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true story

On Friday, Shawn’s office held “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”. After much hemming and hawing, Shawn decided not to bring either of our dogs for various reasons. He wasn’t bringing Jinx because as well-behaved as that dog is, he’s a puss. He would whine the entire time because he just wanted to play with the other dogs. Shawn would constantly have to be reprimanding him and it could also annoy the coworkers. Whereas, Annie would just lie under his desk like a lump of fur, we didn’t trust leaving Jinx alone in the house without her. We’re sure he would be fine, but every so often he gets mischievous and without Annie to torture during the day, what household item would he turn to?

So we left the house in the morning without a dog.

Shawn felt bad by lunch time and drove home and picked up Jinx. Who of course whined the first hour he was at the office. Heh. They all work in an open space and other people had their dogs running around. Shawn kept Jinx on leash, only because that way he doesn’t have to worry about having to keep an eye on him and you know, it’s just polite in an open space. Plus one of his friends was terrified of dogs and of course they all migrated to him. Poor guy.

So when Shawn picked me up after work on Friday I had a Jinxy in the car, totally out of sorts (he doesn’t like riding in the car when Annie isn’t there. He’s so bloody co-dependant this dog!) but happy to see me. When we got home a little before 6PM and pulled into the drive way, I saw something dart under our steps. Bells went off in my little head as, though I didn’t see WHAT went under I registered the black and white colouring. However, it was a long black tail with a little cap of white on the tail, so I honestly thought it was one of the many cats that wander around our street.

I thank fate for a few things. 1) That I had remembered to turn the porch light on before work so that our front door/stoop was lit up. 2) That I happened to notice the dart of colour as we were turning into the drive way. Why? Because as I said to Shawn “Something black and white just ran under the steps, don’t let Jinx out yet” we didn’t know if it was a cat or… a skunk. Sure enough after 30 seconds or so, this little skunky head peeked out from under the steps and sniffed around.

We stayed in the car. Oh, yes.

We watched this huge fat skunk waddle its way over to the neighbours steps and go under there. Only it had this weird un-skunk-like tail (which my father-in-law told us yesterday normally means the little skunk is ill, perhaps with rabies!) it looked very cat-like. We figured it was the offspring of Pepe Le Pew and that poor little girl kitty who never wanted to be his girlfriend in the first place.

And again, we stayed in the car.

Skunky peeked out from under the neighbours’ steps and the continued to wander away from our house.

*waddle* *waddle* *waddle*

It’s like watching Annie wander around the house. Same colouring too. Slightly similar fragrance. 😉

I am so happy I saw this happen because in the last year we have taken to just letting the dogs out of the car in the driveway without their leash since they just run up to the front door anyhow (Annie is always desperate to get out of the car, into the house, into the backyard to potty. No matter how long we’re in the car. She’s strange. She also has to run to the backyard to potty AFTER WE TAKE HER FOR WALKS! She’s strange. But I digress…)

Had we arrived home only seconds later I would not have seen fat skunky dart under the steps and we would have let Jinx out and the skunk would have seem him and … bad things.

I am not used to seeing skunks wander around at the end of November, but it’s been so mild I think their hibernation schedules are all messed up. Poor little buggers. We didn’t have the skunk problems we had last year, last year they were everywhere, this year very few.

Why are these creatures so cute? It’s not fair! All I want to do is go out there and feed and snuggle the little guy. Poor waddling creature. Especially if its sick, I feel bad. 🙁 I just want to be its friend.

I will also provide proof of how Annie and the skunk are not too far removed…

They have similar faces. Cute little noses and rings around their eyes. Not to mention, three of Annie’s 5 puppies had that same white line down their nose!

They both have white stripes down their backs. Annie’s has been getting whiter lately, leading me to believe her inner skunk is breaking free.

(Not to mention, she’s rather smelly at times.)

I dare you to try and pick Annie out of this line-up. You won’t be able to do it. I promise you. Look at all those glazed stares! How can you tell the difference!

waffling festiveness

I am supposed to be decorating this weekend. I didn’t get anything done today (of course I was gone from about 10:45 am until after six tonight) but I still haven’t taken the boxes out of the storage closet and I haven’t really felt like it. But then there are times when I do, but by golly, I am just so exhausted I don’t care for very long. I will try to get some done tomorrow. I just know that by Monday, which is December first, that I will be very out of sorts if my house isn’t Christmassy come then. Chalk it up to OCD, but I need Christmassy in December. Oh, well.

Today was fruitful in other ways. We took my mother-in-law out shopping with us since she was going to get Shawn’s winter coat for him for Christmas. He was in somewhat dire need of a winter coat that wasn’t falling apart as badly as his was. So off to the Big & Tall shoppe we went. Got parking and his coat in under 30 mins. Wow. That was a first. I also needed boots (which I think I might have mentioned) and I have not been able to find any, though my MiL was determined to get me boots today. And I hate shopping. But off we went to the mall and went in our usual way through Sears, and I stopped to look at boots there but before I got to the boots I saw this really cute shoe. Yes, singular. It was sitting all alone on a sale table. In my size. (Ok, so I am normally a 5 1/2 and this was a 6, but that just makes it similar to a 5 1/2 wide, which is more comfortable on me). Not that you cared about any of that. Anyhow, I found an employee and she found me a pair in that style and size and I thought, yay! So I was going to buy them because I actually needed a pair of nice shoes for the office since all I have left are sneakers and converse type shoes. Not always all that professional (though comfortable!)

My MiL stole them from me as I got to the cash and paid for them. Grr. They were 40% off though, so yay. And I now had cute shoes:

No luck with boots though. And this sort of broke my “I Shall Never Buy Anything At Sears Ever Again” rule, though I guess since my MiL ended up paying, I’m not technically breaking that rule… right?

We made our way through the retarded and self-centered crowds toward the middle of the mall. Half in search of boots and half trying to get to BestBuy where Shawn was going to help his mother with her gift to his father. (Not telling, in case they read this! :)) We passed FeetFirst and my MiL made me go in (she can be a real bully for hardly 5 feet tall!) even though I thought I had looked in that store when I was downtown. However I ended up finding boots there. Go figure. She’s a bully for a reason. 😉

And they were the style I liked.

So now I have both new shoes and boots.

And I am very happy.

What made me happier was that there were exactly TWO copies left of A Colbert Christmas on the shelf at Best Buy and I have been trying to get this since I saw it last Sunday and found out it was going to come out on Nov 25 (last Tuesday). No one downtown had it and Amazon.ca was selling it for $23 (!!!) with shipping in 12 to 14 days! Good grief! I am thankful I held off putting it in my shopping cart this morning because it was $15.99 at BestBuy and even though I had forgotten to print out my $5 discount coupon, the awesome (and cute) sales girl let me print it out there and so I got it for $10.99! Yay! I don’t know if you have seen this yet, but it was hilarious. Shawn and I laughed the entire hour with tears in our eyes. I am not normally a huge Colbert fan; I think he’s great, I just seem to prefer the humour of the handsome Jon Stewart more often. This special though had us in stitches. Can’t wait to check out the bonus features!

So that was our day. We also got stuck in traffic due to construction on one of the bridges, that was fun. Nothing like being stuck in traffic on the weekend after 5 days of being stuck in rush hour traffic. Good times. But that’s ok. We also got free lunch out of the deal. Heh.

Perhaps I shall decorate tomorrow like I had planned too. Right now I am just going to bed. Yes, it’s not even 8:30 yet. Shush.

first snow

Mental note: Don’t talk about not having snow before December, even if Environment Canada tells you it’s true. Because two days later it’ll all change and you’ll have snow on the ground.

First snow this year – November 25.

Not a lot, about 2cm, with a supposed 2cm on its way today.

Enough for Annie to freak out in spinning bliss as she tries to eat everything off the deck.

Doesn’t matter much to me, since I finally lost to the stomach bug that both my bosses have had over the last few weeks and so I am home in my jammies and will spend much of my day in bed (or the bathroom). Blech.

snow to the left of us, snow to the right

I guess I should be extra thankful that the Nova Scotia possibility from this past summer fell through, because it turns out those out in Halifax and in parts of New Brunswick had a slight snow storm this weekend and have over 30 cm  (one foot-ish) of snow on the ground now. And then I hear from friends in parts of Ontario that they have about a foot of snow as well.

Here in Montreal? Well, according to Environment Canada we’re looking at temperatures of plus 5 to 7 all week and RAIN.

Do you see me complaining? Heck, no!

I also still do not have boots. The awesome boots I bought back in 2005 and felt guilty about spending money on finally died by the end of last winter. I could attempt to use them, but the boot part isn’t really attached to the sole anymore. I had soggy feet by the end of last winter. Soggy and cold. But I can’t find anything out there right now that a) fits (I have tiny feet), b) are practical (I don’t need 4 inch stiletto heels on my boots, thank you very much), c) aren’t uggs (UGH!!) and d) don’t cost under $500! (I kid you not. I was in one store and thought perhaps I had found some boots that would work and then I flipped them over to see the price and they were $535!!! HOLY HELL!)

I’ll take my rain, thank you very much. Because I don’t really have running shoes either, I have little slip on summery sneakers and I don’t seem to have any appropriate footwear for this time of year at all in my closet.

Only problem with rain, rain, rain and then freezing temps at night is – ICE. I hate ice. It always makes me fall and hurt various parts of me. After breaking my toe earlier this year I don’t need to add to that list. I am happy with my first ever broken bone being a toe and that’s that.

So, you all can keep your snow. Just lend me some around December 20th until maybe New Year’s Eve. We’re all good.

early weekend mornings rather bite

This is not a photo of my hair now, this is from the end of October, but I like the photo. It was my Facebook profile for a while. Anyhow, I felt like posting it. I haven’t had enough photos on my blog lately. All text and no pretty pictures makes things boring. Of course you might not find this picture pretty, but then again, I don’t really care. 😉

So this morning our alarm clock went off at 8:00 AM. It goes off at that time 5 days a week, so it’s sort of a bummer when it has to do the same thing on the weekends. However, last night my father-in-law phoned to let us know he’d like to put our winter tires on the car today and he likes to get annoyingly early starts on things. Bah. But then again, winter tires! Yay! (Yay, as in, we won’t get a ticket after December 15th for not having them, since it’s now the LAW in Quebec that you have to have winter tires on in winter). So out the door we all were at 8:20 this morning, Shawn, me and the dogs. When we got there, my father-in-law was still in his pyjamas and then sent Shawn out to get breakfast, so the tire thing? Yeah, it didn’t happen until after 10AM. Which is when we wanted to go over in the first place, but that was TOO LATE IN THE DAY!.


I say “bah” with a smile though, I happen to not mind going over there and doing things. Though I could have been happier getting to sleep in this morning, especially since I had been awake since about 3AM with stupid stomach pains which would spike every time I started to fall asleep. Grr. I finally fell asleep around 7:10, knowing full well Shawn’s alarm would be going off in 50 minutes. Didn’t matter, I woke up at 7:50 and then just stayed up.

In that 30 minutes I managed to have a dream about David Yummypants. Nothing x-rated, so don’t start smirking. 😛 But he was hitting on me, only I didn’t know it. We had just finished working together on something (what? I have no idea) and he was getting ready to leave and we were in some parking lot walking towards a tent with some sale in it (flea market thing?) and he was asking me if he could see me again and maybe we could do something together and he was hugging me, and I was like, sure if you want. But I was all interested in what books they had on the table for sale (ha!) and then I was like, “I’m going to this UFC thing with my husband and his friend, but I am bringing a book because I know I’ll be bored. Maybe we could get coffee or something while the fight is happening.” (UFC = Ultimate Fighting Championship in my head, by the way). And Yummypants, who put his arm around me was all, “so you’re going with your husband?” And I am all clueless and say “Yes, I love him, so I am going to some boring ol’ fighting match with him so he can watch half-naked, sweaty men roll around on the floor together.” But in the back of my dream-mind I know that this guy is actually asking me to see him withOUT my husband and probably for some affair-type things and all I am thinking about are the books on the table and how lucky that I am that Yummypants wants to be my friend.

Sigh. I am as clueless about boys in my dreams as I am in real life (never knew Shawn was in love with me until it was almost way too late and yet everyone around me seemed to have clued in from the moment they first saw us talking together. Oops.)

And dude. David Yummypants wants to canoodle with me and I’m going on about books for sale and how much I love my husband? GAH! What the hell was I thinking??

Oh, Yummypants. You’re so yummy.

So, anyways, we now have 4 lovely winter tires and a new brake light since one was out. Also got free breakfast and lunch. Heh.

Now it’s 5:30 pm and I have been wondering why I was so tired, I guess it’s the being up since 3:00 AM. Oops. I couldn’t go nap when I got home because a) Shawn was napping and I can’t nap when someone else is there. I just can’t. and b) I had to pee every 30 minutes from the coffee I drank this morning so I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep and that would just make me toss and turn and even more cranky than I would be if I didn’t nap.

I was contemplating going to see Bolt tonight, since I figure the 9PM movie wouldn’t have many people in it since they are all likely at that crappy Twilight movie and I can watch my little CGI dog without a billion children in the theatre. Plus we still have to see James Bond. But I want to see Bolt first. Heh. But I don’t know. Who knows when Shawn will get up. I guess I’ll wake him up some time after six. I don’t know. Whatever.

I should feed the dogs now.