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Books Read in 2008

Well, I have just completed my first full year (January – December) of posting book reviews.  Though I did start this blog in July 2007, that wasn’t a full calendar year of posting. I did import a bunch of older book review posts from my main blog earlier this year so that they would all be in one neat and tidy place. However, this year I had one constant monthly tally of reviews.

It hasn’t been a fantastic year for me, though I do find solace in my books. I plan to make 2009 an even better read year than 2008!

Now to review:

Total books read in 2008: 92 by my tally, however I know I read some books I didn’t blog about so I think I am couple short. 92 just seems so low. 😉 [January 3rd update – add two more to that to make 94 since I discovered two books I read that I never posted about while organizing my book cover photos!]

Most well-read month: July! [I read 25 books that month alone!]

Least well-read month: November, I think. I only read 3 books that month – though December is a close second.

Favourite books read in 2008: I have a list of four –

  • Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen – I loved this book so much I was heartbroken when it was over. I wanted to continue reading about the characters in the book. Sadly, I had only borrowed it from the library, so it still remains on my Amazon wishlist until the day I can add it to my shelf!
  • The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield – Another book I loved so very much and yet borrowed from the library. I am now searching for a hard cover version to add to my bookshelves as I think it’s one that needs to be in hard cover.
  • Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall– I am not saying this just because the author was totally awesome in helping me get my hands on a copy of this book, but I truly loved every second of the story.
  • Graceling by Kristin Cashore – It took me a long time to get to this book what with my reading rut and all but when I did I could NOT put it down. An excellent book and I can’t wait for a sequel (please tell me there’s a sequel in the works??)

I have a pile of books waiting for me that should have been read in 2008 – including one ARC that I just never got to. I’ll be traveling soon so I know I’ll be reading a lot in the next month, I just hope I can break out of this stupid rut for 2009!

All the best to my readers and their families for the New Year! I am enjoying visiting blogs and reading everyone’s year in review bookish or otherwise. It is so amazing just how much can happen in a year!


not a very good year

I’m cheating this year with my year round-up post. I’m starting it in early December so I can have time to compile all the months. Heh. Sneaky me!

2008 wasn’t such a fantastic year. It could have been worse (it has been) and it could have been better. So here’s my year in a nutshell (complete with photos!).

January (11 posts) :

  • turned 32 on the 23rd and that amused me. Gotta love palindromes!
  • planning the final stages of our Disney World vacation in February
  • got my awesome wrist tattoo!
  • was not very talkative on this blog, apparently.
  • I need a couple more bullets to make this fit around the photo, or maybe just one more with a lot of writing in it so it works better. I really need to remember to be more exciting or I can’t format this post the way I want to at the end of the year! Argh!

February (13 posts) :

  • my Nana turned 90
  • was having a mini breakdown due to too much work and not enough time off
  • WE WENT TO DISNEY WORLD!! WHEEEEE!! [which reminds me, I never did finish posting the recaps of the trip! Oops…]
  • Jinx turned 3

March (16 posts) :

  • Annie turned 10!
  • my Dad turned 60
  • we still had a heck of a lot of snow (boo!)
  • had yet another colonoscopy which found nothing wrong
  • Shawn turned 31 and spent the day playing in the snow
  • started painting my living room (still need to finish it.. I KNOW! Shush, ok!)
  • went to see the butterflies with my sister, brother-in-law and my niece

April (18 posts – most posts of the year!) :

  • got my awesome bike!
  • my sister knit me cool ballet slipper slippers
  • went to my first ever hockey game! (during the playoffs, to boot!)
  • got our amazing huge, finger-eating BBQ!!
  • at some point in the first two weeks the 13 feet of snow vanished which surprised me
  • went on our first road trip, complete with dogs, to the US of A!

May (9 posts) :

  • enjoyed Iron Man
  • broke my toe falling up the stairs at my sister’s house on Mother’s Day
  • (sort of) helped my father-in-law build our awesome new deck  (as much as I could with a broken toe)
  • enjoyed our BBQ and new deck for the rest of the month…

June (6 posts) :

  • my Poppop passed away at the age of 95
  • due to a major storm, lost our power for almost 4 days, at the same time 95F weather
  • waged war against Sears
  • contemplated painting my basement (which never really happened, unless you count one wall)

July (17 posts) :

  • celebrated my third wedding anniversary
  • bought Molly my laptop
  • took Annie & Jinx to Petcetera (ok, so this isn’t real news, I just didn’t DO much in July and I needed enough bullets to fit around the photo!)
  • discovered Twitter. Which I swore I would never use and now update way to often.
  • had a family reunion, which was well timed because two days later one of my mum’s cousins was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away shortly thereafter (it was a surprise on top of everything. Cancer is scary :()
  • due to a job prospect that eventually fell through, we bought a Wii so that Shawn could test some games. I fell head over heels for that Wii, I’ll tell you!

August (14 posts) :

  • promoted my book blog, where I held my first ever book contest (and um, so far, my ONLY book contest)
  • realized I had been blogging for 4 years and found my first attempt on Blurty
  • rambled a heck of a lot but didn’t seem to actually do anything worth bulleting! GAH!
  • went to a wedding for one of Shawn’s bazillion cousins and I found a cute dress for it.
  • 32 years and still NO CAVITIES! Wooty woot!

September (10 posts) :

  • went to the Brome Fair for the first time ever and had fun!
  • rejoined Curves and tried to eat better (the Curves stuck, the eating better didn’t so much)
  • for the first time I can remember I was freezing all the time and contemplated turning on the heat before December (but I didn’t!)
  • went to see NKOTB with my sister – and had fun!
  • went to Hurley’s to watch my friend Elise dance while Salty Dog played. Not THAT kind of dancing, mind you, it was Highland – no poles involved!

October (13 posts) :

  • took a much needed week off from work and did all sorts of exciting things during it!
  • went to High Tea with my oldest and dearest friend Jill who was up from California
  • took the train first class to visit another dear friend (Monkey) in Ottawa
  • while in Ottawa went to a fantastic Farmer’s Market
  • ordered the last of my Hallmark Puppy Love ornaments (just missing the first one from 1991 – but I am not paying $100 US for it!)
  • Jinx met his new BFF Nixie and it was puppy love at first sniff
  • played a lot of Wii – in Ottawa and at home
  • got my new cell phone (which I still love!)
  • had my entire family (including inlaws) over for Thanksgiving dinner – and had fun!

November (11 posts) :

  • on the day I had two of my closest friends from work over for a night of BBQ food and Wii – my dishwasher broke and flooded my kitchen. That was fun.
  • Americans pleasantly surprised me with their intelligence and elected the right man to office
  • discovered that my monthly BodyTalk appointments had kept me out of the ER and from being deathly ill in the fall for the first time in my life.
  • finally found myself a new pair of boots for the winter since my old ones died last year. Also, cool pair of shoes. All thanks to the mother-in-law!
  • watched a fat, waddling skunk wander around our front steps while we had Jinx in the car one night after work.

December (13 posts – including this one) :

  • my work union made an incredibly moronic decision and many of us were up nights worried about not being paid for a long period of time
  • it snowed
  • we put up our tree!
  • it snowed some more
  • and even more
  • did I mention the snow?
  • Christmas happened
  • my Mummy turned 60!
  • I finished this post at the last minute! HA!

Taking a moment for some well wishes

This is for the Story Siren and her dog Xander from me and my pups!

You’re in our thoughts!

The battle of the online bookstores

There are many reasons I will chose Amazon.ca over Chapters/Indigo (aka Chapigo) for my orders. Many. This is just one example of why.

I placed an order with one of my Christmas gift certificates yesterday afternoon with Amazon.ca. When I checked my email right before bed last night I had a shipping confirmation from them. This morning when the mailman passed at 10:30 am he left me my order.

Less. Than. 24. Hours.

This, by the way, was with the free shipping qualification since I spent over $39 or whatever it was. I got two things, one was a DVD that has been on my wishlist forever and I was never able to justify buying it, but the price dropped from $57 to $39 and I wanted to get it before it was no longer available (anyone out there remember the short-lived Disney cartoon Gargoyles? Well it’s volume 1 of season 2…) The other was Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter.

So, free shipping option, no paying the $20-something for express shipping or anything and I got my order the next day. Although it was projected for Jan 5 since I know that tomorrow and Friday and the weekend are non-mail days due to holidays and well, weekend (no mail delivery on weekends here in Canada).

I was TRYING to order my husband’s Christmas gifts through amazon although one of the books I was trying to get was constantly out of stock (just how popular IS the Zombie Haiku book anyhow?? Oh, and OF COURSE it’s IN STOCK now! Thanks.) and I wanted to combine my orders as much as possible to a) get free shipping, b) easier to keep track of ONE package over many. But I just couldn’t get everything at once. But Chapigo had a bunch of them in stock at the same time and with that I qualified for the free shipping option.

However THAT option with Chapigo, ended up taking almost a WEEK AND A HALF to get my bloody order. Seriously. I was very concerned that I would not get it in time for Christmas, which would have sucked since we were doing a small Christmas and it would have been very small since I only had ONE thing in the house at that time. But luckily it came on December 23 and I had time to wrap it up to give it to him on the 24th.


This is not the first time that Chapigo has disappointed me. Last December, I pre-ordered the new Kim Harrison book with one of my Christmas gift cards and by the time it was out in stores they still had NOT shipped it. It was an ongoing saga, where I had to phone the customer service line and argue with the rep as to why my pre-order had not been shipped when I could just walk into a store and buy the book myself. I was not impressed and tried very hard to never shop online with them this year.

Example #3 – both my husband and I received gift cards for Chapigo this year as well and since I was shopping online with Amazon yesterday I thought I would apply my Chapigo gift certificate to my Chapigo account. Only it doesn’t work. Neither does my husband’s. So now we have to go into the store (which I actually prefer anyhow) and try to find out at the register WHY they aren’t working. Luckily we also have the receipts with them to prove they haven’t already been used (which is what the Chapigo site is telling us).


Anyhow, as far as online stores go, Amazon.ca wins hands down for me. If only you could buy their gift cards in stores or something, because getting a sticky note with “This is good for a $xx Gift Certificate to Amazon.ca” is fun and all, but then you have to deal with the fact that perhaps your spam filter might eat the GC when it actually comes in forcing you to phone your parents 5 days later asking if they ever sent it because you sort of wanted to buy some stuff before you left for your trip in January… The bright side is that Amazon resent the GC email almost as soon as my parents reported a problem and I found it this time.

So, that’s my rant. Thank you.

i’m all mixed up

The problem with having Christmas on a Thursday is that now I have no clue what day it is. I feel like I have to go back to work tomorrow. And yet, really, it’s a week away from today. Either way, I don’t want to go back.

But at the same time I hate thinking it’s the end of the weekend when it’s apparently MONDAY.