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green & simple christmas 2015

I had every intention of writing about Christmas before the last day of the month, but I had the flu and was miserable, and then I got LEGO Batman 3 and have been lost in a videogame void for the past few days and haven’t done much of anything else. And, and, and.

It seems strange to write about our green Christmas when the current view outside my window is nothing but SNOW, but we did have a very green Christmas this year. Christmas eve was 17C outside. And it was about 10C on Christmas day. Weirdest Christmas weather ever for this part of the world.

It wasn’t just the weather that was different, there’s been some other stuff that made this Christmas a little more difficult to find the joy within. But we had a simple, quiet holiday and I think it was just what we needed.

The older we get, the less we need that can be wrapped under a tree. We have been trying to declutter the house, so adding extra junk to that wasn’t really on our minds. This was also our first Christmas WITH Yoshi in the house. I was worried that he’d think the tree was an indoor potty, or that the ornaments were chew toys, but he didn’t really pay attention to the tree at all for the entire month. Good boy!

And whereas Sophie finds anything Christmas terrifying, Yoshi was right in on the action!

Each dog had a bully stick unwrapped in their stockings. We had to hand Sophie her’s – to her Safe Zone Spot way at the other end of the house – far, far away from CHRISTMAS, GAH! But Yoshi found his all on his own, took it out of the stocking and pranced around with it before settling down to chew away while we opened our gifts.

Yoshi also wanted to know what was in all of the other boxes and bags, so he occasionally wandered over, walked over all the stuff, and paper, and stuck his face into wrapped bags. He watched Shawn open his gifts very carefully – just in case there was something else for Yoshi! This one photo was a perfect capture, because the gift was to Shawn from the FLOOFS. I guess Yoshi was concerned that his unFLOOF wouldn’t like it. (It was a Chewbacca bobblehead. Shawn, the unFLOOF, did like it!)

As every year, my husband out-gifted me in every way – especially in thoughtfulness. My favourite gift this year from Shawn was this picture frame.

He updated the Finnish Lapphund Dr photos to include Sophie and Yoshi. All five of our Lappies are together in one place. My heart is just full of love for this man and our past and present dogs. (Counter clockwise: Kewpie, Annie, Jinx, Yoshi (and his scarfy), and Sophie.) I moved the other frame, of Kewpie, Annie, and Jinx onto another wall. *heart eyes*

Christmas dinner was had at my in-laws’, where we were spoiled yet again with gifts and love. I normally take a photo of their tree, but was feeling so sick that day that I forgot. Oops. Dinner was delicious, and laughs were plenty, and we had the best dessert I have ever had – some sort of creampuffs on top of brownie cake. OMG. Who knew that combination would work? I sure didn’t. But I want to marry that dessert now. We also got to take home ALL of the leftovers (including more than half a turkey!) because my in-laws were leaving the next morning to visit more family. So much food!

The next day was spent recovering from Christmas food and activity by cleaning the house because my parents were coming over for dinner. Heh. My parents dropped off the world’s biggest roast beef from their butcher in Kingston (YUM!) and it’s still in my fridge today (last of the left overs will be eaten for lunch). They came back after they visited my sister for a bit and we had a lovely visit and Christmas The Second with them that evening.

We’ve had a quiet and calm holiday break since then. I was sick, Shawn just caught my flu fully, and so we didn’t visit anyone, or go anywhere. The snow came finally, I think it tried to show up in as much quantity as it could to make up for the lack of snow all December. So now we’re (Shawn) out there shovelling every day. I just wanted it for Christmas. I have decided I am ok without having tons of snow around. Although the grey, rainy December was not helping with depression. Ugh. And due to schoolwork, illness, work-work, and this pesky chronic fatigue I have been fighting, I didn’t get any cards out at all. We staged an awkward family photo that I posted on facebook on Christmas eve. It’s silly, like us. And really, that’s all we needed out of this season. Simple, silly, quality time together. I hope your holidays were similar.

Merry Christmas from us!

it’s not you, it’s me 

It’s not you, it’s me. I have no interest in reading political anything. Just doesn’t interest me.

It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t like to read angry, negative rants. So I don’t.

It’s not you, it’s me. That “us vs. them” attitude just doesn’t work for me. So I don’t listen to it.

It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t care about religious views. It’s a personal thing, and doesn’t need to be aired out in public.

It’s not you, it’s me. I like my social media feeds to be filled with sunshine and puppies, so I block out the dark clouds and loud, angry voices. Friend or family, doesn’t make a difference. I’m happy with sunshine and puppies and rainbows. Don’t care much about anything else. Well, maybe kittens.

But that’s just me, not you.

So when I click the unfollow button, don’t worry.

It’s not you.

It’s me.

trying to find the festive

I’m struggling, folks. I am finding it more and more difficult to find the festive the closer we get to Christmas. I’m feeling blue and I think it’s related to how green everything is. If I wanted a green Christmas, I’d move south.

green christmas 2015

There’s so much misery going around – for everyone. Adulting is HARD. You don’t really get to take a vacation from adulting either.

Couple the general negativity that’s going on in the world around us these days, with the fact that we have had a very mild, and green fall (into December), I’m just not feeling the Christmas joy. I don’t even feel much like faking said joy.

green christmas 2015

I came home from work one day to find that my husband had put up lights outside. We’ve never had lights outside and to come home, in the dark, to a glowy-whimsical front porch was a delight. When I got inside, I saw Shawn had put up various decorations and it really did cheer the place up a bit. He put stuff up in different places than I normally do – which I love! I get stuck in the same decorating pattern year after year, and it gets dull. This year things are mixed up and it feels nice.

But I still don’t feel very festive.

We went and picked up our tree today. It was 7C. I think it was in the negatives last year, and miserable outside. It’s strange getting ready for Christmas when it feels like mid-October outside. October felt like August. We might just have to push all of our seasons around by about two months.

Yoshi and his indoor potty

There are a lot of things on my mind, and it’s hard to weed through those things and focus on the few happy thoughts there are. This isn’t a PTSD-related thing. It’s just…everything is so blah right now. The news. The weather. Work. Responsibility. Adulting.

It’s hard for me to shop for Christmas gifts when it feels like there should still be 3 months until Christmas. This will prove problematic once Christmas rolls around and I have not gotten any shopping done. The closer it gets the more crowded the stores. I hate shopping. I hate shopping in crowded stores even more.

Even listening to Christmas music isn’t fun — I KNOW! This is ME! I generally listen to it in June! But I just skip past each song as it plays. And dude. I have over 24 hours of Christmas music on my phone. And that’s just what’s activated.

Everyone around me is sad, tired, stressed…it’s difficult to find the festive when you’re all so exhausted just trying to make through each day as it comes.

Twenty days until Christmas, hopefully there will be some snow before then and it will help pick up our spirits. I hope so.