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I can honestly say this has not been one of my best weekends. The fact that it’s still not over scares me a little. I don’t know what I did to anger the gods to suffer their wrath, but dude! It started out innocently enough on Friday night, we were stuck in traffic on the way home, but it wasn’t too bad. We were trying to get home earlier that normal in case we had kids come to the door on Halloween night. Since we got home while there was still a little daylight out (such a novelty this time of year!) I took the opportunity to clean up the back yard a little before the snow starts to fall. I put the chairs away in the closet/shed thing at the back of the house, I picked up dog crap (fun times), I moved the BBQ closer to the house in case we want to use it during the winter, unhooked the hose (so we can throw the crappy thing out) and so on.

I also managed to smash my head on the corner of a hose rack thingy on the inside of the door to the closet/shed thing that the previous owners has installed. I have a huge bump on my head still and it’s so sore. In fact, as I was trying to pick up the dog crap I noticed that seeing out of my right eye was difficult. I suppose I should have sat down and waited it out a little, but heck! The sun was setting! Kids would be showing up for candy soon! The SNOW would start any day now and all my stuff would  be outside! So I didn’t. But, really, OW.

We ordered dinner that  night, and aside from it taking a little longer to get here than usual, that was fine. We actually got a few kids, too. Although many were way too old to be trick-or-treating and one dude didn’t even have a costume OR a bag. He just held out his hands. Rude! The fact that there was a pack of them (the girls were dressed up) I didn’t want to refuse him and then have my house trashed, so I gave him one of the crappy twizzler things that we had (some multi-coloured thing?) so stave off home wreckage!

Cutest visitor? This little kid probably about 4 or so in a Cat in the Hat costume. The boy/girl?? was very sweet and shy and we gave him/her a ton of candy. I am sure that child’s parents will  be thrilled with us. Hahah! The parents were both standing at the end of the drive way, one of them knocked and ran back down so it was just this sweet little kid. SO CUTE. This is why I like halloween. The little kids in their costumes. Runner up was a kid about the same age about 20 mins later who was a pumpkin.

So, we still have candy. Yay. (We really didn’t buy much to start with, so there isn’t much left…)

We went out after that to Best Buy (because I wanted to get another Wii remote for Saturday) and then the grocery store. The weekend had promise.

Until Saturday.

Shawn was out most of the day doing Shawn things, and I was cleaning the house in preparations for our Wii Party with my friends from work. Cleaning wasn’t so bad, but then the dishwasher made this horrid noise and when I went to empty the dishes I noticed that it hadn’t DRAINED THE WATER. Lovely. So I was washing some other dishes by hand in the sink and then the SINK DIDN’T DRAIN. And then I got the plunger, which just made the water splurt through the second drain in the sink all over the place and THEN all the water BACKED UP THROUGH THE DISHWASHER. And I had water, water everywhere!

At the same time I had put some cookies in the oven to bake. Well, I totally forgot about them with all this stupid flooding and those burnt to a crisp. I finally phoned Shawn in tears around 3:30 and asked him to come home soon because I just couldn’t handle all of this myself. I had already bailed out 3 gallons (yes, gallons) of water from the dishwasher, had towels all soaking up all the water on the floor, there was still MORE water in the dishwasher and I couldn’t use the sink! GAH! 6 gallons of water bailed later and there’s still water there, but it’s too thin to scoop out, I’m going to have to mop it up with towels I think. We got the sink working, but we’re weary.

And then my guests were slightly tardy (tsk tsk) and we BBQd hamburgers (thanks, Shawn!!) in the dark and cold and then ate and then Wii’d until 11:00 when we were all really tired. Ha! My kind of people. Last night was FUN and I needed that. My jaw locked from laughing (ow, but, ha!) and I lost my voice and we just had a great time. I don’t think my friends know exactly how much their friendship means to me, after all I went through as a kid. But they are two very amazing people and I am so happy they decided they like spending time with me (haha).


Maureen, me and Elise! My tall, leggy, skinny friends who make me laugh so much I can’t breathe. Elise is DEADLY with that Wii remote and she’ll take you out playing tennis!

I have ghosty garlands around my bamboo plant, and pumpkin garlands around my lamps (which you can’t really see…) I put candles in the little pumpkin thingies on the table.

My Halloween tree (aka, Enchanted Forest tree) with my Halloweeny doohickies around it.

It’s a dark photo, but I tried to get it so the candles showed up…

BOO! (I love this little thing. How much do I love shopping at the Dollar store for Halloween??)

The witch hat didn’t light up as well as the pumpkin, but it had stars on it, so I had to get it!

And oh! How could I forget – last Tuesday (the 28th) was the release of the Tinker Bell movie on Disney DVD! Whee! Of course I went out and bought it at lunch, but I also got some awesome decorations at Winners (yes, I actually went IN the store and I didn’t faint!). So here’s that to round this up:

Anyhow, I don’t have such a great feeling about today, but we’ll see what happens. I feel like it’s almost over and yet it’s only 10:30 am! Stupid time change!


  • Cat

    There fixed it. All my comments are now AFTER my Dad’s.

    And this just makes it look like my post is really popular when people see 4 comments! Maybe it’ll make others comment, too! :mrgreen:

  • emsxiety

    You’re the best Cat. Even with a shitty weekend you still manage to find the humor. Ack to the water. If we lived closer I have a carpet cleaner that would soak up the water out of dishwasher for you. Or I could stand and yell for my husband too. That seems to work.

  • kat

    Your weekend sounds up and down – but the Wii party looks like it was alot of fun. I like your Halloween decorations also. I watched the Tinkerbell movie too – not bad, IMO, but a little light on plot. I would have liked some love interest with the dust fairy, you?

    kats last blog post..Coming in November

  • The Dad Guy

    Cat said:
    “And this just makes it look like my post is really popular when people see 4 comments! Maybe it’ll make others comment, too! :mrgreen:”

    Your posts are always very popular. It’s just that people are awestruck by your magnificence and unable to type.

    (Sounds good, no?)

    Luv ya, Princess.

    The Dad Guys last blog post..Coaticook Gorge Park

  • Elise

    I’ve come into my own with that Wii thingy… I was trying to convince Jason to get one, though I don’t know how much convincing it actually takes to get boy to buy a video game… It’s more of a money issue, lol!
    Wii party/BBQ was awesome! You are awesome! xoxo

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