i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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have dogs, will travel

I’m actually working from home today, but I felt like posting some photos from the weekend. So, here I am posting photos (and STILL waiting for Sears to show up for the air conditioner… sometime between the helpful hours of 8AM and 4PM…)

somewhere in the adirondacks

Not the best photo, but it was all I could do to try and get the landscape in with us. This is at a rest stop on the I-87 in upstate NY.

They weren’t this concerned looking for the entire trip, I think it was just the camera that caught them off guard. Both Annie and Jinx traveled VERY well.

This pretty much sums up the weekend. Heh. This cute little thing is Eve, however they all called her Evil and I don’t know why. She was the sweetest thing ever. If I showed dogs I would have bought her in a second. Sweetest puppy ever.

This is a flipped photo, since Rosie was looking up at me while I was holding her. So the photo is actually taken upside down. Rosie is feisty, but looks pretty dopey in this shot. 😉 She has beautiful colouring!

On the way home… self portrait with dogs…

Jinx would turn away at the last second. *mutter**grumble*

i was obviously sick the day they taught Packing 101

Things that would have been nice to have had on my trip:

  • my bra
  • my belt
  • my rings (wedding ring excluded as I had that one on already)

I used a dog leash to keep my Capri’s up during the dog show on Saturday. I can be creative when I have to.

At least I remembered the dogs, huh?

two humans + two dogs + 5 hour car ride = ??

We will certainly find out tomorrow. Hoo boy!

April 20 2008

We’re off to the 2008 Finnish Lapphund National Specialty in Auburn, MA! I am very excited to see my friend Linda again and the fact that we will be surrounded by lots and lots of lovely Lappies! Annie and Jinx will only be spectators and not actually shown, but hey! It’ll be the first time Jinx will be around more than just one Lappie since he was 4 months old!

I shall be internet-less (*sob*) for the next three days. I’ll catch you all on Monday!

*PS – Look, Tez! My backyard actually has GRASS in it and no snow! Woo!

On the burner this summer

I might have gone to a bookstore today. I might have bought some books. I might have done this instead of going to lunch with my husband and his best friend since I was too sick to eat. In my defense… 5 books came out to less than $50… so it’s almost ok.

The books were happily photographed on my lovely new BBQ. (Get it? “On the burner”? Get it? Heehee! I am so clever!) I use the term lovely loosely as the stupid appliance tried to chomp off my finger yesterday as we were putting it together. But it made us some delicious hamburgers tonight so I think I might have forgiven it.

I couldn’t get a nice enough shot of the books sitting on the grill like that so the run down:

I am very happy to have found The Looking Glass Wars on the shelf when I was there. I was only in that section of the store to pick up the Fablehaven books. I have been eyeing book two of the Looking Glass Wars, Seeing Red for some time but no one had the first book in stock. So, now? I am the happy owner of a twisted Wonderland story. Aside from Disney’s Snow White, I think Alice in Wonderland is the other movie/story I love.

The book I am currently reading? Rebel Fay? I am not so much enjoying. It’s really long and slow. I am only on chapter 6 and yet I am over 100 pages into the book. As it is the 5th book in the Dhampir series I think it’s starting to lose it’s charm over me. I needed something else to get into and nothing on my shelves was speaking to me.

So, a trip to the bookstore to spend money on books rather than food seemed like the best choice. (I also bought a summery shirt on my way to the bookstore… so it wasn’t only books!)


Due to the fact that the BBQ made us some tasty hamburgers tonight for dinner, I might rethink my suspicion of it. After all, it did get a taste of me yesterday, it might like it! But tonight’s dinner turned out great and the appliance worked very well. I can’t wait to make breakfast on it soon! (It has a plate thingy that I can do that on!)

Because I am pathetic, I have documented out first cookout on the BBQ. *sheepish grin*

Dinner’s ready! Let’s eat!