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birthday week begins!

Hello, lovely blog readers! I have been absent this month and for the first time in a year it is only because of my lack of time than a lack of wanting to blog! I had grand bloggy plans for this week/weekend but they have been put on the side burner as I work crazy busy at, well, work and then have all this other stuff to do when I get home. (Eating healthier takes up a lot more time what with all the prep, cooking and eating). I also have not read nearly as much as I wanted to!

As you all probably know (because I like to tell everyone, multiple times), Monday is my birthday! I’m 36 this year and though the thought of having to check off a different age range group on surveys sort of freaks me out (why am I clumped with those in their 40s now!?) I’m still sticking to my statement that my 30s have been the best decade ever (despite all the crap that’s been going on lately).

Last night I had some dear, dear friends over for a Birthday Board-Game Bonanza! (This has replaced the past Birthday BOWLING Bonanzas I used to have. Health issues have made bowling difficult and money issues have made it too expensive!)

Do you  have any idea how hard it was for me to find party hats? I looked at the Dollar Store (used to get them there), Zellers and finally ended up at Party Experts where I paid stupid amounts of money for hats. You’d better believe I made my guests wear them. =P

My besties and their Optional Men (in the facebook invite I said men were optional in case they are like my man and do not like to party… all of them came!) all brought some food and drinks and we chomped on tortellini, cheese, bread and cupcakes before we hit the crazy board game fun!

(not pictured, the tortellini)

Sadly my friend Maureen and her husband Peter had to leave after the food because one of their daughters was really sick (103F fever and rising! I hope Becca is ok!) but we made sure they each got a cupcake before they left AND I super appreciated them driving all the way to my place (bringing all the others) just for this. It meant a lot to me!

We played Cranium and Apples to Apples the rest of the night. Cranium pitted couple against couple against couple. Shawn and I failed epically at this game. We hadn’t even made it much past the first brain when Elise & Jason made it to the middle and Steph & James weren’t too far behind them. There was so much laughter involved in that game that I honestly didn’t even care how bad we did. I only bring this game out once a year it seems. I need to have a board game night in the summer, too!

We played two rounds of Apples to Apples – if you don’t know what this is, it’s a word association game. You play a green card, say it says “delightful”. The rest of us all chose from cards in our hands a person, place, thing that you might associate with delightful. “Car”, “Marilyn Monroe”, “Science Fair Projects”, etc. Whomever’s card is chosen as the match gets the delightful card. The game ends when someone has collected a specified number of green cards. We played one round properly and another one where we had to chose a the complete opposite of the green card.

Anyhow, this game is simple and can be a ton of fun because you never know how odd the matches can be!

I love my friends and their Optional Men. We laugh so much when we’re together. It’s nice to have a group of friends that you feel comfortable around all the time. It wasn’t the same without Maureen & Peter, but hopefully if we do this again in the summer (on the deck, with BBQ’d goodies!) they’ll be able to stay longer!

Who doesn’t love party favours? (Answer: Jinx & Sophie)

Oh, Jinx also doesn’t like Elise much anymore, since she decided to try and have a photoshoot with him and a party hat. It didn’t go so well.

You keep saying TREAT. Well? WHERE IS IT?

Birthday Week continues tonight with dinner at my parents’ place. I am already drooling thinking of the roast beef I’ll be having. AND the Mommy Cake – which is the best cake ever! Oh, side note – Steph made the cupcakes from last night and unknowingly made them my favourite kind – cherry chip! So I had a cupcake with breakfast this morning and will be having the SAME cake tonight made by my Mum! It’s a proven fact that cake and other birthday foods do not have any calories, fat or sugar in them when it’s your birthday (week). True story. Really.

You can see more photos here!

Happy birthday to me!


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