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3 Questions: author Lauren DeStefano (Wither, Fever)

Hi there, blog readers! Do you remember when I used to blog regularly and tell you all about the books I was reading? Sigh. Sorry about the lack of activity, life is all upside down and turned around right now, so I’m having a slight time management issue (as in, I have NO TIME FOR ANYTHING! GAH!) Heck, if I can actually find time to use the bathroom during the work day I consider that an accomplishment!

But that’s not why you’re here! You’re here for me to tell you about BOOKISH THINGS! And though I am slightly late in posting this, I have something exciting to present to you! I was lucky enough to have some questions answered by Lauren DeStefano, author of one of my most favourite series out there – The Chemical Garden Trilogy. Wither was a 2011 YA debut last year and I ADORED it. The second book, Fever, comes out this month and I reviewed it a few weeks ago, this book was also very much adored.

You’ll note that I am so out of time, I didn’t even have time to get five questions answered, which is what I normally do for this rare-occurring feature. Three questions was all I managed!

Lest I run out of time to actually finish this blog post, I shall stop here and present to you, Ms. DeStefano, author of the amazing Dystopian YA trilogy! Enjoy!


1. Did you ever feel anxious at all while writing FEVER? I was a huge ball of anxiety the entire time I was reading the story because of everything that was happening. Do you ever feel that sort of emotion when you write, or are you able to be detached from the events?

I did feel anxious, but I think my anxiety came from my wanting to tell the story in the best way possible. Fever is a bit of a darker story than Wither, and Rhine is presented with a lot of heartache, and I wanted to make sure I got it right. There was a lot of rewriting involved with the second installment, and a lot of sleepless nights.

2. The secondary characters in both WITHER and FEVER are very real and 3-dimensional. How deeply do you research those characters to make them so interesting?

I don’t research my characters. I acknowledge that they’re human beings with their own ideas, and I let them decide what they’d like to become.

3. What is your least favourite thing to do? (Could be anything from laundry, to walking around the block ;))

Waking up before 10:00 in the morning. It doesn’t matter if I’m waking up to collect a winning lottery ticket; if it’s before 10, I’m going to gripe about it.


Well, drat! I hit publish instead of save and posted this before it was done. GREAT! Go, me!

For those of you who happen to read this when you drop by, rather than in a feed reader, you’ll get extra stuff. heh

If you have not yet heard of this series or tried it – DO IT NOW! Go here and learn more about it. They have a lovely website set up with all sorts of nifty things! One of the coolest things on there is a map of the Wives’ floor, which I think is great. I like having maps and locations detailed for me when I read books (comes from a long standing romance with fantasy novels. I love being able to refer to the maps provided in the books to see what the journey is like!)

I was also going to post the rather cool looking widget they have on the site, but I can’t seem to get the code, so you’ll just have to click through the website and see it for yourself. It’s got the covert art from the second book on it and I LOVE the covers for this series. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

And as a disclaimer, though Simon & Schuster Canada provided me with the opportunity to ask Lauren some questions (thank you!), everything else in this post, all the gushing ramblings are 100% my own. If you’ve been reading for a while you know I don’t promote anything on my blog that I don’t 100% agree with and feel strongly about. If I didn’t adore this series so much I wouldn’t be telling you this, nor would I have jumped at the chance to interview the author. Just felt like explaining this to those of you who might be newer to these parts. (Welcome!)

Ok, NOW I’m finished with this post. I shall publish again and then link all social media thingamabobs to the completed post. heh


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