanted something different, I didn’t know quite what I wanted and as I ended up quite bummed out by the appointment on Friday, I didn’t know what to expect once it was cut. But I have to say I really like it! I just need to see how it looks curly and natural.


If I get to the door first and hold it open for you as you walk through behind me do NOT just walk on by me and not take the door for me. I am NOT your personal door opener. I held the door because I feel it’s just rude to let it slam shut on you because I HATE it when people do that to me (which happens a lot). I did not hold the door for you to enable your innate laziness.

That’s why I didn’t hold the second door you moron, I just let it start to swing shut so you actually had to hold out your hand to catch it. Don’t mess with me, I hate inconsiderate people*.

* ok, so I really just hate all people in general, but I am trying to stress a point here.