i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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um… wha..??

This just in from my blog stats page…

Someone found my blog by searching for:

“how to make plaster severed fingers”

Really? How the hell did that get you here? I don’t even want to KNOW why you want to know that information.

[Ha. Ha. It brings up this!]

and we didn’t get a wii before because?

I have had a lovely evening of kicking Shawn’s butt at Tennis on the Wii. I am so in love with that thing and the tennis game that came with it. Baseball is fun, too, but I am awesome at tennis. I even made myself a little Mii character (which is essentially a little thing that looks like-ish me and dressed in purple!) and Shawn made a little him-Mii and then I crushed him in tennis. And bowling.

I rock at the Wii, yo.

It’s sad how good I felt after just that little bit of activity. I bought a bike in the Spring and have I ridden it once? No. I suck. I don’t even have the tires blown up all the way yet. The weather has been horrid here and it’s just not bike riding weather out there. It’s either pouring rain with storms (and lately scary water spout things!) or it’s like 200% humidity and so smoggy I can’t even breathe if I STAND outdoors. No way I am biking in that.

So sad.

I think the Wii playing helped with the nervous energy I have had this week. Although it’s still bad because here it is almost 11:00 pm and I am UP and ON THE COMPUTER. Though it’s on my lap in bed. Heh. We’re getting cozy, Molly and I. Bow chicka bow bow.

Ok, so yeah, that’s it for now. I have been updating my book blog and um, surfing on Facebook and Twitter and Neopets. I think I am internetted out for the night.


Fashion Week! Contest! Exciting!

I am slightly late in posting about this, but over at In Bed With Books there is an exciting contest to celebrate three books that deal (in their own way) with fashion!

Click here to read the details about the contest and then visit the rest of the site to read the book review posts and guest blogs by the authors.

July 28, Maryrose Wood, author of How I Found the Perfect Dress (and Why I Let my Hair Grow Out) was the guest blogger and she tells you what she thinks of the tankini!

July 31, Jennifer Banash, author of The Elite, will be the guest blogger.

And August 2, to celebrate the eagerly awaited Violet in Private, Melissa Walker will be gracing the pages of In Bed With Books.

It’s a fun idea for a contest and who doesn’t like the chance to win a free book, right?

Go on, go now! What are you waiting for??

(In other news, I was sad to find that every book I had looked up on my library’s online catalogue had just been checked out when I got there! Argh! How frustrating. I came home with only 2 out of the 20 books I had confirmed they had. I should have put hold on them but there is a $0.35 fee for each hold and that can add up fast! And in more book frustration, I was one of the lucky ones who was to receive an ARC of Violet in Private but it seems to have vanished in the mail or been returned. I am supposed to have it resent to me, but I don’t think I will have it in time for the August 4th release day and I really wanted to post my review and interview with Melissa Walker that day. Argh redux!)

free dogs to a good inedible home

So we got home from work this evening only to find that our dogs had eaten one CD-ROM (Paint Shop Pro 8) and my 1GB USB key (in purple). All that was left were teeny little bits of chewed plastic.


Last week one or both of them ate a part of our floor (which was coming up after being flooded by the storm that knocked our power out for almost 4 days.

The week before was the kleenex.

I am so not amused.

I only have one dog crate, so I don’t know what to do. I don’t know which one to crate when we leave. I don’t know which one is the instigator in all of this.

It’s seriously pissing me off though.

spam update – july

Spammers seem to have moved from insulting me and making me feel bad about myself to telling me I have PhDs waiting for me if only I reply to their emails! I am being offered all sorts of honourary degrees. How cool!

Now I just have to pick what  I feel like doing and chose something that would give me awesome salary options. Woo!