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i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
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seven things on a sunday – in which i don’t actually write about my dogs

1. I have realized that I am not fan of travelling. I hate flying – scared of it, and I hate being confined to one tiny seat for long periods of time. I don’t like the bus – I get motion sick, and again, stuck in one seat for long periods of time. The train isn’t too bad because you can sort of get up and move around, and I don’t get motion sick. But any trip over about 3 hours, and I start to get antsy and claustrophobic. Same goes for car trips – motion sickness if I try to read anything, or look at anything in the car. But at least it’s our own space, and we can stop and get out of the car whenever we want to. We just did a pretty epic one, and by the end I was ready to never see the inside of my car ever again. Even before we left, I was dreading the trip HOME. Thankfully the worst of my aches and pains and anxiety didn’t hit until the last leg of the trip and for that one we had about 4 hours to go. So travelling, coupled with having to sleep in beds that aren’t my own, and take showers in showers that aren’t my own, and having to live out of a suitcase… not my thing. The longest flight I have taken (that I can recall, so I am not including the flight to Alberta when I was 4), was just over three hours long – to Orlando, Florida. For Disney World. If I am going to fly, you can bet your bippy it will be for a freaking magical reason. I felt like I was trapped and wanted OFF that plane. Even when I do go places, it’s to visit someone and not to sight see. I am not a sight seeing person. Nor is Shawn. Sure, I’d like to see some places (Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Nordic countries) but until someone invents teleportation, I think I’ll pass on those trips for a while.

2. Back in early November, I got a Wake-Up Light. It’s an awesome alarm clock that wakes you up gently by simulating sunrise!

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while, and kept forgetting. A friend on Facebook mentioned having a magical, whimsical alarm clock, that has sunrise and chirping birds. I looked into this and thought that it might work well for me – because aside from not travelling well, I also don’t wake up well. The shock to my system from our alarm sound every morning always upset my stomach. It’s awful. So I mentioned to Shawn I might like to try this, and I thought it would make a great Christmas gift, but he gave it to me early because, well, November is dark and gloomy and triggers my PTSD. So this clock starts to get bright about 20 minutes before you want to get up (I have it set for 7am, so it starts to lighten at 6:40), then at 7 I have a soft, piano sound start to play, but honestly, I am generally awake way before then. It even had a sunSET setting, so you can set it to turn off after x- minutes and it will gradually darken the room. This is also cool for settling down to sleep after reading or something. I love this light to pieces.

3. We decorated our front yard Dalek for Christmas.

So far it has held up pretty well, even with all the snow we got a few weeks ago. The point of this monstrosity in our front yard is to try and protect the tiny twig of a tree we planted in the spring. Honestly I started doing this as a joke, but I think I’ll keep it up for a while. I kind of like the bow on top. heh.

4. I failed big time with Christmas cards. I didn’t get many done at al, so aside from a few close friends, I didn’t give or send any out this year. I had high hopes though. I started working on them towards the end of November. I got about 6 made. Oops.

The problem was with all the Big Things sort of dragging me down, it was difficult to find the motivation AND time to get them done. I just wasn’t inspired this year. I already knew I wasn’t going to mail as many cards this year due to the insane increase in the price of stamps, but I’d wanted to send out a few. Oh, well. I hope my friends and family forgive me. If they don’t, well, Christmas cards are a pretty petty thing to give up a friendship over. =P

5. On the topic of holidays, I never did post about what my Halloween costume was this year! Well, I was my own version of Madeline Hatter from Ever After High (the Mad Hatter’s daughter!)

Turns out there were no adult-sized costumes for this character (drat!) and she’s my all-time favourite one from that series. So I found some similar-type items at a costume shop, made it a little less slutty by covering up the cleavage drop and had fun with this in the office all day on Halloween! I even took minutes at a meeting like this. I might get frustrated being in a job that I don’t particularly feel is the right fit for me, but by golly am I lucky where I work that everyone there puts up with me and enjoys my shenanigans.

6. I love watching my husband play video games. I know this is odd, but it’s sort of like watching a television program. I don’t play many games myself (LEGO Harry Potter notwithstanding), but watching Shawn play games on his new PS4 has been very fun. He did have this one zombie-like game that I couldn’t watch too much of because it gave me nightmares (the sounds. Gah!) but even years ago, when Shawn would play other games I’d like watching, and commenting. It’s a silly way to spend time together, but I am sure other gaming households will understand. 😉

7. I made Shawn a Sophspirational Quote calendar for Christmas. This started out as a joke to cheer him up over a couple of bad days, but after I’d send them to him, I’d post them online and everyone seemed to want more. So I made about 2 weeks worth of quotes. It almost broke my brain. But now Shawn has a nice monthly desk calendar to help cheer him up when he’s having a bad day at work. After all, #NoSophie is a great motivator!

the simple christmas that lasted most of december

Last December I was home on medical leave all month. It was a very rough time, but it was also nice to deal with December without having to worry about getting to work and fitting everything into small spaces of free time. This year was way more hectic and our moods weren’t much better than last year. There has been way too much sadness in 2014 and by the time Christmas season rolled around, neither of us had much energy or Christmas spirit. I did, of course, change up the blog theme and decorate at home, but this year the home decorations were minimal and I was ok with that.

We got our tree on the last day of November, because it was a Sunday and I would be away for the first weekend in December. We put lights on it, but didn’t start decorating it because we wanted some of the branches to fall first. It was looking a little crooked, but without the branches full out, we couldn’t get it right. By the middle of the week, I decided I sort of liked it with just the white lights. So we left it that way. We did add the star, our clear glitter ball ornaments, and the severed head of Potter. Everything else stayed in the boxes in the basement. Shawn asked me if I was feeling ok when I said I wanted a minimalist tree. That’s very out of character for me. This year I just wasn’t feeling the cluttery decor.

Even the rest of the house was minimalist in terms of decorations. I took out our stockings (sad to only have one dog one this year. :() and of course we had to have the marshmallow baby Jesus out, but that was most of it. I got Shawn a LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar this year and it was cute. Not sure if we’ll do it again next year though.

We did put lights up in the front window, and I love my glittery snowflake garland (from the Dollar Store years ago!).  I did a lot of my shopping for Shawn online and I did it early. So by that last day of November, I had almost everything for him wrapped and ready to put under the tree (as seen in the first photo). There were a couple of items I was waiting on, but I was so on top of that this year.

What I wasn’t on top of was Christmas cards. I hardly got any made, still need to finish Shawn’s card, and didn’t send any out this year. Alas.

The first full weekend in December I took the train to visit Monkey and her husband. This seems to have become a traditional yearly visit and I look forward to it. We are very low-key when I visit, which I appreciate. This year we wore our comfy jammies and watched The Sound of Music – until the intermission when it was past my bed time and we turned it off. Rock stars. Obviously.

When I came home from that trip, I saw that Santa had come!

And apparently Santa brought me a DOOR! At least that’s how big that package was under the tree. (SPOILER: It wasn’t a door.) I had been bouncing all week, wanting to give Shawn his presents, so when Shawn suggested we do Christmas that evening, well… I agreed! I was so excited about what I had gotten him! Plus, we were likely not going to be home for Christmas… but more on that later!

The large door-like gift was actually a very nice wood writing/crafting desk. Once we clear out one of the unused guest rooms (right now it’s a junk room with a single bed in it), it will go in there and I will be able to craft and perhaps sew. (You know, on the off chance I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas. I don’t know about that. Nope. I don’t. It wasn’t in our Costco cart at one point. Nope. All I saw was toilet paper and fabric softener…) I got Shawn a PS4 (which he is playing right now), games for said PS4 and some other techy stuff.

He got me awesomeness:

Dude. A Jem and the Holograms CHRISTMAS SWEATER! I love him.

New case for my phone: Jinx, Annie, and Sophie. *melts*

Jem workout pants! WHEEE!

So, yeah. We did Christmas on December 7th. But we had a good reason!

Because on December 18th we drove 10 hours to Windsor, Ontario.

Then on December 19th we crossed the Ambassador Bridge into Michigan.

And drove. And drove.

And saw an epic sunset in Kentucky.

And drove, and drove some more. Until we stopped in Nashville, TN, where the stars aligned and I actually got to meet Yoj IN FREAKING PERSON!

Dude. We even had the SAME bag – in Christmas colours! What the heck! It’s like we were meant to be friends!

Only 10.5 years of knowing her online, through blogging, but we got to meet. And have dinner together! And go to Target together! (What? Don’t all epic meetings involve a trip to Target?) And go shopping in the Cracker Barrel gift shop and laugh at items there! And I got to meet her insanely tall 13-year old son – whom I have watched grow up through photos sine he was 2. I wish we had more time together, but our evening was short.

Why? Well, because on December 20th we drove, and drove some more to just outside of Memphis, TN.

And here’s why:

Say hi to Yoshi (Sugarok Year of the Dragon)! He’s Sophie’s new brother. She’s not quite sure what to make of him yet, but I see many similarities already. 😉 We have adopted all of our Lappies from Linda at Sugarok, and she has become a good friend as well. We had been wanting a puppy, but the timing didn’t work out and Linda offered us the opportunity to adopt Yoshi from her. Since we had sort of planned on traveling down there over Christmas had the puppy thing worked out, we thought – why not? This was an epically long road trip, which got cut short because they were forecasting a major storm during the time we were to drive home, so we ended up leaving Linda’s early (and all it ended up being was rain. Rain and mild. Ugh.)

Yoshi is going to be 3 on January 1st. He’s an AKC Grand Champion show dog and can be shown here in Canada – if I find the courage to try and show him. Scary! He’s a very chill, sweet boy, who has been adapting very well to his major life change. He wants to play with Sophie, and Sophie is constantly insulted by this. But in the 3 day drive home, both dogs travelled very well together.


While visiting Linda, Sophie got to play with her litter-sister Kira.

Can you see the difference? I can’t see the difference.

Oh! There’s the difference! Kira has EARS! Although her mannerisms were so similar to Sophie’s it was amazing to watch them together. Sophie was actually happy to see her. She wasn’t so sure about all of the other dogs living there though. She and her birth mother had a few Family Christmas Stress moments. 😉 But those are the holidays, right? What are the holidays without some sort of stressful family reunion!

Family photo! Kira (sister); Didi (LappyMummy); Sophie; and, grandma Linda (human =P).

Didi was a sweetheart and if we could have snuck her home with us, we would have. But one extra dog was more than enough. We are a pack of 4 again in this house.

He’s touching my Snow Mountain, Mummy! WHY!?!?

Even if Sophie is constantly offended that Yoshi keeps following her around, and trying to play with her. The nerve!

We came home on Christmas Eve (two days early) and have spent the last two days recovering from all the travel. We did spend a night at my parents’ place in Kingston before continuing home. It was a long day. They will be here tomorrow for lunch, Sunday I get to celebrate Jillmas, when Jill comes for her annual Christmas visit, and then New Year’s Day we will see Shawn’s parents and introduce them to Yoshi. I have the full week off, but Shawn has to work three days.

It’s been an odd December and a very non-traditional Christmas season for us. Any other year this would have bothered me immensely, but this year it just felt right. We were meant to have an odd Christmas this year.  Because it’s turned out pretty alright.

Merry Christmas to you all, Internet! Thanks for sticking with me through all the ups and downs!

big things, little things

There are big things I cannot write about. So I don’t.

But there are also little things. Little things I could write about, but the exhaustion from the big things makes it almost impossible to find any energy to write.

Little things like:  how I drove on snow for the first time EVER last night. Keep in mind, I have only had my actual license for 3 years now. I was always too scared to drive in winter. I was scared driving at all, to be honest. But the last year I have become way more comfortable behind the wheel and I had to get to an appointment and pick up my husband. So I drove in the snow and I feel like I have unlocked an achievement. Woo!

There are big things I would never write about. So I don’t.

But there are also little things that I don’t mind sharing with the world but the overwhelmingness of the big things I just have no desire to write about anything else.

Little things like: how I spent last weekend visiting Monkey and her husband and had a wonderful time. This, now traditional, visit at the start of December has become so special to me. It’s a much needed mental break away from big things and everything else.  I have an amazing friend who gets me and is happy to tailor the weekend to my state of mind. We can sit on the couch and watch TV and play Frozen Free Fall (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) and not really go out in big crowds. We can colour, craft, chat. And I feel calm and relaxed and I am so thankful for my friends. Monkey also feeds me VERY well. I am spoiled rotten with the food I am fed. Yum.

But the big things still loom and lurk.

And it often feels like the big things will never dissipate. Most creative aspects of my life suffer due to the big things. I am not writing (blogging), I am not reading, I am not making my Christmas cards (so I don’t think many will be sent out this year). I am feeling crushed by the big things which seem to last forever and ever.

I need to find the strength to focus on the little things and make sure I write them down, or I’ll forget all about them due to the weight of the big things. Because it’s not all about big things even if it feels like it is.