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My sweet little Annabelly will be having surgery tomorrow morning. She’s got a lump on her back leg that the vet wants to remove. That part of the ordeal will only take about 10 minutes and since she has to be under anesthetic for longer than that, they are also going to clean her teeth.

I am not all that concerned about the lump, I know it could be serious but mostly I am worried about the anesthetic. She is a nine year old dog and any time an animal goes under it’s worrisome.

She’s there now. We dropped her off after work so it’s just me, Shawn and Jinx at home tonight. I miss my belly. 🙁

**EDIT** What makes me a little extra nervous than I normally would be is that May 28th is the 5 year anniversary of losing Kewpie. She, too was 9 and although it’s a totally different situation and Annie is NOT sick (unlike poor KewpieDoo) when I have a similar situation like this I find it very hard psychologically. Annie is Kewpie’s niece, after all. 🙂


  • maja

    I’m sure she’ll be okay. My cat was still having operations under anaesthetic when he was past 15 years old and was okay although it did take a little longer to get over it, it’s okay, as long as they do get over it! She’s so loved that I’m sure everything will be fine 🙂 xoxoxox

  • Cat

    Em60 (because that is STILL how I read your name! :)) thanks!

    maja – I’m terrified when *I* have surgery, so when it’s my doggie I get worse. HA!

    meritt – I should be phoned this afternoon after the surgery (sometime this morning) to be told how she is. I will certainly post an update! 🙂

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