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Bless cold air…

How unfair is it that it was finally nice and cool for sleeping and I couldn’t sleep at all??? I spent the night on the couch trying to get comfortable so that I could sleep. I might have gotten an hour or so in. Guh. At least I don’t have to go anywhere this morning.

13˚C is a lovely temperature.

So this past week I have been meaning to update the blog to tell you all sorts of exciting things like how I went out LAST Saturday night. Yes. Out. At night. Past my bedtime. I know how to whoop it up. I may have even had a couple of alcoholic beverages. Woo.

and yes, i even had a good time.

Monday night Shawn and I went out to see a Just For Laughs show. We saw the Improv All Stars. It was pretty darn funny. However the venue (Metropolis) sort of sold like every seat and well I had this strange woman almost on my lap who (for a while) insisted on joining in our conversations. Listen people, when I go out I am NOT going to make random friends. don’t touch me. don’t talk to me. Stay away.

Stuff happened the rest of the week and gosh if I shouldn’t have written about it then when I remembered. Ha. Oh well. I have been pretty good at the walking. Thursday night I went in the pouring rain. sometimes there is nothing more peaceful than walking in the rain. sigh.

didn’t go last night though, but I think I will go this morning with Annie since it’s nice and cool out and the river will look all pretty in the morning light.

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