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This was actually taken on Jinx’s birthday, so though I am back dating this post, my photo is true to the date! I never did get around to posting a birthday post for my little boy, but we had a great trip to the pet supply store where he and Annie got to pick out something special. And they got Beneful wet dog food for dinner – it looked like a really good stew! Of course Shawn and I weren’t about to try it.

time can fly, but those squirrels had better stay grounded!

My super guard Lappie Jinx does not like to be taunted by squirrels. Oh, hell no! And this pudgy little one just wandered along the fence and climbed up onto the roof of the shed in the neighbour’s yard and just sat there being all pudgy and taunting and all around squirrel-ish! This did not make Jinx happy.

He’s 4 today. A MAN. And Men don’t let squirrels just pudge around all day! Jinx is devoted to keeping these squirrels off our property and out of our line of sight. Which makes me happy since I am terrified of them. However the squirrels now feel the need to show up in force and dance along the fence just to stick it to the MAN that Jinx has become.

So I let him out. Heh. I am horrible. But it was almost 11:00 and so his GET THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY barking shouldn’t have woken too many people up. Actually he was way more barky than he normally is so I felt bad for letting him out, but  hey, it’s his birthday today! I had to get him something!

If you click on the photo it’ll open up a larger one so you can see the squirrel better. And did you know the more you write “squirrel” the more it looks wrong? I had to finally look it up in the dictionary to make sure I was getting it right. Ha!

A better birthday post for my little Lappie will be up later, but I sort of liked this shot from this morning and felt like posting it.


Yummy breaded chicken fillets.

White Witch, Black Curse

White Witch, Black Curse (Rachel Morgan, #7)
by Kim Harrison

I had to seriously hold myself back from adding little hearts around Kim Harrison’s name. Sad, I know. I am such a fangirl when it comes to this author, I swear. You just tell me she’s got a book coming out and I squeal like I was at a boy band concert (FYI – my first ever concert was the New Kids on the Block when I was 14 and I have never been a fan of any other boy band. But I digress…). As I have stated previously, Kim Harrison is an auto-buy for me. And I’ll even dish out the obscene amount of money for the hard cover so that I can get my fix as soon as possible. I should have just pre-ordered the book on Amazon, it would have cost me less in the long run, but after my debacle with ordering from Chapigo last year, I didn’t want to take a chance! But darnit! I would have saved almost $13 off the price. Argh. Of course I would have had to get another book as well for the free shipping. Also adding to my credit card right now it so not something I want to do.

Again with the digression, sorry.

In this seventh book in the series, we join Rachel as she attempts to remember what happened on the night of Kisten’s murder. His murderer is still out there somewhere and because of the memory spell Jenks used on her to save her life, Rachel can’t remember a thing about that night. The quest to find Kisten’s murderer takes a backseat to the main plot of trying to track down and capture a banshee who has been murdering many to help her new born child survive.

I feel bad for Rachel since she gets into all these situations to help other people live and yet ends up being shunned because of the consequences of that help. She’s not always the brightest bulb on the tree with the way she rushes into things, but she does this because she cares about what happens to others and is a good person. No one seems to want to listen to her when she tells them the truth until they need something from her and then they are all ears. I don’t think it’s fair for her to be looked down at by peers and others when they are the ones who ask her, beg her and at times force her into doing those negative things.

I came away with a couple of irks though. I dislike Rachel’s brother Robbie immensely. I don’t recall liking him the first time he was introduced into the series either. I am getting tired of the (lack of) relationship between Rachel and Ivy. I understand Ivy has her issues. But geez. Get on with it already. It’s getting repetitive. Get some therapy. Heck, eat a therapist if it’ll help. But move on.

I have never liked any of Rachel’s male relationships. Although Kisten was growing on me and then POOF. So, mental note – probably a good idea for me to continue not liking any of the male friends. (Also a good note for my watching of America’s Next Top Model. Because even if I don’t watch the show entirely anymore, the one time I’ll turn it on and say “Hey, that girl’s cute!” she’ll be voted off at the end of the show. I kid you not. This also happened with the ONE time my best friend and I saw an episode of Britain’s Next Top Model. The ONE time. We liked this one girl and within the next 30 mins she was booted off. It is not safe for me to like people on TV or in books!)

I did find this story somewhat flat. I think that might have had to do with the minimal amount of Al. I love Al. Or at least I generally do (he doesn’t count as “male” being a demon and all) only he didn’t make me laugh like he normally does. (Well, with the exception of, “Splendid! A fire!”) I loved The Outlaw Demon Wails so much so there was a good chance that this book would pale slightly in comparison. I don’t think the series has started to go downhill at all. I can’t wait for the next one. In fact I am so happy that Kim Harrison has a YA book coming out in the summer because this will be a good break in my year-long wait for the 8th book!

The Rachel Morgan/The Hollows series

  1. Dead Witch Walking
  2. The Good, The Bad & the Undead
  3. Every Which Way But Dead
  4. A Fistful of Charms
  5. For a Few Demons More
  6. The Outlaw Demon Wails
  7. White Witch, Black Curse
  8. Black Magic Sanction
  9. Pale Demon

Why I Blog (aka When Blogging Goes Bad)

I have been mulling over whether or not to write this or not, but the current drama in the Book Blogging World got me thinking. Also, with this killer flu virus robbing me of my ability to actually talk in the real world, it’s driving me to be a lot more chatting on the internet. I can’t help it!

First of all, I have never understood blogging drama. I have been a witness to it many times and each time I have just shaken my head and wondered “whaa.???”. Blogging is not a popularity contest. I know a lot of people blog for other people and base their “cool factor” on the number of comments and visits they get. That’s… fine for some.

Honestly? I have been around on the net before Blogging was blogging. Before it was “The ‘net” even! I have been part of a BBS community, chatted on IRC (internet relay chat), was one of the first people to have an account with ICQ (which I don’t even know if people still use??), was on mailing lists and so forth. I had my own personal webpage back when Geocities was born. I used FrontPage to edit my html pages. It was all very basic, but I had fun with it. It was a place to post photos and updates in a format that my family and friends from far away could access easily.

I switched to the blog format back in 2003 when a friend introduced me to it. I didn’t know what I thought exactly except that it was a much less time consuming format to upload my updates and photos. I didn’t always have to create a new html page each time.

I have made some great friends online, through fan groups and blogging. One such friend even ended up being the photographer at my wedding. One came all the way to my wedding by herself across North America not even having met us in person. I cherish these friendships and am thankful that because of a blog entry we found each other.

I started posting about books that I was reading on my main blog mostly because I wanted people to know about the amazing books I had just read. It was after reading my friend Monkey’s book blog for a while that I thought, what the heck! And started a blog devoted to my book reviews since it was getting to be a rather large category on my main blog. Thus Beyond Books was born really for my own purposes. I wanted a place to keep track of my books easier and if I happened to interest someone else in the world in a book, then all the better.

I have never understood blog drama. It’s a public space, you can’t say you are surprised if someone you’ve written something negative about has found that post and called you out on it. You do have to be somewhat careful in what you say. Sure, freedom of speech and everything, but be smart about it. I have had too many blog friends have to shut down one blog and resurface under another name and have a “secret” blog, I have had friend have to stop blogging because people were harassing them just to be mean. I have had friends who have stopped blogging because they got sick of people comparing themselves to how popular their blog is over the other.

When people start getting petty and saying their blog is better than such and such because of this and that. Well, I just stop following them. I’m not a school girl anymore. Elementary or Secondary. This is really immature behaviour.

Sure I love getting comments as much as the next person. And I do check out my stats regularly. But I am ok with the average 15 visits I get a day on my book blog. A good day might bring me 30 visitors! Wow! I’m almost a celebrity! Now my main blog gets about 130-150 visits a day, but then again its been around a lot longer AND I talk about a lot of different things not just books. I’m writing about books here and if you’re not interested in the book you’re more likely not to come by and read about it.

The problem with Themed Blogs is this: many of the people who have a blog about the same thing are going to be very like-minded. This means that they will tend to talk about the same things about the subject. With book blogs for example, bloggers will write about what they’re looking forward to, what they’ve bought, what they’ve picked up at the library, etc. It’s going to happen. The thing is you can’t be nasty about it, it just puts a bad taste in other people’s mouths. I’m more likely to stop reading a blog that is being nasty about other bloggers or authors that’s just me.

I stopped reading a few blogs a while back (not book-related) because I was tired of the bloggers always talking about how popular they were and how much their blog was better than others out there. Really. I used to read you because you made me laugh and I was interested in what you had to say, but suddenly you became very cocky about being the best blogger. And you know what? No.

I’m blogging for me, and my family and friends. I’m writing about books because I love books. I love music more, but I don’t write about it because reading about music bores me (go figure) and I don’t want to write about something I wouldn’t read myself! I have been a computer geek for a long time, I have been known by various other names and only in the last few years have I been known by my NAME on the internet. I had my first alias when I was 13 and I would chat with my dad’s computer friends on a BBS (that sounds way creepy now that I have written it out, but I swear it wasn’t!!). I’m on facebook and twitter, I have two blogs, I check my email obsessively. I like to do internetty stuff. But I am not doing it because I think it makes me cool. I do it because I have a sickness fun with it and I have been doing it for years.

Not to say I don’t want more people to comment on what I write about. 😉 I love attention as much as anyone. Heh.

So, why do you blog? How did you get started? Have you changed what you blogged about, read or did because of blog drama? And why do you think there’s blog drama?

Burning questions on my mind here all because of this. Whenever there is drama I always have to wonder WHY?