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what to do? what to do?

So I am off work this week. Well, it’s only 3 days really since tomorrow and Tuesday work is closed due to the Canada Day holiday. Plus I’m about to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary (what? already??) but my point is this…

I wanted to paint things this week while off. I wanted to finish the trim and baseboards in the living room (saving the ceiling for later when I am not alone and can fall off ladders – and yes the living room is still unfinished, but the walls are done, so who cares?). I want to paint the basement. Not the main room where we watch TV and waste our lives away on the computers, but the room, um, foyer thing, inbetween the stairs and this room. I don’t even know what it would be called.

You know… THIS one…

(just ignore the snowman decoration on top of the watercooler base… *ahem*)

Anyhow… so I want to paint this room-ish place only I don’t know what colours to use (something light and bright and not too jarring for any potential home buyers when we might need them in the future) AND it’s so bloody humid with all the rain and heat and crap that I don’t know if the paint will even DRY in the basement.

But I WANT to paint it. I NEED to paint it. I HATE looking at these awful beige-dirty walls and I want them gone! (One day I will also get rid of that infernal carpet, but that’s money I do not have, or time or patience for that matter… but soon!)

So if the paint doesn’t exactly match the icky brown carpet I don’t really care, because it will be so gone one of these days (maybe next year?) and I want to put down a floating floor thing or something. Old carpet that used to have 3 dogs living on it and now two dogs? Gets messy and smelly in the humidity. And I hate having to vacuum that thing so often!

There aren’t too many basement paint ideas out there. I was thinking white ceiling (which I can do myself because it’s not that much higher than I am) and white trim I guess. Or if the walls were white I could do the baseboards some popping colour and the trim around the doors. But I don’t know!

And with nothing but rain and heat in the forecast, maybe it’ll be too damp to paint? I don’t know!

What do I do? I am so obsessed with the idea of painting right now it’s killing me. Gah!

how rude!

Spam emails have been getting a little negative lately. I am used to getting the stupid ones trying to sell medications or body part enlargements (last I checked I didn’t have any boy parts, so I don’t think most of those emails would help me). But lately? These emails have been getting downright hurtful.

I am getting emails with subject lines calling me stupid and telling me I’m ugly! Today’s Spammer has gotten creative at adding your name (or start of your email address) to the subject line to make it slightly more personal and hoping that will entice you to open up the email and unleash a world of evilness onto your computer.

I of course do not open any of these emails and 90% of them get filtered to junkmail, but the subject lines are just hurtful! I am way too senstive for this kind of spam! What do you MEAN I look stupid? When? Where? WHY? Oh my god THEY ARE ALL WATCHING ME!
And you know, how the heck did they get naked photos of me? I have never had a naked photo of me taken in my life. HAVE THEY PUT SPY CAMERAS IN MY SHOWER???

I don’t want to look stupid or ugly! I just finally started feeling good about myself!


The Devil Inside

The Devl Inside by Jenna BlackThe Devil Inside
by Jenna Black

I knew I was in for a rough ride when by page 24 there was graphic sexual content for no particular reason. Now I know I am a big prude, but I can handle the occasional sex scene in a book, though I don’t always see what the point of all that is. But generally it’s done tastefully, or artistically, or you know, subtly… but this? This was in-your-face-hey-look-at-ME sex. Not even all that artfully written. The entire book was like this, with the occasional plot reference thrown in.

I honestly felt like I was reading bad fan fiction (yes, I have been there done that). There was sex – graphic sex – thrown in there for no reason. One of the punishments that our heroine, Morgan, had to endure? Watching two men (one of whom was possessed by a demon) have S&M sex in front of a window in a room while others in the club watched. Um, yeah. No thank you.

Not to mention the scene where Morgan is in a guest room, way too close to the demon’s bedroom and listens to him and his lover go at it and gets all hot and bothered herself and has to take care of matters.


I can’t even classify this as erotica because it was just horribly done. I was telling my husband how bad this book was and how you couldn’t read three pages without falling into the middle of some graphic scene and as a joke he randomly opened the book to a couple of pages and I SWEAR 3 out of 4 times he found bad porn.

But this wasn’t even the PLOT of the story! Oh, no! The plot is what captured my attention as I read the back of the book. Morgan is an exorcist and she gets possessed herself. In this book there is legal demon possession, many of the legal human hosts become firefighters or policemen, etc because their demon inhabitant makes them strong and rather indestructible. But there are also illegal possessions and that is what Morgan is employed to take care of.

One night she was drugged and then possessed without her knowledge, but for some reason her mortal self was stronger than the demon possessing her and he had a hard time breaking through to let her know he was there.

Of course she was all hot and horny for this demon guy inside her. As well as her demon boss-slash-nemesis and his lover and her boyfriend and… heck, the lamp post too for all I know. The woman was a walking horn dog. I suppose she was in heat or something.

There was promise to this story, but it was quickly squashed by some S&M spanking paddle. I had originally wanted to get the second book in the series to see how the plot would progress, but it has vanished from my wishlist because I don’t think I could stomach another 200 pages of porn and 100 pages of plot.

And I can garentee you my husband and I will never look at maple syrup the same again.


i suppose i should write something here

Finding both the time and energy to blog has been somewhat difficult lately. I have also run into the problem of not really having anything to write about. There is only so much I can write about the various weekends that have dealt with the death of my grandfather before it gets to be a little much. Other things in my life just aren’t all that documentable (is that a word? Well it is now.). I have had some major deadlines to deal with at work, which of course were sort of rushed due to the days I missed for bereavement and whatnot. Work stress has crushed me and I was also being crushed by non-work stress. My stomach has caught up to the stress and has been bugging me all weekend (luckily a 4-day weekend).

I go back to work tomorrow for 3 days and then have another lovely 4-day weekend, but it’s longer for ME because I am taking next Wed-Fri off as well. I think I might paint things in my house. Muahaha!

Don’t really know though, it all depends on how hot it gets.

I suppose I should be doing laundry, but I really don’t feel like it.

I kind of miss having a job where I can putz around online and do my own thing for a while. I don’t have any down time in this job. And if I try to take lunch at my desk, I am still asked to work because I am THERE and VISIBLE. No office anymore, just open concept, so it’s hard to hide. And even though I mention “Hey, I am on lunch” it doesn’t exactly work for the Big Boss. Mostly because he needs something for a meeting in 30 seconds or something. So I don’t know what to do. Sigh.

Anyhow, this isn’t supposed to be a woe is me post. 🙂 So, um, yeah.

When I have something interesting to post I suppose I will. No day trips for Shawn and I on the long weekends because even though he’s in a job that actually lets him take the holidays off like he’s supposed to, the holidays fall on TUESDAYS this year (and are illegal to move, well the Quebec one is anyway) so he still has to go into work on the Mondays. Sucks. Big time.

I miss having my summers off like when I was in school. I don’t miss the school part, though. 😉

The Touch of Twilight: The Third Sign of the Zodiac

The Touch of Twilight Third sign of the zodiac The Touch of Twilight : The Third Sign of the Zodiac
by Vicki Pettersson

Oh, how long I had waited for this book to come out. How excited and a-twitter with anticipation I was until the day I could hold the book in my hands and start reading! And then how long it took me to write this stupid review. Oops.

The Touch of Twilight continues to follow the superhero life of Joanna (Olivia) Archer as she tries to maintain the balance of dark and light inside her as the Kairos. The third sign of the Zodiac has everyone worried that Jo will find her true purpose on the side of the Dark and she has to battle the Dark Zodiac members, her father the Tulpa and a doppelganger who is out to possibly kill her and take over her life.

Never a dull moment for Ms. Archer.

The only disappointment I found with this book was its length. This book was about 100 pages shorter than the first two and I found the story slightly rushed and then over all too soon. I still love the writing, characters and fresh sarcasm that have been constant throughout the series. I just wished the book was a little longer to read. Then again I was so eager to get my hands on this book I probably would have finished it in moments regardless of an extra 100 pages or so!

Vicki Pettersson had a couple of other plot twists that kept me guessing and that is one of the main things I love about this series – it is original and doesn’t just follow the predictable path. It has that element of mystery along with the fantasy that makes a delightful mix.

Yes, I said delightful.

My only problem now? I have to wait another YEAR for the FOURTH sign! Gah!

Zodiac Series

  1. The Scent of Shadows: The First Sign of the Zodiac
  2. The Taste of Night: The Second Sign of the Zodiac
  3. The Touch of Twilight: The Third Sign of the Zodiac
  4. The City of Souls: The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac
  5. Cheat the Grave: The Fifth Sign of the Zodiac
  6. The Neon Graveyard: The Sixth Sign of the Zodiac