finnish lapphund,  sophie

and you can’t forget sophie

Since I have been a horrible blogger and never posted photos about my lovely dogs over their respective birthdays, I thought perhaps I should show some Sophie Love on the blog. All of this Jinx’s Garden talk is going to make her bratty. heh

This is my best side, yo. Actually all of my sides are the best because, duh. I’m ME!

The more comfortable Sophie gets living with us the more vocal she becomes. She doesn’t bark but she sings – not the singing that was happening when we first got her and she was crated, but she talks to us in a sing-song RooooooooOoooooo sort of manner. It’s sort of like a purr and growl and r-rolling woo.

She sings a lot.

Sooooomewhere ooooooover the roooooooOoooooobow!

Dooobee doobee roooooooOooooOOooooO!

All, I’m askiiinnnng is for a litttlleeeee rooooooooSPECT!

This morning Sophie crawled into my lap when I came down from bed and we had a mini sing-a-long together.

We are looooooOOOoooost togethrooOoooooooOooooOOOoo!

 And she might be beautiful and a fabulous singer and a champion snuggler, but sometimes you can catch her at her goofiest (just don’t tell her we have this photo…)


(and just ignore how fat my arms look at this angle. Not my most flattering photograph, either. See Sophie? We can suffer together!)

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