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sunday morning butterflies and family

Yesterday while Shawn and I were painting the last stupid wall in the stupidly large room, my sister phoned and asked if I would like to go to the Botanical Gardens to see the butterflies on Sunday morning. Surprisingly enough I did want to go, so I said yes! I tend to get up fairly early lately (sigh) and I knew I would be up and ready to go by nine in the morning. Shawn stayed home and slept in. 😉

So off we went today. I squeezed into the back seat with my niece in her carseat (I need smaller hips to do that comfortably!) and with my brother-in-law driving and my sister shotgunning we were on our way! (How come my spell checker doesn’t like “carseat” but “shotgunning” is ok??)

I have to say though I had a fantastic time with my sister (yes, I KNOW) and her family, the whole Botanical Gardens slash Butterfly Exhibit was really underwhelming. Sad, but true. And even though we got there at almost opening it was still packed with people and people with their bloody SUV-HUMMER-TANK strollers. Jeez, people! Bring a smaller stroller when you go to a place that has a path hardly big enough for a person to walk through single file! I swear people can be so self-centered and it drives me crazy! Anyhow…

The few butterflies we were able to see were, um, big and I guess pretty. *grin* Some were nicer than others, and I did get a couple of nifty shots. (Which I am about to make you suffer through, you have been warned – especially if you find butterflies creepy and disgusting. ;))

(I thought these flowers were pretty!)

And that’s it. Scared you, didn’t I? Heh.

When I got home I also took some shots of my puppies out in the yard…

When I got home Shawn was up and had the living room pretty much cleared out of painting crap, only for us to realize we’re probably going to need a THIRD coat on the stupidly big wall as it’s not covered very well and you can still see the yellow-green through the darker green in a lot of places. I have no clue why this wall would need three coats when the other walls are fine, but this means we need to buy more paint and hell if I was going to do that today. So I guess we’re painting next Saturday, too. Argh! Might pick up my cream/white type paint as well so that we can to the trim around the windows and then when we’re ready to buy the moldings we’re putting up, I can paint those too.

So that was my weekend… painting and butterflies. Also there was a lunch with Ravi at the Peel Pub and then I picked up my last two months worth of Buffy comics and then I took a nap. Heh. I am old and decrepit (a phrase I am teaching my 19-month old niece “Aunty Cat is old and decrepit and can’t keep her leg contorted at this angle so you can play with the velcro on her shoes much longer.” What? I was squooshed in the back of the Toyota! 😉

Back to work tomorrow… a big whoppin’ 5-day week. Ugh. Last week was like, the longest 4-day week in history, I swear! I don’t think I can make it through 5 days! And sadly, my Super 7 only won me a free ticket and not the 5 million jackpot.

PS – I am about to tackle answering the comments on the post two below this one. You know the one where I craved attention? Yeah, that one. 😀

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon
by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

This is the third instalment from the team of Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson about the story of Peter Pan. Peter is captured and sent to Rundoon where he is expected to know where the Starstuff will fall because that’s what his parents were able to do. Meanwhile George reluctantly follows Molly as she tries to help her father defeat Ombra and the Others and the evil King Zarboff. At the same time Mollusk Island has been invaded and captured by the horrible Scorpion tribe and the Lost Boys and Mollusks have been taken prisoner.

There is a LOT happening in this story and I don’t think I cared about much of it, to be honest. I really loved Peter and the Starcatchers and I thought that the authors created a wonderful history of Peter Pan. The second book, Peter and the Shadow Thieves was ok, it was well written and entertaining, but I found I got a little bored with the story as it went on. I discovered this third book while in Disney World at a store in Downtown Disney and knew I had to get it when I got back – I needed to know how the story was going to continue!

I am hoping that this will be it. There’s only so much you can do with Peter Pan I think. It is interesting to know that Molly and George knew about Peter Pan before their children met him. But now the stories are more about Peter’s adventures and not about how he came to be and how the legend of Peter Pan was born. I don’t much care about the adventures.

I do like the way Tinker Bell is written though. I think Dave Barry comes through in her sarcastic little comments. Heh.

I think this is much more of a young boy fantasy book than a girl one, but that is GOOD! Too many books out there for young readers seem to be written more for girls, it’s rare there’s a good book out there for a boy to get into. Snakes and stealing ships and pirates. It’s a fun adventure for little boys. 😉


Not that anyone will notice, but my Archives suddenly got longer (older?). I decided I would transfer any book-related post from my main blog to this blog, since it was a little more fitting. They still need some work (formatting, new book photos) but essentially they belong here more than there, even though I had created a Books You Should Read category. They can still be found over at Beyond Elsewhere, but they now have a new home here.

At some point I also plan on reviewing books I didn’t just read that day. Imagine that! I still have a whole plan for the Belgariad series by David Eddings, not to mention possibly my favourite book of all time, Polgara the Sorceress. I’m trying to see if I can schedule time to write these posts in my week and not end up losing too much of the other things I need to do (like housework! *snicker* *snicker*)

So if you happen to look through my archives and see some rough posts, unformatted and rather sparse in the reviews, those are my older ones and I’ll be getting to them soon!

two years… really?

While Shawn and I were sitting in the living room tonight trying to figure out what we wanted for dinner, talk turned to our house and how we’re happy where we are right now, but don’t plan on being here forever, but we’re at least enjoying making this place ours.

But then… I suddenly said, “Oh my god! It was two years ago TODAY that our place burned down!”

“Can’t be,” said Shawn.

But it’s true. March 27, 2006 was the night of the fire. The fire that burned for over four hours. The fire that changed everything in our lives.

This also means that I have been in this job for almost two years. It’ll be two years on April 10.

So bloody much has happened in the last two years that it’s unbelievable. Un-frickin-believable!! A year in my in-laws’ basement, a year in our new home (almost). It all just seems like it passed in the blink of an eye, and yet, so very, very long ago.

Sometimes time and life are scary.

Story of a Girl

Story of a Girl Story of a Girl
by Sara Zarr

At the age of 13, Deanna was caught by her father having sex with 17-year old Tommy in his car. Since then her life has never been the same. Her father can’t even look her in the eye, she’s been living with the reputation of school slut for the last three years, not just in school but in the small town she lives in. Her mother seems to pretend nothing ever happened and her older brother Darren has his own mistakes to account for and now lives in the basement with his girlfriend and their newborn daughter.

There’s much more to the story, but it’s just as suffocating and heavy as what’s written above. Sure teen pregnancy and teen sex are pretty huge topics and not at all to be taken lightly, but I just couldn’t find a comfort zone while reading this book. I really liked the character of Deanna, however I just can’t handle dark and heavy topics when they are not written with wit and humour. I don’t like books where I feel just as trapped reading the story as the character in the book is trapped in her (or his) life.

I am way too sensitive for real life issues. 🙂

Sadly, reading this book felt like chore and NOT because of the story or writing, because if I look at them separate to the feeling of the book they are excellent! I didn’t not like this book because it sucked, I didn’t like this book because it made me way too uncomfortable with all the drama and angst and feeling trapped with nowhere to go.

The book wasn’t even boring, which is what I thought at first when I started reading it, but then I quickly realized that I was trying to distance myself from the way I felt the story was going to go. I knew quickly how anxious this book would make me, but I made sure I read all the way through to get the full picture and perhaps not react as negatively as I thought I was going to.

But that didn’t happen. I won’t go as far as to say I hated this book, because I didn’t. Not really. I did like it for what it was, an excellently written and told story of a girl trapped in her life trying desperately to claw her way out. But I didn’t like it at all for being the kind of book that made me feel just as trapped.

If that makes any sense?