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The Goblin Gate

The Goblin Gate (Goblin Wood, Book 2)
by Hilari Bell

He’s willingly crossed over to the Otherworld with a hedgewitch named Makenna and her legion of goblins. What Tobin doesn’t know is that the Otherworld is a perilous dimension that leeches magic from those who have it—and life from those who don’t. In order to save his brother, Jeriah must find a way to open a mystical gate between the worlds.

Searching for the key to rescue Tobin from the clutches of the Otherworld, Jeriah is thrust into a tangled web of political intrigue as he uncovers a dangerous secret that could change the fate of an entire kingdom. Now he must get help from the very beings he’s been taught to hate—the mischievous goblins. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for Tobin. (goodreads.com)

This book sounded really interesting to me so I jumped at the chance to review it. My one problem? I didn’t notice this was a sequel. Argh. The Goblin Gate would have been easier to get into had I read the first book, I am sure. There were many character relationships and personalities that I think I would have gotten had I read this series in order.

I had a difficult time relating to any of the characters so I tried to focus on the story itself. Although confusing at first until I picked up enough clues in references to understand what was happening, the story is pretty rich in detail and action. I tried to read the book with my main focus on the current plot/mystery that Jeriah has discovered whilst trying to figure out how to get his brother out of Otherworld. This made the book much more interesting for me. I didn’t really have an attachment to Tobin or the hedgewitch who were in the Otherworld since I didn’t read the first book so I sort of found those chapters dull and uninteresting to me. I know I would have cared more had I known more about them.

This is certainly a story that needs the first book read in order to truly enjoy. I’m a little disappointed that I made that error. Argh. BUT I can say that when the book ended I was all, “What? Wait! What happens now!?!?!” so I will be looking out for the third book next winter. I will make sure to have read The Goblin Wood first though! I’d like to make sure I don’t miss anything important!

I am happy to have finally read a book by Hilari Bell, too. I have had The Last Knight on my wishlist forever and just recently discovered that there are 3 more books after that one! I need to get on that train soon! I quite enjoyed Bell’s writing style and imagination. The ONLY reason I had any difficulties with this book was due to not having read the first book in the series.

I am not an expert on What Boys Read, but I feel that this series will appeal to the middle grade male reader if they like fantasy and adventure.

Goblin Wood

  1. The Goblin Wood
  2. The Goblin Gate
  3. The Goblin War (December 2011)

bringin’ the festive

decorating is a many step process

It’s the last weekend in November (I don’t know how that got here so fast) and that means I have to start the Christmas preparations! Shawn nicely carried up the large rubbermaid boxes of Christmas Stuff from the basement for me. Mother Nature was nice enough to drop snow on my house and lawn over night (and continuing today) which makes it much more festive as I start to Festify my home!

I have spent much of the morning dusting and clearing off clutter on almost every surface on the main level of the house. The cedar chest now actually looks like a cedar chest again and not a dumping ground for wayward books and book paraphernalia. I have dusted the lamps, the piano (well, I stopped at the enchanted forest to take a break, eat something and blog) and I have cleared off the counter in the kitchen.

After my break there will be more dusting and then I shall open up those boxes of Christmas Stuff and see what I have left from last year. I think I might need to restock on garland. I know I need to buy lights and a tree topper for the tree this year.

I’m trying to figure out when we should get our tree. Next weekend is the first weekend of December and that might be too early. The weekend after? It’ll be the 10th on the Friday. That should be good, right? I think we normally get our tree that weekend. Hmm.

I woke up super early this morning and felt all rested but now that it’s just past 11:30 in the morning I feel my eyes drooping and I think I might have to take a nap before I continue the decorating process!

The only thing I am not doing is vacuuming. I opted to just sweep up places that looked particularly messy.

I should have cleaned last weekend. I hate cleaning. But I like decorating.

Time to blast my Christmas music some more and get back to it!

bring on the snow

We have the cold (below zero). We just walked the dogs in the chilly night. I have made myself some decaf coffee as a toasty beverage tonight to help ward off the chill and I have even turned the heat on in the house.

Now I just need snow.

Hear that, Mother Nature? I want SNOW.

Don’t give it to the West Coast, they can’t handle it. I want it here, in Montreal. I want it now.

I don’t want the ice and slush, mind you, I just want the pretty big flakes and crisp white snow covered ground.





That’s what I want!


Shawn and I decided to sit down and watch something on Netflix last night. I’ve been out of sorts and can’t seem to get interested it anything these days so when I saw that Netflix had a movie I thought would entertain me I decided to give it a go.

We wandered downstairs to the basement, turned on the Wii, loaded up Netflix and picked our movie…

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Now, I love this movie. Or at least, I thought I did. We both were fairly content with the choice because we have memories of side-splitting laughter and fun times.

Only… the movie just didn’t cut it. We snickered at some parts but for the most part we realized how dated the movie was, how early 1990’s the jokes were and how this just wouldn’t translate well to people today. (Reference to the Rodney King beating for instance – can you think of one person under the age of 25 who would get the “I hope someone’s recording this!” line from that part of the film?) I can’t believe that this came out 17 years ago. I remember watching it in the movie theatre with friends and cracking up to the point of not being able to breathe!

Maybe you have to be in a certain  mood for Mel Brooks films? I don’t know. It didn’t seem earth shatteringly funny. It seemed juvenile and predictable. Which was sad because we both figured we’d be cracking up and having a grand old time watching the movie.

I didn’t hate the movie or anything this time around, I was just disappointed in it. Sometimes things you remember tend to be better in your memories than in real life.

I thought this movie would make me laugh as much as when I rewatch The Princess Bride (it was on tv a couple of weeks ago and we caught the end of it and it ALWAYS makes me laugh!) Sadly, it doesn’t seem to pass the test of time like the other one does. I am not sure I know why, I do know that Cary Elwes is awesome in this type of role. I always think he also stars in Top Secret but turns out that’s Val Kilmer. Huh. I’m wondering if Top Secret would also fall flat if I watched it now or if it would make me laugh like The Princess Bride. These are movies I loved as a teen!

I shall always have fond memories of you, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but I do not think I need to own you like I always thought I would. Maybe if I see you in a bin for $2 or something I’ll consider it, but for now I’m happy with having just watched you via my Wii on Netflix.

(Side note: I was a little unhappy with Netflix Canada when Shawn signed us up because it had crap all for selection. Unless you loved cheesy, horrible zombie movies (which Shawn does). But the movie and tv selection has started to increase and there are actually things on there that I would actually watch. So I have slightly higher hopes for them. The icing on the cake would be if they got rights to all Disney media. THEN I would have stuff to watch!)