attack of the croooooooooows!

I have had all the blinds pulled this afternoon due to a migraine and it’s just that kind of glare outside that kills me the most. But I was opening the back blinds to let some light in when Jinx noticed this huge crow staring into our living room from the wires outside. Jinx did not approve. I wasn’t about to let him out since I knew he’d just bark at it and frankly, I’m scared of crows. They are evil.

That’s when I noticed there were about 50 billion crows in the back yard and surroundings. Gah! So I let Jinx out to defend our home. Take that, crows!

These ones are SMALL. There are rooster-sized ones hovering around as well. But they must be camera shy because they fly away as soon as I try to snap their photo. Probably afraid I’ll capture their evil souls.

Jinx was quite concerned about the crows in his yard. Not quite as bad as squirrels, but even the squirrels know better than to stick around with the evil crows.

The yard is crow-free, however they are still up on the electric wires and in the trees.

Right before they settled in these trees they all flew up from the yard below (not mine) and it was SO LOUD – and that was just their wings! *shudder*

The one good thing about all these crows? I got this awesome shot of my Winxy Jinx!

(You can click some of these to enlarge – like if you want to see the billions of crows up close)


  • Liz

    We call those little crows “grackles” here.
    There are millions of them around our beach house in NC.
    They are obnoxious, but not nearly as evil as the dern crows.
    We have them, too, but you should go to Japan (maybe not)
    They are having a major problem with a recent population explosion of the big nasty evil crows.
    Mata ne

  • envoyette

    That is a great shot of Jinx!
    I HATE crows! The ones in England made me shiver as I walked by them as they sat on the walls. Now I understand why brits were so scared to be hung and the crows/ravens picked them apart! EEKKKK!! Crows are evil!

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