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Ok so every year there seems to be some new meme thing out there for a wrap-up of the entire year. In 2005 I answered random questions, in 2006 I modified one where I was supposed to just write the first line of each first post of the month. I think I liked what I did last year, so I will continue with that version. I will start each month with the first line of the first post and then I will add other important things that happened that month.

January (39 posts) : It’s getting harder and harder to remember the time when I actually cared about New Year’s Eve. [so true, I still feel this way]

  • turned 31, which to be honest I don’t really remember happening. When asked how old I am, I still say 30. It’s sort of as if the entire year in my in-laws’ home never happened.
  • went house hunting twice, which resulted in finding our house (the last one we saw on the last time we went out).
  • Monkey came to visit for my birthday and I so desperately wished she would move back to Montreal (hey, my wish came true!)

February (32 posts) : It’s true! [vague enough?]

  • had my first ever MRI
  • health started getting really bad, really fast
  • Jinx turned 2
  • still living in my in-laws’ basement… but closer to having our own place!
  • my favourite Aunt was diagnosed with cancer (multiple myeloma)

March (22 posts) : We’re off to sign the deed for the house. [pretty self explanatory, huh? YAY!]

  • bought our house 😉
  • Annie turned 9
  • Shawn turned 30
  • one year anniversary of the fire in Verdun, which in hindsight was a blessing in disguise
  • joined Facebook (hint, hint) and reconnected with a ton of people I missed.
  • got the keys to the house on the last day of the month!

April (24 posts) : So a bunch of years ago, when my lovely Dream Machine clock-radio died (I’d had it since the 5th grade, too) I was given this ’smart’ clock thing. [which is actually kinda cool]

  • moved into the house and out of the in-laws’ basement! w00ty w00t!
  • Marcel was the first visitor to the home and I made him breakfast
  • Monkey was the first over-night guest to the house and then decided to move back to Montreal and found an apartment in one day!

May (23 posts) : (Saturday evening photos will be up soon. I have a half-written draft post saved, I just ran out of time!)[I have so little time these days, sigh.]

  • Annabelly had surgery to remove what we thought was a tumor, but it turned out to be a cyst. Thank the doGs! 🙂
  • my Aunt passed away from her battle with cancer, May 25. 🙁
  • my father was diagnosed with cancer as well
  • seem to have posted a lot of photos of flowers. Heh. Won’t be doing that this coming year as all that has been dug up and covered in grass!

June (17 posts) : sick sick sick [sigh, such is the mantra of my life]

  • our 17-year old car died
  • my father had successful surgery to remove the tumor they found
  • we got our lovely new Dodge Caliber
  • got to see my Uncle after many, many years since he and his new family came to Montreal from BC for my Aunt’s memorial service.
  • Shawn started working the night shift, which went on for 13 bloody weeks!

July (9 posts – um, wow) : I cannot say that this has been a fantastic weekend. [when will we have a decent anniversary weekend, I wonder?]

  • first and foremost, posted the LEAST amount of posts I ever have in my life of having a blog. What the heck!?
  • Shawn had a fever of 102°F on our anniversary and had to work. Fun, fun!
  • saw Transformers and it was all sorts of awesome!
  • had a barium x-ray while on vacation
  • went to Granby Zoo with Shawn
  • met up with elementary school classmates for the first time in almost 20 years (thanks to Facebook)
  • Monkey moved back to Montreal! Yay!!
  • had fun at the Fireworks with Monkey and Shawn

August (16 posts) : If I had time, I swear I would post. [I am noticing a lack of time theme here…]

  • bought awesome red shoes, just like Monkey
  • Shawn still on nights at work
  • both dogs got sprayed by a SKUNK at 4 in the morning – ARGH!
  • yet another GI appointment canceled
  • started my book blog (which I desperately need to update… *cough*)

September (11 posts) : My iBook! [frustrates me even now, all these months later!]

  • thanks to the in-laws we’re sportin’ some comfy and fancy furniture in the living room!
  • booked my tickets for my trip to New Brunswick in October… which turned out to be a wash, but hey.
  • had my grandparents over for dinner for the first time in my new home
  • retook the Theory test for my learner’s permit… still haven’t practiced driving enough to do the practical.
  • Jill came to visit! Yay! And Jinx fell in love with her.

October ( 10) : Today is (Canadian) Thanks Giving. [whoopie! But at least it’s a day off, eh?]

  • finally had a test in the GI department, which of course didn’t show anything abnormal, but the doctor wouldn’t speak to me that day so I couldn’t tell him how bad things really were. Lovely.
  • went to New Brunswick to visit my cousins and ended up flying home halfway through due to serious health issues. Sigh.
  • Shawn quit his crappy job and started a new job where he actually gets vacation! Whee!
  • shower broke

November (18 posts) : Do they complain when their best hockey players can’t speak French and then make it a huge issue. [sometimes I hate living in Quebec]

  • yet ANOTHER GI appointment canceled. This time it was rescheduled to January 22. On the bright side, it’s now closer than it was in November. Health still hasn’t improved though.
  • discovered Ingrid Michaelson… probably one of the best albums I have ever listened to!
  • went to my BFF’s 6th birthday party and made a necklace 🙂
  • after THREE bloody trips to the salon, finally had awesome hair!
  • due to the awesome Canadian dollar, we booked our Disney Vacation for February 2008 and it was cheap, cheap, cheap! Wheee!
  • caved in to peer pressure and used a hair straightener for the first time

December (19 posts, including this one) : What is it about the first of December that always excites me? [it’s true! it always does!]

  • celebrated our first Christmas in our new home!
  • made my first turkey dinner for friends
  • made my first roast dinner for family
  • had two snowstorms which dropped over 4 feet of snow on the ground (UGH!)
  • am ending the year happier than I ever had. I am so content with things right now I sort of don’t want 2008 to start because I’m afraid it won’t be as wonderful as 2007. It IS an even-numbered year, though I rather like the number 8, it always (for some unknown reason) reminded me of the moon and I love the moon. Who knows.

But yes, the year is over and I have learned a lot, and lived a lot and experienced a lot. I have read a crap-load of books (too many to talk about even! Hence the lack of updates on the book blog). I have strengthened friendships and made new ones. I have lived life to the fullest this past year and even though I have a ton of stupid health problems that are driving me batty, I have found that friends and family are the best support to get through the tough times.

I am wary of 2008, but also anxious to see what it holds for us – other than our Disney trip. 😉


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