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i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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blogust the eighth: guilty pleasure(s)

Day 8 – Your guilty pleasure(s)

I have a lot of guilty pleasures. Mostly in the form of tv shows and a facebook game.

As you saw yesterday, I am a Castleville fan. I have dabbled in a few facebook games, but this one is actually the one I have stuck with, and not blocked, the longest. I think I’m coming up on a year? Over a year? Or maybe it released in September last year? I don’t remember, but I have played it steadily since then and it’s not nearly as obnoxious as all the other games by Zynga I have played. Mostly I find it soothing. I like the background music and the little sounds it makes. I also have a sheep wearing an argyle sweater and that makes me stupid happy.

When I’m not playing Castleville (on Zynga.com now, and not on FB), I like to play hidden object/adventure puzzle games from BigFish Games. I have been a game club member there since 2005, I think and I have used my monthly credits for many a game in those years. I like the mindless, though fun games. My favourite games have been the ones made by BlueTea Games and second to that the Mystery Case File games. I am not a heavy gamer. I like the simple hobby type games. Much more fun for me. I love a game full of whimsy and Castleville certainly has whimsy. Don’t judge.

As for TV, which I don’t watch much of, I have always been a fan of Charmed (the Shannen Doherty years). It was campy and fun and I loved watching every week to see what sort of outrageous clothing would be warn. Last year I fell in love with Revenge which I wrote about at the time (and I am almost twitching with anticipation for the start of season 2). I also tend to watch America’s Next Top Model, but I gave up on it a few “cycles” ago (I hate that term). Though I did watch the last cycle because I wanted to see the UK girls whup some US skinny ass, and that they did! If you’ve been a long-time blog reader, you’ll know I used to blog about ANTM weekly when I watched it regularly.

And I suppose last but not least are my musical guilty pleasures, like the random Brittany Spears or Miley Cyrus songs I have in my iTunes library. I will also say that the Katy Perry album I bought last month, is also a guilty pleasure. Her songs on this album just make me so bloody happy. So I guess, really, pop music is a guilty pleasure. Or, rather, bubble gum pop. Like Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway and All I Ever Wanted albums. They just have songs that make me bounce and happy.

What can I say? I’m just a bubblegummy sort of simple girl. Don’t judge.


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3 comments to blogust the eighth: guilty pleasure(s)

  • My dad is super-addicted to Revenge. He watches each episode like three times online.

    • Cat

      Wow, that’s more than I am, I think. I have only watched them once – but I did watch them the week they were on! It’s the first show I watched in “real” time in years. And by real time, I mean the day after since I don’t have cable and I had to wait for the Canadian station to put it online. 😉

  • We are alike! Charmed was one of the few shows I can say I honestly watched every episode of-well except for when Kaley C of TBBT was one, that last season was painful. I LOVE CASTLEVILLE! That’s the only game I’m still playing by zynga, but it’s hard because out of 20 friends, I only have 5 who are still playing.