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a request for a goal

My entire life I have had some sort of obsession with cards. I don’t know why. I love to give them and I love to receive them. So I am asking (begging?) if you have my new home address, please send me a holiday card this year (if you send them out) because for some reason I am feeling very anxious about receiving cards at my new home.

I am having a slight obsession about holiday decorations. We don’t really have any furniture upstairs and I don’t know where I can put all my decorations. Where will the tree go? I need to buy end tables and a coffee table and a shelf thing to decorate before December!

It’s important to me this year to fill my house with Christmas cards, which I do every year, but I want this first Christmas in our New Home to be homey and filled with holiday cheer and love. I would love to have many, many cards. I plan on sending out a bunch as well. If you send ME one, I will send YOU one (you have to send me your mailing address though).

If you don’t have my new address and you use a VALID email address when you leave a comment and you would like my address leave me a comment saying so and I will reply to your comment via email and send you my address. How does that sound?

Yes, I am fishing for cards. Yes, asking people to send me cards is sort of lame. But I actually want to try and get as many cards as possible this year to sort of christen the new home.  Feel free to play along. 🙂


  • emsxiety

    Would it be okay if I got your addy from Monkey and sent you a holiday card? I like sending them myself from time to time. I get the urges now and again.

  • emsxiety

    Umm yeah Im a crack head, you can just use my email addy on here to send your address to me, I should have read the entire post before I commented. Sometimes I get so ahead of myself it’s scary.

  • Katherine

    Hey Christmas card girl, I’m doing mine this weekend, so if you want from a half American/Canadian blogger stuck in Germany for work, send me an email.

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