the anomaly that is me


Let’s see if this post makes it past the draft stage in a reasonable amount of time, shall we? Since the first of the month I have three other posts, all in draft mode, in various states of unfinished. But I want to get my birthday post up before a decade goes by. Otherwise the title of this post will be irrelevant.

I suppose I am officially in my mid-forties now. I’m not sure how this happened. I mean, I know how it happened because of time passage and stuff, but I feel like I blinked between being so excited about turning 18 and then suddenly, I’m closer to being a senior citizen than a teenager. Am I alone in thinking this feels weird? It feels weird.

Since I am such a weather nerd when it comes to my birthday, I shall document that this was one of the milder birthdays I have had in years. As I get older the less I like winter, so I am perfectly fine with nature giving me some spring hope on my birthday. I realize this is also not a good thing, but I am going to focus on good things right now, because way too much isn’t good.

I suppose I don’t really have much more to say about this birthday. If the last couple of years have taught me anything, it’s that no matter what my expectations are the unexpected always waiting around the corner. I am a little nervous to make any plans, or goals, because something inevitably comes up to derail them. Sometimes for worse, sometimes for better. So I am trying my best to just go with the flow. Not an easy task for someone who doesn’t do well with the unknown, and limbo.

But maybe this is a skill I will learn to perfect over time. Although, that sounds like a goal, and who knows what lurks around the corner to derail that! Heh.

Meanwhile, I know I am lucky to be surrounded by people who love me, friends who get me, and a life that might not be perfect, but it’s life, and it’s safe.

And now, six days after I began writing this, I am about to hit post. At least I am still closer to 44 than I am to turning 45! haha!

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