i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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I am almost finished (and it was supposed to arrive a week AFTER the Kim Harrison book. Amazon 1. Chapigo 0.)

happy birthday, puppy

Today my little boy turns 3.

Seems like only yesterday he looked like this…

And now he’s all grown up.

There was a time he was smaller than Annie…

Now he’s the bigger of the two (though difficult to see in the photo below from tonight)

Happy birthday to our little Winx.

(Yes, I think my dogs are sticking their tongues out at the camera…)

Release my book, darnitall!!!

Dear chapters.indigo.ca,

GIVE ME MY BOOK! I pre-ordered the book on December 30, 2007 and it was released TODAY and in fact is in the STORES around town, but have you shipped mine yet? No. Does it look like you plan on shipping it any time soon? No. I had best have a “your order has been shipped” email by the end of today or at the latest tomorrow morning or I am cancelling this order and just going to pay the full price in the store. OR, I will buy the book in the store, read it and then return the one you finally send me. My only fear about that option is that you WON’T send the book for like, another month and I’ll be stuck with two copies.

Not that I don’t love Kim Harrison’s books. 🙂

Just ship my gosh darn book already! The only reason I bought it through you was because I had received gift certificates for Christmas and I had to shop at your store. Normally I shop on amazon.ca because they are much more efficient and don’t really suck as much as you do. And I can say that as I worked for your company for many years.

I want my KH book! Grrr!

Crankily yours,


[CrankyCat Update : Just got off the phone with Customer Service after inquiring as to WHY my order is STILL awaiting shipment and was told “oh! Well, we do have a ton in stock, I don’t know!” Helpful. So in approximately TWO BUSINESS DAYS I should be receiving an email with an “estimated time of arrival” so that perhaps that email will prompt the store to ship my order. Helpful. I know I should probably just cancel the order and walk the three blocks to the store near me and buy my very own copy since they have quite a few in stock. But I won’t. Why? Because I bought this one with a Gift Card AND it was almost $15 cheaper than the in-store price. I am not about to pay full Canadian price because that is STUPID and use my own money. But I want my bloody book. Bastards. I knew I disliked this company for a reason and not just because they treat most of their employees like crap.]

Coming soon to a bookshelf near me

Yippee! They are on their way! They are on their way!!

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon The Outlaw Demon Wails

A House of Night Novel

The Dave Barry / Ridley Pearson book and the Kim Harrison book should arrive by Wednesday. Chosen will arrive the first week of March as it is scheduled for release March 4th! Wahoooo!! I am so, so very excited about both the Kim Harrison and PC Cast books! I have been awaiting their arrival for so very, very long. The latest Peter Pan book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson I discovered while at Disney World as it was in one of the many stored we visited. However I wasn’t about to buy it there (even with our dollar being at par it worked out to be cheaper on amazon.ca).


Valiant, Holly Blackvaliant : A Modern Tale of Faerie
by Holly Black

There was something about this book that made me not want to put it down, though it wasn’t that I liked the book because I don’t think I did. As much as I liked tithe, I didn’t find the same sense of wonder with this novel.

I don’t think I liked the characters, though my mind is still not made up. The troll character, well, I had a hard time even picturing what he was supposed to look like and didn’t really have all that much of a fey idea of him.

I suppose I could liken this story to a modern-day Beauty and the Beast or the relationship between Goliath and Elisa Maza from the cartoon Gargoyles. I my mind that is how I saw it mixed in with street kids and subway tunnels.

I found the ending rather abrupt and unexciting. I still found the story to be rather rough and not for the younger reader as I did with tithe. I’m not a huge fan of swearing in my YA books, call me a prude or a goodie-goodie if you will, but I don’t like my YA to be so “real”.

Val is a seventeen year-old, Lacrosse player who finds out something unsettling about her mother which causes her to take off from New Jersey to New York and then meets up with Lolli and Dave and his brother Luis and discovers an entirely different world.

It took me one afternoon to read the book and yes, I will be reading Ironside when it comes out in paperback, but I still don’t think I liked it.