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Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray

Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray
by Nick Bruel

I am a completely sucker for any and all of these Bad Kitty books. It’s possible I have even stopped passing them on to my sister and niece. Heh. Ok, so I will be passing this one on as well. I think my sister might appreciate it more though. Whereas Kitty’s first two books were about the alphabet and much more young child-ish, the later ones are in chapter book format, though heavier on the artwork than the words.

In this humourous story, poor Kitty is left all alone with Puppy while her humans go away for a while. The humans do ask Uncle Murray to pet-sit, but no matter what he does, he seems to run into Kitty and scare her, until finally she runs out of the house and he has to track her down.

I will admit, that when I first saw Uncle Murray, I thought he was going to be a deadbeat and cause all the problems, but the dear man just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and Kitty just took out her naturally cranky reactions on him. I felt bad for Uncle Murray quite quickly in the little story.

These books never fail to make me laugh out loud. I love Kitty and her cranky, sceptical face. I cannot wait to see her reaction to what the humans brought home at the end of the book. I am sure there will be yet another test of wills between Kitty and the new arrival. She’s managed to ignore or break in Puppy enough by now, but we’ll see.

Bring on the Bad Kitty books, I say! She’s the best feline star book series I have ever discovered!


Bad Kitty books

  1. Bad Kitty (either the original or the Cat-Nipped Edition) – picture book
  2. Poor Puppy – picture book
  3. Bad Kitty Gets a Bath – chapter book
  4. Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty – chapter book
  5. Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray
  6. Bad Kitty Meets the Baby
  7. A Bad Kitty Christmas

2 comments to Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray

  • They sound like fun and I loooooooooooooooove your Christmas look.

  • I’ve been seeing Bad Kitty books around and they look intriguing, especially as we have a BAD KITTY who lives at our house already. Yours is the first review I’ve seen of them. I feel like I have permission now to buy the books for myself, even though they are for children! lol Thanks for talking about them, Cat.