i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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leap you know you want to

If you look at the word “leap” long enough, it will no longer look like a word. It will look like you picked four random letters and tried tossing them together. True story.

I wanted to write today because I have never posted on a leap day before. At least, not on this blog. I thought it would be nifty. And then I thought all day about what I would write, and I’ll be honest: I got nothing.

Suppose I could write about how I took today off, and about how February was a rough month. But meh, that’s dull.

I could write about how I’m feeling restless, and twitchy, and want to do something, anything, different and new, and fun. I feel sort of trapped. Or stuck. Or on the cusp of something, but I don’t know what that is yet. The air around me is all electric, and it’s not just static electricity because of the dry winter. (Though the dogs would beg to differ as they are constantly being shocked when we try to pet them.)

I’m just not sure where I am leaping yet. I feel like a leap is pending. Leaping limbo.

I have five books out from the library right now, and I had a 3-day weekend where I could have read every day. Yet, no reading happened. I have just been flitting around from one thing to the next, not really accomplishing much of anything. Books unopened. Feathers rustling.

It’s the cusp of spring, but we’re about to have a snowstorm. I feel like this around this time of year a lot. More-so since the end of March 2013 when I have pretty much felt like I have been on the cusp of leaping on a daily basis.

Spring fever? An impending change? Hormones? Who knows.

I’m just feeling electric. Full of static. Ready to move, run, leap. But feeling as though I might be stuck down with tape. I need to unstick and complete the leap.

It is, after all, a leap year this year. Leap day today.

So go ahead. Leap.

straight from the heart

I made my friends some Valentine’s Day cards today; to let them know I care.

valentines by cat  valentines by cat
valentines by cat  valentines by cat
valentines by cat  valentines by cat
valentines by cat


(made with Paper by FiftyThree, and WordSwag, by me!)

My Traditional Ode to Valentine’s Day

He Shoots Again

cupid’s arrow has done it again
just like a bull’s eye
it struck my heart
and made me love
he made me love
someone i can never have

oh, cupid is playing darts
with his bow and arrow
and my heart is the board
he shoots and he shoots some more
until my heart is sore
and he shoots again

i hear the laughter again
to him it’s just a game
there’s pleasure in my pain
and he made me love
he made me love
someone i’ll never have

without your help i can do just fine
please leave the choice up to me
look at all the pain you’ve caused
in all of history,
romeo and juliet, adam and eve
would have been just fine without you
why don’t you just leave?

and he shoots again
and he shoots again

he’s drunk on love’s passion
he’s crazy for love
he needs it, he wants it
he’ll take it ’til you’re sore
he’s just got to, got to
got to have more

and he shoots again

oh, cupid is playing darts
with his bow and arrow
and my heart is the board
he shoots and he shoots some more
until my heart is sore
and he shoots again

© cjh
february 4, 1993

Yep I  am totally flaking out and posting my Ode to Valentine’s Day here  (as I normally do) as my “look! I blogged this month!” thing. I can’t find time for anything these days. Work has been extra crazy because of people being absent (not ME this time!). I am behind in my school work – and it’s only a 6-week course! And I just can’t find time to put words on paper (metaphorical paper OR real paper) right now. 

But tomorrow is apparently Valentine’s Day and for some reason that makes me happy. Not celebrating it or anything. We never do. But this year I find I am not as disgusted by hearts and pink and red, and more hearts than I normally am. And a little search through my blog so I could copy/paste my song made me realize I hadn’t posted this in the last two years… oh, boy. THREE years! It’s not 2015 this year. I get why I didn’t do it in 2014 & 2o15, but I imagine I just forgot in 2013. How sad. I like my little 23-year old song.

One day (year) I will remember to record this with music and upload it so you will know how it goes. I just need to figure out this newfangled technology called Garage Band on my laptop. heh

Meanwhile, happy non-celebrational valentine’s day. Love the one you’re with every day of the year, and don’t make card companies richer. 😛